The Finders Keepers Design Market

#Throwback post to my mid-semester break holidays. YEAP, when you have a whole load bunch of coursework to catch up with, you just wanna procrastinate by blogging.

At least this doesn't really seem that much of an useless procrastination, right? RIGHT?????

I found out about The Finders Keepers Design Market on Facebook and I knew that I had to go.

I have always loved places like that, just like the St Kilda Sunday market. All those talented artists with their masterpieces up for display and for sale - there's nothing better than looking at those amazing pieces of work while hoping that you can actually buy each of them back - okay, so I admit, another thing better than that is actually being able to buy everything back HAHA!

The Finders Keepers Design Market was held from the 2nd - 4th of October at the Royal Exhibition Building. Yes, that god damn place where us, as Melbourne University students, have our exams. We call it the place where dreams are crashed! On the side note, this is also the place where people come to take their wedding photographs and even the popular Korean TV show Running Man was here for filming. It's a heritage site too.

Had to drag my bestie Chernie along! 

After paying $2 each as entry fee, we started our "window shopping" in amusement!

Designers came from all over Australia with their uniquely decorated stalls.

Also got a few macaron-looking cookies to share with Chernie. Had a little "picnic" session outside of the Royal Exhibition Building after we finished "shopping".

Ending with the polaroids that we took on that day! 

Till next time guys!

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