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Finally I'm done with my mid-semester tests and assignments, PHEWWW! However, it doesn't mean that I get to laze around because it's just a month + away from the finals and I know perfectly well that I effing screwed up my mid-semester's tests! So it means catch up time is here! T__T

Anyway, at least life is not as hectic as the past few weeks, so I'm here to clear some debts from the "my pending blog post" list which I recently created in my planner.

After being tagged Vincci, Li Shan, Junnie, Rachael, Delyn (I honestly don't know why you tagged me as if you don't know me well enough bitch!) and Phoebian, I decided to just blog about it right here because I'm too lazy to type such a long thing on my phone.

Also, I actually have an ABOUT ME page on my blog which contains 40 BULLSHIT facts about me. Thus, to some extent, I feel this 20-facts thingy is kinda meaningless ><

 Oh well, I suppose a trend is a trend, and since it's trending, I might as well just follow the trend in order to show that I'm a trendy person?!?!

That's an abusive way to use the word "TREND" just so you know xD

PS: I came up with 20 new facts that I have never revealed on my blog just for the sake of this blog post.

#1 My current favourite book is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

#2 I'm currently suffering from a decolorization problem around the areas of my knuckles. I went to the doctor and he said it's not a problem and it'll be gone as time passes by >< As much as I am thankful that it's not a serious illness nor is it an illness itself, it bothers the shit out of me!

#3 In conjunction with fact #2, I stopped wearing accessories on my hands.

#4 As bimbotic as I seem, I am actually a rather sentimental person who always confuses herself in her deep inner thoughts which came out of no where.

#5 Ironing and folding clothes are the only times when I will TRY to convince myself to stop shopping for more clothes.

#6  I'm tempted to purchase the Diary of Anne Frank from eBay to reread it again because I think I might be mature enough to FEEL the book with my heart right now. I was 13 when I first read it because my tuition teacher kept on pestering me to finish it, so I finished it for the sake of keeping her mouth shut ><

#7 I love both singing and dancing but if I were to make a choice between these 2, I will choose singing. Because, everybody can dance, as long as you practice and you can do it. Singing is different - everyone has their own voice and the certain vocal range which best suits their voice - that fact alone is amusing. How did the creator manage to create everyone with unique voice?!

#8 Despite the fact I borrowed the book from my friend Elissa and I'm about to finish reading it, I'm super tempted to grab a copy to add to my collection (gonna bug my housemate to lend me her member card to get 5 dollars of from my Uni bookstore).

#9 The reason is that it has been a long time since I fell in love with a book THIS MUCH.

#10 I have no idea why people think that I'm a person who likes clubs and parties and stuffs like this at all! The best weekend nights for me will definitely be a good book/movie with good music! Don't judge me based on my loud personality, it's just an image I carry around to fit myself in most circumstances.

#11 I trust people easily. In a very stupidly innocent way. I'd rather get hurt than not trust people. It's as if there's a "default" button in my brain - when I meet someone new, I will trust them entirely. Not too sure whether this is a good or bad thing but I guess having this tendency to trust people by default makes me a less worrisome person. After all, it saved me from worrying whether this person will con me or take advantage of me etc - worrying is a rocking chair, it gets you no where.

#12 Law subjects are not meant for me. We don't make a perfect pair.

#13 I feel that I don't belong to my generation! I was suppose to belong to the 80s! LOL! My colleagues said so too!

#14 Friends tend to ask me for relationship advice. I personally think that I give very good advice in a very analytical and rational way BUT I don't know why do they seek help from me seeing that I've never been in a relationship myself =="

#15 Does #14 make me sound like a really nice friend who is willing to listen to the problems of others?! In fact, I AM a supportive friend :p

#16 I like asking people for advice when I'm about to buy/do something even though most of the time when I asked, I had already made a decision in my head. I'm just an ASKHOLE!

#17  I recently got back to my obsession for cute stationery and notebooks thanks to Chanwon! To be honest, I'm not sure whether this gratitude is even sincere because she's the reason why I spent over $30 dollars for no epic reason.

#18 Somehow #17 makes me feel young at heart because I used to love collecting these things when I was in primary school.

#19 I think #18 is just a bullshit reason I made up so I can feel less guilty for #17. Or maybe #17 is a good thing since I will cut down on buying clothes (refer back to #5)

#20 I made a vow right after I got out of my Cost Management finals last semester that if I could pass that subject and Corporate Law, I would be a vegetarian for 30 days. I still have 8 more days to go to complete that pledge (disclaimer: this is not a complain - it's merely a neutral statement - because I'm responsible for this voluntary pledge)

That's all for today. I can't believe why did I painstakingly put down the book I'm reading just to write this post.

And....I'm tagging #trebleclef Xixi, Ivy, Mindy and Jin Young do this tag!!!! ;) 

Bonus fact #21 I think the reason (unconsciously) I sat down to write this post was because I just wanted to put a tick on my pending-blog-post list.

Now back to the book! Till next time my Unicorns <3

Quote to share:-
Sometimes when you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be out back together unless and until all living humans read the book ~Hazel Grace from The Fault In Our Stars 

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