Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2013

Since young, I've always wanted to celebrate Halloween. Unfortunately, I grow up in Malaysia, which is a place where majority of people don't give a damn about this spooky yet interesting festival. Come to think of it, throughout my 19 years of life, I only celebrate Halloween ONCE when I was 6. I dressed up like a fairy :p

My passion for Halloween grew greater when I visited the States when I was 12. At that time, it was 2 weeks before Halloween so I saw people selling tonnes of Halloween things at the shops. You can imagine how envious I was at that time.

When I got to Melbourne last year, I made a vow that throughout 4 years of my college+university life here, I must at least celebrate Halloween once. Well, after all, you only live once, and what's more?! You are only have your teen and your youth ONCE! How pathetic -__-

And then I figured out, in the city of Melbourne, we have a Zombie Shuffle event every year!!!! I never know the exact date and time for this event that's why I never attended. Last year I co-incidentally bumped into those ghouls while I was heading home from grocery shopping and they scared me to death!!!!

I thought ghosts are afraid of sunlight @@ That's what I thought at that time :p

Anyway, I SAW THEM! All of them, so even though I didn't attend the event, I had already seen them. So no regrets.

This year's Zombie Shuffle, I MISSED it! I didn't know when it's going to be held and by the time I knew about it, it was already over.

Thankfully my bestie Alanis went there the very last minute and I got these photos from her to share with you all. So that you know what's Zombie Shuffle!!!!

Check em out!!!

I don't own these photos. Photo credits to my bestie Alanis (from her iPhone) :p

If you wanna see MOREEEEEE bloodily terrifying photos from Melbourne's Zombie Shuffle, please click HERE!!! <---- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

ps: Guess what?! I'm blogging from my Uni's computer! First time doing this because I'm soooooo busy with my studies these days, and I thought I MUST blog about this before October ended. So yeah~~ PLEASE appreciate my effort KEKEKE :p
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Hope is the only thing stronger than fear



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