Moomba Festival's a very Melbourne thing! Organised by the City of Melbourne, Moomba Festival's a community festival with a huge variety of fun activities and events running for several days in March annually at Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Gardens on the banks of Melbourne's iconic Yarra River.

This year, Moomba Festival started on the 11th of March and ended on the 14th.

I accompanied my homie there because we had nothing major to do on that Saturday night. And since I missed out on Melbourne's New Year's eve fireworks display, I wanted to "have it replace back for free". HAHA


If you are too lazy to read, feel free to scroll all the way down :P

Since I am really bad with games, I decided to not waste my money to try winning a big fat plush home (plus, where should I put it in my small bedroom HAHA)

This stall had my favourites - My Little Pony & Simpsons *SCREAMS*

Haunted house - prolly something that attracted me to but I was too chicken to go in. 

The last time I was in a haunted house was when I was 10 at the Universal Studios in LA and I literally had my eyes closed all the way...

Also too chickened out to get on rides...

The main reason I came here was for the sake of free fireworks ^^ 

It's all worth it xD

Well...Because I didn't have any main thing to do at the Moomba Festival, I decided to take some shots and some video snippets instead of wandering around blindly. 


PS: I'm starting to love the idea of Vlogging as I find it quite a convenient and cute way to store my memories. Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel for more upcoming vlogs :) 

Feel free to check out my blog post on Melbourne's White Night (Video included too :3) 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I was given the golden opportunity to team up with Betabrand to create a professional work attire themed blog post.

As a recent fresh grad, I am still in the middle of figuring out myself and slowly adapting myself into the 'working grownup world'. In the meantime, the very first thing I need to do is to stop buying more graphic sweaters and/or tees in order to make space for more professional looking work clothes in my closet.

For this collaboration, I came up with 2 different looks - the typical formal work attire and a smart casual wear.

For the formal office attire, I chose a white chiffon button-down top with a slight slit skirt. 

For a minimalist yet professional look, I prefer to stay on the safe side by choosing black and/or white outfits. Well...I am not Elle Woods to begin with, let's not try to be too unconventional :p 

I personally love skirts with a little slit by the side as I feel it gives a little sexiness to the plain black skirt. In addition, skirts above the knees create the illusion of longer legs too.
I chose to keep my accessories minimal by only wearing a silver watch - deliberately removed all the fancy rings that I used to wear on daily basis when I was back in university.

I went with a blue pair of heels to add a pop of colour to the whole look. Blue is another safe choice I guess without being too shocking. 

As for the bag, I went with a nude coloured satchel which can go with pretty much any outfit - be it casual or formal.

On the other hand, for the smart casual look, I focused more on comfy dressing by replacing heels with sneakers and traditional dress pants with jeggings.

I went with a pair of Converse sneakers, dark blue jeggings, a chiffon top and a thin blazer. Guess what, apart from the blazer, this is actually my very typical #ootd for non-summer days.

PS: I don't know about you but I love blazers or jackets with padded shoulders as it gives a smarter look...However, my mom told me this taste of mine's a little old-fashioned :/

The blazer's an optional piece as I only put it on to avoid the OVER casual feel of the look.

In the new age of comfy dressing, Betabrand has a wide range of women's pants which you could check out here. Their yoga pants that resemble your conventional formal dress pants might be something that you could consider in adding to your wardrobe - since nobody would be able to tell whether you are in your yoga pants or dress pants anymore :p

Friday, March 18, 2016

In conjunction with my previous post on the White Night Melbourne 2016, here's a blogpost of Melbourne's sunrise from that fine morning :) 

Well, I don't usually wake up before the break of dawn, that's why the sunrise meant A LOT to me and it deserves a blogpost on its own HAHA! 

Location for sunrise watching: the Princess Bridge, right across the Flinders Street Station

What a wonderful view with the flock of birds flying and chirping away as the sun slowly made its way up. 

Lovely couples were there to watch the beautiful sunrise too. I like to sneakily take photos of couples who were into doing the small little things together regardless of what time it is and where it is~ It's as if you can feel their love through every single shot ☺

Sadly none of my friends would wanna wake up at such godly hour to watch the sunrise with me :/ HAHA 

Nevermind, I have started to like the idea of being a loner sometimes. 

Watching the sun slowly made its way up...

I couldn't help feeling amazed by how much wonder the Mother Nature provides to us. How I wish I could have the determination to get up this early everyday to witness this spectacular view. 

It seemed like my day had become longer than the people who were still asleep.
Don't get fooled~ That's just a statement that I came up with to convince myself that waking up and braving the cold was all worth it somehow :p

Saw some hot air balloons in the sky as I made my way home from my morning adventure :) 

Gonna look forward to watching the next sunrise in Melbourne from a different location...Hopefully by that time I would've owned a better camera to take better shots of the sunrise :D ARGHHHH CAN'T WAIT TO LAY MY HANDS ON THE PANASONIC LUMIX GX-7!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Although I have been in Melbourne for 5 years, I find that I haven't been visiting Melbourne in a very thorough touristy way.

