Apart from bank statements and rental invoices (and occasionally some things that I order from ebay), I rarely receive letters here. Not that I received loads of letters in Malaysia >< #justsaying LOL!

Received a mail from Malaysia a couple of days ago but didn't have the time to blog. Used a chicken head to cover up my address hehe *credits to PicToon app*

Sorta like a goodie bag according to the sender - JW! HAHA! Thanks much :3

Come to think of it, seems like I am quite a good senior for some reasons *smirks* At least even though I'm in Melbourne, I still get to receive the girl guides' souvenirs and stuffs x) Despite being a quite useless senior in teaching you guys stuffs, I THINK I was that kind of senior who could fool around with you all without caring so much about the senior-junior boundary >< Am I right?!?! Hehe! That's why I don't like hearing what people say "juniors must respect seniors, must not be too close to seniors" and whatsoever BLAH junk!  The word senior is just a term. That's it. 

Girl guides campfire song book ^^ I love my juniors for their amazing creativity! This year's theme was Age Of The Olympians~

My invitation card <3 Definitely ends up being my precious book mark ^^

Badge! Throughout the years I had collected quite a number of them. So thankful I can still have something to add to my collection after graduation :p

MUCH LOVE xxxx SUPER LOVE ALL THESE!!! Quite a good payback for me huh??!! At least I didn't waste my effort doing the supporting video in conjunction with your campfire xD

Still remember the video?? It's still on my Facebook, but god damn, I don't dare to watch back already! I sound so ridiculous and stupid >< Anyway, random enough, as a memory! Until now I still didn't know why at that time I would do such thing for you all, embarrassed myself like an idiot ;p So, now I am a really special senior *self-praising* WTH 

This is one thing which I seriously don't understand! What the hell is this?

Since when PKK group had gone into such bad situation?!?!?! SOMEONE MIND TO EXPLAIN PUH-LEASE!?!?!?!?! This thing is ruining our reputation OMG! Who did this one? WHERE IS PKK's PRIDE?! >:(

Got a panda keychain and a super duper long letter in the envelope. So blessed~ BUT, give me some time to reply ok? Through Facebook haha...nowadays too many things to settle already! Still feel the need to upload this blog post to show how grateful I am :p (like I said, I am one GOOD senior)

Thanks much :3

Oh and before I forget, DOUBLE CONGRATULATIONS to 2012 Guides committees who retired honourably and also to the 2013 new Guides committees~ All the best in guiding and in exams too ^^ Miss you guys lots, so long not involving in super insane and random things. Looking forward to going shopping and eating with you all when I go back xD

Peace and love, xo

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Basically this is another postponed post, dedicated to my mom in conjunction with her birthday on 2nd July. I know I know...."why so late?" <-- MAYBE someone might be having this question in their head(s) already. Because I need to wait for the present to arrive in Malaysia all the way from Melbourne. I didn't mail it by post, mom's friend helped me bring back or else most likely when the parcel arrived, there would be broken glasses everywhere >< LOL!  

Ok ok, start getting into the main point :p

Frankly speaking, I wasn't (most probably still am not) a loving daughter. Unlike my friends who would create small gifts for their parents birthdays, anniversaries and etc, I never did all of this. And my unbearable lame excuse was that I SUCK AT D.I.Y.s. Only 1 or 2 times I bought my mom a cake for her birthday, that's all. Sometimes my mom would tell me, "别人做女儿,你做女儿, why can't you be like them, know how to 撒娇" 

Believe me or not, I have no idea how to MANJA~ Somehow I feel like I'm becoming as cold as ice cream towards my family members. It's NOT that I don't care about them, I do care but I just don't feel like expressing it and also I don't know how to express it, it feels so awkward....Alright, I sound like a total jerk T__T So not filial right??

Anyway, so this year, I decided to do something different. Inspired to do so :3 I was watching Love Rain (like 3 months ago), in the drama, Hana and her mom share such a close relationship. She is such a caring daughter. Then I felt shameful of myself (Not bad la...still know how to feel shameful :p). On one day, I got scolded by my friend for not having the knowledge in being a SWEEEEEET daughter. She told me it's a daughter's obligation to know how to be SWEEEEET :/ 

(Problem is I don't like sweet-I don't like chocolate, lollipop; I like green apples and lemons--sour--IF you get what I mean here, such lame analogy)

So after all the accumulated guilt, I decided to LEARN how to be "sweet" (OMG!) And I ended up making her THIS!!!

IS IT NICE???? Looks simple, but undeniably cute and most importantly full of LOVE. I assure you, don't ever try to copy my idea or whatsoever, because you might end up going crazy ><  Cause even I myself nearly went mad. Too much hard work! 

