MUKSS Welcome Party

Remember I mentioned in my previous blog post about the Korean Student Society's Welcome Party?

IT'S OVER!! I had lots of fun!!!!

To be honest, I had already spent 6 months in Melbourne University and the best memories ever that I've gained up till this point were all related to MUKSS (Melbourne University Korean Student Society)!!! I'm not even exaggerating!! At first it was the K-Pop Dance performance and then now the Welcome Party ;)

Well alright, the cruise night was not bad too but just not amazing enough to be listed in my-best-uni-memories :/

For the sake of the success of this event, the KSS committee members had a few meetings throughout these few weeks. Biggest thanks to YiHyun oppa who is the president of our club and also all the other committee members who helped out to make this event a great success. If not....I wouldn't have had so much fun already :P

YiHyun oppa assigned a very "cute" mission to every committee member. I called it "cute" because I thought it's very fun to carry out! That is...Each committee member should bring at least 3 guests to the party! :3 I ended up bringing like 9 or 10 of them >< HAHAHAHA! Elissa and Michelle kept on saying I'm insane :P At one point Elissa was asking YiHyun oppa what would happen if she couldn't manage to bring 3 people, then YiHyun oppa told her that she had to pay for those 3 people despite they show up or not....which....literally freaked her out and immediately started creating group chat on her phone persuading her friends LOL~!

Frankly speaking, I've always been feeling extremely guilty because I can only exist as a human being there but without any form of contribution to the society as I don't even know their language.
I truly thank those friends who came because of me!!! (Now I know why my #trebleclef Xixi said that I'm pretty persuasive!) But I had to, alright, that's the very least I could do for my club T_T

Back to the MAIN TOPIC >> Event Day

Technically I ought to be at Union House at 5.40pm with YiHyun oppa because I didn't think it's appropriate to arrive at the same time (6pm) together with my guests :( But then....The random repairman came to knock on my room's door without any advance appointment to repair my window >< I had no chance but to deal with him, and it was raining on that day, the damn tram got delayed, and I ended up arriving at 6pm! FML! 미안해 이현오빠~

Shuwen! I was soooo happy that she could make it to the party cause I "forced" her to! And she ended her group discussion earlier because of me! And also brought Katherine ^^

Melissa. We wore similar jackets but hers is the society's jacket and mine is a random one that I bought from Sungei Wang.

Elissa. Girl, I never said this to you before officially, but then I seriously am really thankful that you've been through all this with me. Especially all those awkward moments when we just sat there looking like complete morons. Because you were there with me, I felt less idiotic. Typically the very first committee meeting, you even waited for me in the rain just for the sake of arriving at the meeting TOGETHER. 너무 고마워 그리고 사랑해! (which means "really thank you and I love you") ㅋㅋㅋ

I was pretty excited even though we were still in school! I was like super hyper hugging my friends thanking them for coming and then taking selca like there's no tomorrow. The most extreme one was when Ga Luoh came into the door, I literally ran up to him and jumped and hugged him! HAHAHA! Random max cause I knew my friends were looking at me acting like insane! Because initially I wasn't sure if he would show up. Had been keeping my fingers crossed for the whole night and he really did appear! *thankful thankful*


And of course, not forgetting my #BADInfluence Erica. I know I haven't blogged about her for quite some time, will do so, soon. And she brought Philo <3

Our party event was at White Tomato (at Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD), a pretty decent Korean restaurant. 

We had our non-Koreans corner! Totally our corner! HAPPY MAX! 

I looked like a happy kid at the back with the stupid face! The rest sitting (from left) are Elissa, Terry, Alexandra, Ga Luoh, Edelino, Erica (#BADInfluence), Philo. It was like a Trinity student's little gathering as well! 

The major committee members.


Those things weren't eggs. At first I thought they were. They were tofu! The nicest tofu I've ever tasted in my life. I later on Whatsapp-ed my mom this photo and I told her "I wanna put the tofu on my face as mask" LOL!





#6 I realise how bad I am with the Korean food glossary...hmmm Have to start studying HARD already! That's why I have to put number underneath the photos instead!

소주 Soju. 

I ALWAYS ended up taking selca with Soju bottles even though I don't drink them.

With Elissa. Photos stolen from her!

See that soju bottle again LOL 

With Michelle. She's the pro-est among the non-Korean committees. I'm the lousiest. Needless to say :p 

Photo stolen from Elissa again!

Linzy 친구. She was sorta my partner in the K-Pop Dance performance

Young Hee 친구. Her Chinese is superb! I really thank her for entertaining my friends as well! 

With Philo and #BADInfluence. I haven't met them up for so long! I love Philo's smile here!

Michelle :3

Melissa and Erica SUSANTO (another Erica, NOT #BADInfluence FYI)

Ga Luoh and Edelino. I haven't seen Ga Luoh for ages! Edelino used to be in the same Economics tutorial with me last year but we seldom talked. I used to think that he's that kind of guy who maintains his perfect image every single second but I was wrong! HAHA!