For the first time I got back to Melbourne in the middle of February, so I got to attend the White Night  ^^ 

White Night's a 12-hour event running from 7pm to 7am from the 20th to 21st of February.

I was there around 9pm on the night of 20th but it was hella crowded. I was pushed around by the crowd and I couldn't even take a proper Snapchat, not to mention a photo or even a clip. 

Feeling disappointed, I went home to sleep and decided to get up super early in the morning to avoid the crowd in order to have my peace :p 

Here's a video clip that I compiled! First time doing such a Vlog-ish thing and I can't deny the fact it's actually pretty fun and VERY satisfying when you see the completion of the full video. 

The first building that I saw when I walked down to the city from my house. 

It's 5.50am and this was how the RMIT building looked like. 

I headed for the State Library of Victoria and spent 15 minutes in the line waiting to get into the library. 

Never seen the State Library being so crowded, like EVER - not even during exam periods. 

But...It's totally worth the wait :) 

The lighting effects were so mind-blowing and spectacular. I couldn't even believe that I was in the State Library anymore. 


Came out of the State Library around 6.40am and I took a walk in the city. 

The State of Library looked stunning from the outside.

Really love this picture.
When I saw this couple sitting outside the State Library, I felt that I HAD TO take this shot - I just felt that this photo's full of happiness and sincerity in its most basic form. The person who's willing to accompany you to White Night at such early hour is a keeper.



I headed to watch the sunrise at Flinders Street Station later on. My very first sunrise watching in Melbourne - disregard the times when I woke up early to study for my exams at 4am and happened to see the sun and started to panic when I saw the sun rising as that's a signal of my 9am exam approaching me HAHA!

Stay tuned for the next blog post for the shots of Melbourne's sunrise in the summer ;) 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nobu, a fine dinning Japanese restaurant situated at the Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne.

Last December, I finally had a chance to pay a visit there. Thanks so much for the treat Elsha <3

I had heard of my friends coming here to celebrate Valentine's Day, anniversaries and raved about how amazing the dishes are. However, nobody seemed to have mentioned that the prices of the dishes are something that you have to bear in mind before going.

I'll put my warning up in advance: Do not go to this place if you are on a budget! 

Well, on the other hand, I guess this is why friends only come here for the special occasions - for a guilty indulgence :P 

Since Elsha and I were there pretty early because we didn't have lunch on that day, we were able to get our seats without any advance booking. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend you guys to make a reservation before going because the restaurant was nearly full as we left - and that was only about 7pm.

We got our seats at the bar so that the lighting was good enough for photos. The entire restaurant was quite dark and cozy and there were dimmed lights all around apart from the bar area. 

We didn't order any fancy drinks but a glass of mineral water. 

Guess what, Aqua Panna, mineral water with a fancy name that cost a BOMB - $11.90 AUD for this 1 litre of water. Nothing extraordinary about it compared to the normal mineral water apart from the nice packaging and shocking price ><

Elsha made me drink every single drop before leaving the restaurant to make it worth every single dollar!

Got a free dish of edamame after we placed our order. 

Elsha finished this on her own because I never liked this :/ 

Black Miso Cod Fish ($51)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this dish. It's one of the specialties of the restaurant

apart from the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno and Tiradito Nobu-style which we didn't order on that visit.

I swear, this is the BEST fish I had ever had in my entire life. 

It looks very simple but it's so so so so incredibly good. 

Have to work hard from now onwards so that I can afford to eat this on frequent basis! It's pretty much heaven on earth! 

The fish came in really small portion but we each took half of it. 

Ordering 2 plates of this would be a huge splurge. 

We even made sure that we finished the 2 dollops of sauce on the dish. 

House Special Roll ($22)

Honestly speaking, I wouldn't order this dish again if I were to visit Nobu for the second time. 

There's nothing special about it and it's definitely not worth the price. Should've skipped it for another dish of black miso cod fish instead :p 

Earl Grey Mochi ($15)

Soft mochi skin on the outside with super cooling earl grey fillings on the inside. I love this mochi too! Unlike the ordinary mochi, it's more like mochi with ice cream fillings instead. Very refreshing and not too sweet - totally my cup of tea :D

Here's the receipt for the night. A bill of $99.90 for 2 girls.

If budget is not a problem to you, then I would definitely recommend this restaurant to Japanese cuisine lovers, typically people who love fish!!! 

From now onwards, I make a promise with the black miso cod - I'll come back for you, soon! AND EAT TILL I'M SATISFIED! Plus, I also want to try out the other 2 specialties that I mentioned above. Hopefully they will taste as heavenly as my favourite black miso cod fish :P 

Contact Number: +613.9292.7879
Address: 8 Whiteman Street

Monday, March 7, 2016


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