Easy Carbonara Recipe

I have always loved my #BADInfluence Erica's homemade carbonara spaghetti. However, both Chernie (my housemate - I nicknamed her!) and I had never gotten around to try making it from scratch. We always ended up buying the ready-made carbonara sauce from the groceries and that's the end of the story. 

When I saw one of my friends shared a homemade carbonara recipe on Facebook, I told Chernie we should try it out. Unfortunately, that night, she was caught up in school by her tutor till very late and I was already starving. Hence, I got up and started making it myself ^^ As expected...I constantly replayed the tutorial video!!! 

Here's the outcome!!!!! Couldn't believe I can actually make pasta from scratch!

Click HERE for the recipe (there's also a video tutorial)

PS: I didn't have pancetta at home, so I made use of the bacon that I had readily in the fridge instead.

Surprisingly this dish's super easy to make. If someone like me could succeed during the first time, then it's definitely not a problem to any one of you!!!!

Have fun cooking!!


  1. wow~~ i thought you cook this with your dear dear. haha.

    okay, and now this is ur second kitchen diary ady!!! I think I miss out quite much.

    I watched the video, it seems easy, I did it from scratch few years ago. but still fail ler

  2. yooo dropping by here! i shall learn from the video :D



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