Room Tour (part 2)

Around a week or 2 ago, I created a group chat on KakaoTalk app with my blogger sweeties: Daphne (#addiction), Xixi (#trebleclef), Vincci (Smiling Eyes), Ivy and Kah Mon. 

Then one day, out of total boredom I started ranting that we haven't been a blog collaboration lately. Ivy came out up with the idea of doing a room tour and I immediately agreed to that :p Daphne is unable to join us this time because she's worried that her hubby might be against it and Xixi is reluctant to clean her no, truth is, she has a roommate and it's not really that convenient. 

Since I'm gonna move out AGAIN this year...I will anyhow do another room tour before leaving this rectangular room! 

I had a square room in the college's dorm last year and this year I rented a studio apartment which is 7 minutes walk to school :3 Finally no more sharing bathroom with other people BUT the downside of it is that I have to cook on my own and do nearly EVERYTHING on my own. Worst part of it is that the electricity is not included in my rent. 

So the collaboration for this time only involves me and Ivy (check out her room here)!

Alright enough blabbering, I'm going into the real deal now, just that I have to pinpoint beforehand, this is not really a ROOM TOUR, like literally~ Cause I'm pretty lazy to clean my room at this moment (preparing for exams....always the BEST-EST excuse!), yet I'm always proud of my room's decoration, which is all done by ME! Single-handedly!

I totally deserve this! *NO SHAME-ING*


This is the back of my door!

Spot the blogger queen Xiaxue on the left corner?

Hebe from the Taiwan girl group S.H.E

Hyuna - hottest chic


Jimmy Lin - my perfect dream guy

Some random post cards and a poster of Brunetti (remember that dessert shop that I blogged about here?!)

My keys are forever hung at the door knob because the door autolocks whenever it's closed, I got locked out 2 or 3 times already because I forgot to bring the keys out. 

If I got locked out *touchwood* on weekdays, I have to walk 10 minutes to get the keys from the housing agent and open up to get my keys and walk back to return her! Waste of energy and time!

Worst thing about getting locked out is during weekends, because the housing agent's office is closed and we have to call the locksmith. My friend got locked out once and she called and was charged 132 DOLLARS!!! *AUSSIE DOLLARS* Just to open that damn door!

For me...I just went to my other friends' houses and rotted there HAHA!

After you enter the room, directly on the left is my closet. (too small for me)

Photos of my blogger queen Cheesie and Qiu Qiu. 

On the left, photo of my mom, my godsis and her mom and me taken at my god sis's 15th birthday party.

Avril Lavigne.

MJ and Orianthi.

Random photos of me and Erica all over.

On the right, I have Rainie Yang's photos which I cut out from some contact lens advertisement!

Inside of my closet! 

Cheesie again and polaroids taken at my friend Daniel's birthday party.

Then you can see my bed!

I NEVER FOLD MY BLANKET! That's the ugly truth! (I was doing my laundry when I took this photo that's why there's no bedsheet!)

I'm dead proud of myself please! THIS THING TOOK ME 2.5 HOURS!!!

From right: Jung Yong Hwa oppa, Jang Keun Suk oppa, then King Of Pop Michael Jackson!

And my vlogs and you will see this in the background!!!

At the head of the bed..

Christina Grimmie! Favourite Youtube celeb!

And a Simpsons paper with Yong Hwa oppa's name (direct translation) that was given by CN Blue's fans club ;)

At the end of my bed. I never used the TV before! Don't really like Aussie TV channels.

Ignore my gigantic luggage bag xD

Kimmi Smiles, Louna and Dave Days! Most of the photos are autographed! I went to their meetups in Melbourne ^^

Directly opposite my bed, is my study table!

I have lots of quotes that I copied from the internet! 

Photos of Korea and Japan!

Dangling from the bookshelves are my selcas with the cutest Youtube celebrity DAVE DAYS and some Voodoo dolls and Macaron keychains given by my talented cousin (she made them herself) :3

On the right of my study table is this wall, full of my guitar goddess Orianthi's photos! Some of them are even autographed!

Jung Yong Hwa and Jang Keun Suk oppa and CN Blue newspaper cut out which my bestie Wei Chern gave it to me when I was 17 :p And a cartoon version of You're Beautiful drama characters!

On the left of my bookshelves, I have Wu Chun!

The 2 teddy bears are sitting on my accessories' boxes (they are actually plastic food containers)!

Anyway, I apologize for not showing my room thoroughly, because I'm seriously too reluctant to tidy up my room!

Perhaps you will notice that most of the decorative items are quite similar to those in my old room. I just added more things :p Kinda a lot more! Typically the wall beside my bed :p

And guess what~~~

Upon reading Ivy's blog post, I realise the accommodation fee in Malaysia is god damn cheap! RM 300 + for A SEMESTER! You gotta be kidding me! This room of mine is 240 DOLLARS PER WEEK~!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAFUQ~!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm going to move in with my bestie next year because her parents bought her an apartment in Melbourne and she wanted me to move in with her. She even gave me complete freedom to decorate the entire house! We are going to make the house something like this or if you are watching the hit Taiwanese drama "就是要你爱上我", the concept will be similar to 程亮亮's room ;D

Believe me! I'm getting better at doing things like that...To be honest...I actually love doing this kind of things! If I'm good at drawing, I would've studied designing - jewellery, interior or fashion :p HAHAHA! Too bad fate had it otherwise, I'm stuck with figures and money. Nevermind, I love money the most :p

I will add more things to my new room, give you a tiny tip on what I'm going to add:
My new idol from the drama I mentioned just now. Puff from Dream Girls!

Ballet photos! 

Figure skating photos!

Off to eat my super early dinner so I can study in the library till night~ Mind to let me know what opinions/comments on my room deco?! :p Any ideas what I should add to my new room next year? :3

☮ Quote to share:-
If it's worth having, then it's worth fighting for


  1. wat lao!!! you service apartment DAM EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!
    and izzit u print out all the pictures photos??? envy... i want too... but my mom will kill me lo!!!!
    i cant wait for you nx year de new house leh!!!!
    i think it will gonna be Fion's STYLE

  2. HAHAHA damn alot of stuffs and posters in your room! I love cnblue too keke :p

  3. 132 dollars to pay for the locksmith is still okay..I paid 200 dollars before in Sydney when I gt locked out =S

  4. Darling. You. Surprised. Me. Again. O.m.g. lol! U know I thought u only got that huge wall of posters oni!!! But now.... now now now you got so... much... more!!!!!!!!! Vry vry impressive ar!!!!! My room almost nothing on the wall one. And hahaha yes main thing is I'm vry reluctant to tidy the room! :X

  5. Your room/apartment sounds kinda expensive but it is so pretty and nicely organized! It looks like you spend a lot of time decorating your room! =)
    I don't know if I told you this before, but my ultimate celebrity male crush is Wu Chun! I need to meet him one day because he is too cute! I met him through the drama romantic princess and then I discovered his band! Now I just follow his fb news site lol!

  6. You. Have. A. Lot. Of. Photos. <<< That's all I have to say. LOL



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