Having the privilege to befriend with bloggers from all over the places is THE biggest motivation that keeps me blogging all this while (despite the fact I know perfectly well that I don't really have many readers).

HAHA Okay Okay..I have to admit that I always hope that I can get the best of both worlds :p I'm a greedy bitch - I want BOTH blogger friends and readers because readers are friends too.

Back to the topic....So a few weeks ago I caught up with a Malaysian blogger in Melbourne! How amusing could that be! I got to know Vincci through a bloggers' group on Facebook and have been following her blog since mid 2012 until now.

The other day she Facebook inbox-ed me saying that she's in Melbourne doing an exchange program in Swinburne University. I was so surprised when she contacted me because although I had been following her blog for so long, we were not as particularly close as I am with Daphne, Chanwon and Xixi.

However, everything aside, a meetup was a must~! After trying to arrange a time to fit both of our schedules, we finally decided to meet in front of the Victoria State Library.

Although I have met a few bloggers in real life, every single time (without fail), when I am about to meet someone new, I will be worrying about things like this: what if I can't recognise them / what if they look nothing like the photos on social media platforms / what if we don't have anything to talk about / what if there's awkward situation / what if they don't like me / what if they feel that I'm the biggest liar of the century because I look nothing like my photos.....etc etc!

THANK GOD and THANKS VINCCI~ Our meetup was AWESOME! No awkwardness at all we went straight into endless bullshits! HAHA

She's so pretty in real life and she has a bubbly personality - she's way more bubbly and cute than she is online ^^

Since she's also a K-Pop fan, I brought her to my all-time favourite Korean restaurant in Melbourne - BY KOREA on Lonsdale Street.

Our lunch! I ordered Kimchi & Pork Dolsot Bibimbap! I always order the exact same thing when I go to BY KOREA because it's soooooo good!!!

After lunch we went shopping at Melbourne Central, Emporium and Bourke Street.

Brought Vincci to pick up her lipstick because she said if she did not purchase a lipstick when she's with me, she would not be buying it forever x) So I showed her my favourite brand ESSENCE (I did a review on Essence's lipstick here) and she bought one lipstick, a concealer and a mascara.

Meeting up with Vincci was really really fun. Since she is living in Melbourne right now, I feel that she's not a blogger friend anymore - instead she's more like a friend who I've known for quite some time studying in another University.

We promised to catch up more throughout the remaining 2 or 3 months because she's leaving Melbourne in January T__T

I can't wait to eat more food and take more selfies with her!! HEHE <3

Love you girl!! xoxo

  Quote to share:
It's more fun to talk to someone who doesn't use long difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" ~A.A Milne


  1. wah~~~ I feel like want to meet up with Vincci too! After I reading this, the thing tha tI worry is that. you will feel me nothing compare to the pic in social media~~ haha.



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