Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Sorry for the lack of updates~ Life has been pretty hectic but surprisingly fun these days! 

According to Alanis, she feels that I FINALLY found a balance between studying and socializing already (is that a good or bad thing?!)

Remember my wine tasting roadtrip post? While on the way to wine yards, we actually also dropped by a chocolate factory. This is my very first visit to a chocolate factory.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of chocolates anyway, maybe a GUMMY BEAR factory can level up my excitement by 2938584432934 times.

EEEWWW Chocolate frog!! Reminds me the chocolate frog from Harry Potter. Perhaps this is the mutated version ><

Transparent glasses that allow visitors to witness to process of making.

My friend was like "CHOCOLATE SHIT!!!" when he saw this!!!

Here's the real deal~ SHOP TILL YOU DROP! <---- Wait, I shall change that....to CHOCO TILL YOU DIABETES! LOL!

Anyway, [random much] I feel food is just like electricity....

You don't have to know how electricity works in order to use it right?! You just click on the switch on the wall and there's electricity. Food is the same as well. Don't have to know the complicated process, just buy and EAT!!! HAHAHA!!! That applies to chocolates too!

I love the packaging of these! So calm and peaceful. They look like some images stolen from Tumblr. 

Diabetes for sure!

1 metre long chocolate bar.

Free chocolates for testing.

Apparently we took a lot of these and ate like a potluck party on our way back home HAHA! I personally prefer the white ones!


Mint is always my favourite! It never goes wrong! Well at least, in desserts. Can't imagine a mint flavoured KIMCHI!! WTH!!! >< LOL! You get the joke don't cha?!

No matter how tempting they look, the prices are enough to scare customers away! IMO at least :/

HAHA! I whatsapp-ed this photo to my #addiction when I saw this :p Froggybaby she calls herself! This is sooooo...HER! xD

Look at the damn price~

Some aboriginals' decorations.

Chocolate bathing soap! I wonder will ants come after that?! Probably not if you were to use it in Australia, but high possibility if it's in Malaysia :p Originally planning to buy this for my #BADInfluence's birthday, but I thought it's a pretty stupid idea!

Check out Yarra Valley Chocolaterie if you happen to go on a wine tasting roadtrip around Yarra Valley ;)

PS: I have lots of interesting posts coming out these days, so STAY TUNED yeah ;) from my busy yet interesting life xD

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