Outfit & Paul's Boutique Jody Satchel

If you are as gaga over Korean fashion as me, you will know that a satchel bag is a necessity in every girl's closet.

I had been searching for a satchel bag that is of the right size for me and in my favourite colour for nearly 1 year already. 

So, after having looking through the Melbourne CBD and nearly the entire eBay, I tried my luck out on ASOS and surprisingly, I found THE ONE!!!

"The golden Paul's Boutique Jody Satchel is totally meant for me!"

I love the colour and the texture.

It's like a jelly type surface instead of leather nor fabric so it's not that easy to catch on dirt. You can just wipe it with a wet-tissue and it's clean! 

Nothing goes wrong with gold! It's such a universal colour ♥

It adds on a pop of colour to my nearly all-white outfit with a tinge of glamour in it.

Spring's finally here and I have no choice but to go back to my leg-shaving days! ARGH~

For the warm weather, I like to wear chiffon blouse with shorts and of course sneakers. 

Way to go sneakers girl Fion! 

Not forgetting a thin cardigan that goes with everything. Mom gave me this cardigan from her closet because she said it looks too weird on her, so YAY!  

WOW, this method actually did enlarge my eyes very sufficiently :p

That's all for today! Gonna start doing my tutorial work before my class today! Till next time!

My finals are in 20 days' time, so life's gonna be boring and effing stressful from now onwards...Praying hard to pass every single subject, and my freedom will be on the 11th of November.

Don't dare to think about what's next after graduation...FML...


  1. all the best for your exam yea

    and shouldn't pair the elegant outfit with sneaker mar. should wear wedges instead, haha

    1. wear wedges cant walk for few hours straight T__T hahah!!



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