Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2013

Since young, I've always wanted to celebrate Halloween. Unfortunately, I grow up in Malaysia, which is a place where majority of people don't give a damn about this spooky yet interesting festival. Come to think of it, throughout my 19 years of life, I only celebrate Halloween ONCE when I was 6. I dressed up like a fairy :p

My passion for Halloween grew greater when I visited the States when I was 12. At that time, it was 2 weeks before Halloween so I saw people selling tonnes of Halloween things at the shops. You can imagine how envious I was at that time.

When I got to Melbourne last year, I made a vow that throughout 4 years of my college+university life here, I must at least celebrate Halloween once. Well, after all, you only live once, and what's more?! You are only have your teen and your youth ONCE! How pathetic -__-

And then I figured out, in the city of Melbourne, we have a Zombie Shuffle event every year!!!! I never know the exact date and time for this event that's why I never attended. Last year I co-incidentally bumped into those ghouls while I was heading home from grocery shopping and they scared me to death!!!!

I thought ghosts are afraid of sunlight @@ That's what I thought at that time :p

Anyway, I SAW THEM! All of them, so even though I didn't attend the event, I had already seen them. So no regrets.

This year's Zombie Shuffle, I MISSED it! I didn't know when it's going to be held and by the time I knew about it, it was already over.

Thankfully my bestie Alanis went there the very last minute and I got these photos from her to share with you all. So that you know what's Zombie Shuffle!!!!

Check em out!!!

I don't own these photos. Photo credits to my bestie Alanis (from her iPhone) :p

If you wanna see MOREEEEEE bloodily terrifying photos from Melbourne's Zombie Shuffle, please click HERE!!! <---- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

ps: Guess what?! I'm blogging from my Uni's computer! First time doing this because I'm soooooo busy with my studies these days, and I thought I MUST blog about this before October ended. So yeah~~ PLEASE appreciate my effort KEKEKE :p
 ☮ Quote to share:-
Hope is the only thing stronger than fear


  1. this is goreee and awesome..and still gore

    do feel free to join my OASAP clothes giveaway

  2. yeah it's so cool! Would love to try and experience hanging out with them once every year! XD

  3. hahaa, u should trt to join it nxt time :)
    dress up like a zombi xD



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