Random Post Exam Shopping

Apparently I'm busy clearing out photos from my phone...Seriously, I think one of the best ways to clear my phone is to put the photos onto my blog~

I mean like if I post to Facebook, it will be pretty much something
like THE PHOTO there -------->>>>


Cruel truth :p

Well most probably at least there will be someone who cares to scroll down my entire blog post when I post my photos here (AT LEAST...I HOPE...)

Nevermind...Regardless who is going to care and who is not...I'm still posting them here if not I really don't know where to put all these photos. THAT'S THE MAIN PURPOSE OF CREATING A BLOG ANYWAY

I have this habit of "I miss my black black eyeliner" every time after exam. The reason is because whenever I start preparing for my exams, I will look like a nerdy zombie!

Nerd + Zombie = Nerdy Zombie [equation proven applicable]

And plus, this time, it was MJ's death anniversary (another super postponed blog post because it's in June), so I wore my MJ shirt and even let my blue hair come out to breathe. 

Met up with Ee Sing before heading to Docklands. Rebecca went back to Malaysia already at that time and I'm not really used to seeing them one-on-one because they pretty much come in a package these days. 

Writing the previous paragraph makes me feel OLD....Time flies so quickly. I still remember I met Rebecca and Ee Sing during orientation and we pretty much hung around a lot that time...Until I don't know when, we just parted different ways right now. Even though we still go to the same class, we hardly speak much. Suddenly, this post just brings back the memories of the cruise trip that I went with them. Hope we get to catch up soon!

Ee Sing also invited Wenn Yee to join us and we purposely took this photo and sent it through Whatsapp to Wan Fen to make her jealous of our outing HAHA!

Pretty BLACK feel right the entire outfit + makeup >< 

My #ootd:

MJ Shirt from Thailand
Velvet leggings from eBay
Sneakers from Pragin Mall (Penang, Malaysia)
Bag from Rubi (Melbourne)
MJ Jacket from Ponte 16 (Macau)

I think my #trebleclef Xixi is the only one who will support me in this kind of outfit. Ee Sing just looked at me with dropped jaw when I arrived at her house >< 

I took endless selca while Wenn Yee was looking for the right pair of heels. I'm no fan of heels FYI. CONVERSE ROCKS!!! :p

I dragged her over for a shot :p 

Then I continue with my OWN business as Wenn Yee was still indecisive on which pair she should get. 

Candid shot of Ee Sing's side profile. Looks like a photo from a hair advertorial huh!!!

We spent lots of time accompanying Wenn Yee to look for the right pair of heels, that's why I had so much time for SO MANY SELCA! =='' Lifeless much!

After that, they went into a dress shop and Ee Sing just urged me to try this dress on.

Seriously...I really am NOT a dress person. Looks weird on me I FEEL. But, after I posted this photo onto Instagram, my friend Whatsapp-ed me saying that I look like an Asian version of Avril Lavigne with this dress and that black makeup and that blue strand of hair.


Bought this jacket for my mom's birthday :D

Blue leopard tee from T-Bar. One of my favourite brands in AUS! It's only 5 dollars!!!

After shopping, I headed over to my good buddy Terry's house for dinner! HEH! He always invites me over for GOOD dinner! 

Girls...any of you like guys who is really really good at cooking? PLEASE SEND IN YOUR RESUME~ HAHAHA!!

And his housemate cooked fried beef for us too! 

YAY!! Curry!!! Like finally!!!

☮ Quote to share:-
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.


  1. The black dress is really cute, and very Avril-ish! :D

  2. The black dress is so cute yet sexayyyy!!

  3. so many selfie photo~~~ but so pretty leh...

  4. I still dun understand why ur friend thinks that mj outfit is weird lol. It's vry casual freestyle me likey!! And you in the vry dressy black dress is pretty refreshing coz u seldom wear anything like that haha. It's good to try put new stuff. Although I already seen that before, still wanna say really loh you look like avril lavigne!!!



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