First Sunrise Watching In Melbourne

In conjunction with my previous post on the White Night Melbourne 2016, here's a blogpost of Melbourne's sunrise from that fine morning :) 

Well, I don't usually wake up before the break of dawn, that's why the sunrise meant A LOT to me and it deserves a blogpost on its own HAHA! 

Location for sunrise watching: the Princess Bridge, right across the Flinders Street Station

What a wonderful view with the flock of birds flying and chirping away as the sun slowly made its way up. 

Lovely couples were there to watch the beautiful sunrise too. I like to sneakily take photos of couples who were into doing the small little things together regardless of what time it is and where it is~ It's as if you can feel their love through every single shot ☺

Sadly none of my friends would wanna wake up at such godly hour to watch the sunrise with me :/ HAHA 

Nevermind, I have started to like the idea of being a loner sometimes. 

Watching the sun slowly made its way up...

I couldn't help feeling amazed by how much wonder the Mother Nature provides to us. How I wish I could have the determination to get up this early everyday to witness this spectacular view. 

It seemed like my day had become longer than the people who were still asleep.
Don't get fooled~ That's just a statement that I came up with to convince myself that waking up and braving the cold was all worth it somehow :p

Saw some hot air balloons in the sky as I made my way home from my morning adventure :) 

Gonna look forward to watching the next sunrise in Melbourne from a different location...Hopefully by that time I would've owned a better camera to take better shots of the sunrise :D ARGHHHH CAN'T WAIT TO LAY MY HANDS ON THE PANASONIC LUMIX GX-7!!!!

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