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One bad thing about living in Australia is that....Eating out is god damn expensive. That's why most of the time I just cook and eat at home with my bestie. Don't even doubt! We always have an awesome time eating together even though we have been eating the similar dishes for several months, we still enjoy! Because we cook and we eat while watching our favourite shows or even just talk random crap...Happiness comes THAT easily :D 

This is one of the very few restaurant that I went to somewhere around in July (when my mom's here...that's the ONLY time I didn't eat at home). Mom insisted in not letting me cook for her because she said I seldom have a chance to eat out :') So she brought me everywhere and ate sooooo much until I got a bloated face (quite literally LOL)

The COFFEE CONNECTION is located at East Doncaster. Very far away from my house because I live in the city. I only go to the suburbs when there are important stuffs. If not, my life will be school - market - grocery shops :p

The interior of the cafe.

Pastries and pies for the win!!!

Hot chocolate and cappuccino that we ordered that afternoon. A light tea before our steamboat dinner :p

Chocolate cake. Maybe not that "light" tea time anymore.

This is certainly not "light" at all. My friend just finished his sports practice and he gobbled up the entire thing :x Guys really can eat! 


Shop 20,
Tunstall Square Shopping Centre
East Doncaster 
Victoria 3109

Telephone: 9841 4449

To be honest, I guess you might know that this post is unlike my usual posts. No long ass story or whatever. The reason is because I just wanna clear these photos out from my phone but just by clicking the "delete" button is a bit wasteful :p So....I just updated a short post here. See you in the next post ^^

☮ Quote to share:-
Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

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  1. haha how about the price? since u said it is quite pricy to eat out there.. =D



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