Wine Tasting Roadtrip

PHEWWW....My life is pretty hectic these days!!! Finally done with my assignments and then now trying hard to catch up with my studies (especially tutorial homework). 

I have one good news and bad news to announce!! Good news is I'm working on my next K-pop dance performance (representing our society) for Festival of Nations!!! It's going to be on the 11th of September. Bad news is I'm having my Business Finance exam on next Monday T__T and I haven't even started my revision T__T This is the reason why I don't have the time to blog! 

Exam and performances coming at the same time. And this time I'm in charge of dealing with the performers and everything, I must really make sure everything is in perfect condition. Since this will be the first time me contributing to the society, majorly! Initially just gonna do the girls' dance, but then come to think of it, I decided to join the guys' too since I had already learnt half of it. Why not just have more fun!!! Opportunity cost is....I have to study my ass off right now!

Originally I planned to abandon my blog till the end of my Business Finance exam, but my #addiction and #trebleclef are quite disappointed in me already :/ So, I'll do an express blog post!!!

Today, I'm blogging about my wine tasting road trip with my mom and her friends when she came to Melbourne in July (sorry...another postponed post ><) 

Didn't bother to dress up! Can't believe I actually wore my Uni's jacket out because usually I just wear it for school but I have to admit this jacket is quite nice! Quite presentable :3 (to some extent)

Ever since I arrived in Melbourne, most of my time (like 99%) is spent between school-home-city. Very rarely (near to NEVER) I go out to the suburbs. And I love the gloomy weather! It's just too perfect for a road trip!! :D

Homemade jam shop! Very nice jam but darn expensive T_T

Another gloomy shot!

"Mutated" pumpkin we saw at a roadside store! 

The scenery looked pretty much the same without any high rise buildings and apparently, instead of a concrete jungle, what I saw was a wide spread of green land!!! 

Finally arrived at the famous Yarra Valley. 

Yarra Valley is a famous wine tasting location. There are many wine yards and wine cellars too. Is just about the RIGHT one for YOU! 

My mom and her friends were quite amazed with the helicopter ==' I don't have the faintest idea! It's just a helicopter!!!

HAHA!! I have the "pro" face right!! To be honest, I know nothing about wine anyway! Just posed for selca :p

We actually visited a few wine cellars that day but because I had been spamming people's Whatsapp since the beginning of the journey, phone's battery went flat and died! That's why this is such a short post (unlike my usual style right?!) HAHA

Anyway, I'm really tired today, gonna head for the bed now. 3 hours of dance practice was hectic but FUN!! Continued with Korean Student Society's meeting!! AHHHH busy life but fun!!! I work better with stress!! :p 

Good night <3 

☮ Quote to share:-
When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars. 


  1. wooo nice wine tasting! =D
    haha me too! at first know nothing about wine.. then slowly learn from those pro ppl there! =D

  2. u r the first person I have seen like gloomy weather. Why ur cell phone died so fast? I expect to see more pic one ler....BTW. study hard, play harder,hahaha. Enjoy ur preparation and test. Fighting o!My final is less than one week from now.....

  3. you look super cute in your selca!
    I totally understand about the no time issue!! I hope you did well on your exam. hehe, school just started for me!
    I think it is really cool that you are doing a kpop dance! I always want to do a dance to kpop, but I never can learn the whole dance !



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