Photo stolen from Elissa.

This is the LIVE example of  "GIRLS DON'T KEEP CALM"!

Peter oppa wore black and white that day. Elissa said he looked like a waiter LOL! 

He commented (on FB) "What am I doing?"

and Michelle replied him "Fixing the pipes"


Later on, YiHyun oppa brought me and Elissa upstairs to the seniors...AND THEN...I ended up smelling like a piece of BBQ beef from head to toe xD

Brendon oppa looking like a pro handling the beef!

The Trinity gang :3

Photo stolen from Elissa again! In fact, I was the one who snapped this picture!

Philo and Elissa

#BADInfluence, Philo and Elissa

I love this photo so much, don't know why...this is the random #BADInfluence power :p But Erica said her eyes look tipsy LOL

The #BoJio Terry~ Who's ALWAYS supportive no matter how demanding I can be :p THANKS BUDDY for always tolerating my ridiculous crap!!! 

Edelino ^^ When I passed him my phone to ask him put in his number because I NEVER have it...and his response was "Don't fake it...Just admit you've lost it will do!"


Got expected!!

Erica couldn't manage to fit everyone in a photo! She ended up always just taking herself HAHA! And I told her I'm the pro because I have longer arms :p 

Selca-ing with her always brings back those memories~

 Ga Luoh's face is totally adorable!

Philo <3 

HAHA #BADInfluence's face is totally epic! Looks like a cute puppy! And Philo got blurred out ><

A better shot!

I can seriously selca unconditionally with my #BADInfluence! 

I don't know how to explain this photo x)

Peter oppa...always cartoon-ish in selca! (In the selca with Elissa too)

Honestly, I have NO idea at all who is this! 

This guy is a story himself. He just appeared out of nowhere asking me why I didn't want to take photo with him! Apparently, he's already drunk! Then he kept on asking me what my name is and he introduced himself as MJ (aka Michael Jordan)....hmmm I can accept that aka because it's different as MY MJ :p He even touched my hair and held my hand >< Then Komyung oppa quickly shoved him away...

Then this photo was taken LOL! 

And this! 

Random much! 

Tae Yeong oppa. Thanks for being my translator for a couple of times during the meetings ^^ 너무 감사합니다! Until the day of the event only I figured out that his glasses are fake ones! Because it was my first time standing so near talking to him! LOL! He told me he wore it to look smart!! HAHAHA!!

Junghan 친구. Young Hee 친구's boyfriend. It was him who introduced me to Komyung oppa in the first place.

Even though I spent most of the time mingling with the Trinity gang, but to me, I felt the whole event really heart warming. The members, especially the seniors like YiHyun oppa, Brendon oppa and Peter oppa, didn't make us feel left out at all. Well, it's common if they just talked to me since they don't know my friends, but then, they actually did come over to our table and gave us translations and things like that. My friends were amazed too because they were actually mentally prepared to be left out before attending, and now you guys proved them wrong! THANK YOU ALL for being such amazing seniors <3

Brendon oppa, I won't forget your "soju lecture"! ㅎㅎㅎ 

YiHyun oppa, although because of you, I smelled like BBQ from head to toe, I'm still very touched that you brought me and Elissa upstairs and even tried to involve us in your Korean games (sorry for the fact that me and Elissa couldn't really pick them up in such a short time). 

Peter oppa and Kevin 친구, thanks for the translations ^^

Komyung oppa, thanks for shoving that "MJ" guy away from me HAHA!

Perhaps I might have missed out people at this point (because it's 12am+ and I'm sleepy already), but I hope you guys will know that I REALLY AM GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING. Even being part of the society and without being left out would've made me extremely grateful already, not forgetting that you guys really accept me as one of the committee members despite me not being able to understand a thing >< 

너무  너무 너무 너무 너무....감사합니다!!!

ps 1: There's one missing part of this welcome party >>> I didn't get to take photo with Brendon oppa and YiHyun oppa and Ga Luoh :/ I took with nearly everyone except for them...GOSH!! T__T

ps 2: Another thanks to YiHyun oppa for randomly putting my name into the "lucky draw" (I don't even know what that's about) And got me...


I gave one to Elissa because they couldn't all fit into my bag! 

Lunch on Friday.

First time trying out Korean instant food!! Though I'm not sure if it's suppose to look like that but anyhow it had nice taste!! Guess that's what matters~

☮ Quote to share:-
Love is where smiles abound, spirits soar and joy is found.


  1. you guys are so cute! I love both of your jackets hehe!
    I have not had korean food in a while and i have never tried instant korean food. hmm seems interesting!!

  2. wei, I didn't see ur dance video pun? BTW, the oppa oppa u mention above, some of them really handsome la, so jealous u can take pics with them. And then the pro Michelle u mention , she give me a feeling she looked like a korean, from the photo la

  3. Hihi, first time here :D I'm a big fan of Korean stuff also XD I wish I have this kind of gathering in Malaysia T^T



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