Pre-Exam Phobia Starts Its Engine....Again

Sorry for the lack of updates lately....My finals are starting on Friday!! 


I'm constantly in a grumpy mood right now, I'm just trying to calm myself down and act all happy-go-luckyy so I won't go around smashing things and even burning my lecture notes and books >M< 

My best medicine is this!!

This girl never fails to cheer me up. Just by looking at her smile and comical facial expressions will make my mood better! This is a new Taiwanese Drama called JUST YOU 就是要你爱上我 starring Aaron Yan and Puff Kuoh! WATCH IT! I've recommended this drama to my #addiction and my bestie and they are now busy watching it HAHA! I'm a good promoter! To be an even BETTER promoter, here's the official Youtube channel.

By the way, can someone tell me SHOULD I buy this necklace?! It's from the drama! I love that girl's character LIANG  LIANG so much! Kinda start to miss her already because the drama is coming to an end, planning to buy this necklace which she always wears in the drama. Will it suit me?!!?! Since I'm not so adorable like her...Still I find this necklace CUTE! Any advice PLEASE!!! 

Anyway, I have a feeling that I will be having PAPER PHOBIA soon~ My whole room is full of papers: lecture notes, books, post-it notes, bullshit papers, tutorial sheets.....DAMN!!!

Seriously, studying makes people grumpy! Sometimes I wonder if this is the right thing to do, but oh well...You know how cruel and realistic the world is. How can you survive without a University certificate.

My exam is starting on this coming Friday! FML!

Business Law on Friday
Accounting Process and Analysis on Monday
Organizational Behaviour on Tuesday
Business Finance on Thursday


I'm going to take a shower to calm myself down and continue with  my studies! 

 ☮ Quote to share:-
If you don't like where you are, then change it. You are NOT A TREE!


  1. i love this drama and aaron yan~~~ He is soooo leng zai :D

  2. good luck for your exam..done follow you..hit me back ok

  3. I have that drama on my too watch list!! It's awesome that their youtube channel has all the episodes!!
    Yes, get the necklace! I can tell you like the drama a lot so it would look really nice on you. You are adorable and the necklace would look really cute on you!
    Good luck on your studies and exams! Make sure to find time to rest as well!! =)



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