My Favourite Office Looks

I was given the golden opportunity to team up with Betabrand to create a professional work attire themed blog post.

As a recent fresh grad, I am still in the middle of figuring out myself and slowly adapting myself into the 'working grownup world'. In the meantime, the very first thing I need to do is to stop buying more graphic sweaters and/or tees in order to make space for more professional looking work clothes in my closet.

For this collaboration, I came up with 2 different looks - the typical formal work attire and a smart casual wear.

For the formal office attire, I chose a white chiffon button-down top with a slight slit skirt. 

For a minimalist yet professional look, I prefer to stay on the safe side by choosing black and/or white outfits. Well...I am not Elle Woods to begin with, let's not try to be too unconventional :p 

I personally love skirts with a little slit by the side as I feel it gives a little sexiness to the plain black skirt. In addition, skirts above the knees create the illusion of longer legs too.
I chose to keep my accessories minimal by only wearing a silver watch - deliberately removed all the fancy rings that I used to wear on daily basis when I was back in university.

I went with a blue pair of heels to add a pop of colour to the whole look. Blue is another safe choice I guess without being too shocking. 

As for the bag, I went with a nude coloured satchel which can go with pretty much any outfit - be it casual or formal.

On the other hand, for the smart casual look, I focused more on comfy dressing by replacing heels with sneakers and traditional dress pants with jeggings.

I went with a pair of Converse sneakers, dark blue jeggings, a chiffon top and a thin blazer. Guess what, apart from the blazer, this is actually my very typical #ootd for non-summer days.

PS: I don't know about you but I love blazers or jackets with padded shoulders as it gives a smarter look...However, my mom told me this taste of mine's a little old-fashioned :/

The blazer's an optional piece as I only put it on to avoid the OVER casual feel of the look.

In the new age of comfy dressing, Betabrand has a wide range of women's pants which you could check out here. Their yoga pants that resemble your conventional formal dress pants might be something that you could consider in adding to your wardrobe - since nobody would be able to tell whether you are in your yoga pants or dress pants anymore :p

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