Now is the flashbacks for step-by-step explanation why I wanted to make this. You think it's a normal glass bottle with colour paper inside? WRONG WRONG WRONG! Come on my time machine and I will bring you back and see things in chronological order ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

 I went out to search for my mom's birthday present in April. 3 months earlier than her actual birthday but I found nothing in the shops. Ended up shopping online ^^ and I bought this! The seller claimed that it's real swarovski but I doubt so because the price that I paid wasn't the price of a real swarovski. Anyway,who cares about it, I think it's totally worth the price will do cause it looks so REAL, sparkling at every edge 히히히(the fact is till now I still don't know whether it's real or fake...oh well, let it be then: I just assume if it's real, then it's my fortune; if not, just let it be then) xD

I always believe that every gift has a special meaning behind it. I have a couple of reasons why I chose this purple seashell shaped pendant. 

~Reason 1: My mom told me a sorta fortune teller guy told her that purple brings her good luck. That's why I chose a purple pendant. Apparently, I want her to have extreme good luck (DUH!!!)

~Reason 2: I want something which my mom will bring around everywhere with her. Last year I gave her a photo frame and it ended up at the living room's corner. So if I get her a necklace, she can wear it everyday without the need to take it off.

~Reason 3: A necklace should be essential because she usually borrowed accessories from me and upon coming to Melbourne, I brought everything here except for some girly earrings.

~Reason 4: I bought one for myself too because it's compulsory to buy at least 2 or else the seller wouldn't ship. Mine is a starfish. So...seashell and starfish, quite good combination right? Feel like singing the Mermaid song: under the sea, under the sea LOL!

 I wear it everyday until my friends got fed up with it ==''' Most of my photos have me wearing it :p

After receiving the necklaces, it's the packing process. I procrastinated till the end of June. Only started to get to work because I was too stressed out by my exams. I started doing this RIGHT AFTER my exams though. My exams ended at noon and I started doing this after dinner. Rare scene to be so amazingly productive!! 

Using the materials which were readily available. These colour papers were prepared for the new students who just moved into our dorm to make name tags for their room doors. I just sneaked some up into my room.

The most important tool in the process was my puncher. I punched out all the coloured circles. It may appear to be so simple but it's actually a rather insane task. Could get frustrated after doing it for a while. 

My room was a total mess when I was working on it. Alanis was like "Omg...colour circles everywhere on the floor! PLEASE clean your room lah! Can't stand it!"

Punching colour papers is suppose to be an easy job but then FILLING UP THE ENTIRE BOTTLE's a crazy mission. Imagine doing this non-stop for the whole day and night! :S Initially I thought it would be easy to fill up the bottle because I wanted to add some paper stars inside too. I even bought origami star papers online because the price for the papers here is unbelievable high ><

However, I found out that I couldn't master the skill of folding stars, so I gave up and continued with my endless punching mission. [ps: I also asked my mom's friend to bring back these origami papers so my mom can pass to my cousin or else this thing will just be left to rot in some corner of my room] 


Spent more than 30 hours on this (of course I didn't do all in one shot). I was doing this while watching Jang Keun Suk's old Korean drama and it was of 24 episodes. Upon finishing the drama, I only filled up the bottle by 60% so another few hours to fill it up till this current level. 

You have no idea how happy and satisfied I was when I finally completed this! I felt like opening a champagne and putting up fireworks LMAO!

So proud of myself NYAHAHA!!!!! xDDD

The reason for this unusual "gift wrapping" is because I want myself to realize that my mom's effort to raise me up in these 18 years is incomparable. Throughout the process, whenever I felt like giving up and wanted to wrap the necklace in an ordinary gift wrapper, I would tell myself that my mom never complained about her role as a mom for freaking 18 years. So, doing this for more than 30 hours is NOTHING AT ALL!!! Kept on telling myself until I completed it :3 SATISFACTION LEVEL --- MAXIMUM!!!!

The necklace's hidden in the bunch of colour papers. I don't think my mom will notice it :p So IF she can't figure out the secret inside, this blog post will be a sort of "handbook" for her! That explains why I only wrote this update after such a dreadful long time. 

Adding a few random selca that I took just in case you miss me mom Hahahaha :p

Anyway,once again~ HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MOM 생일 축하합니다!

Hope you like the gift ♥♥♥ 사랑해

Peace & love, xo

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Apart for my obsession for my idols and music, I have another super duper extreme obsession...Wanna guess? My friends always go "OMG!" when they see it~ Any clue now??
The answer is SHINY THINGS!
Quite unbearable for my friends because they say most of my possessions are sparkling xD
I LOVE SPARKLING THINGS! Unfortunately it is hard to find everything bedazzled. Like pens and pencils, seldom see bedazzled ones (Alright I am not YET that extreme but you have the rough idea about my passion for shiny things). The other thing is that most of the things which are bedazzled beforehand are expensive and mostly bedazzled in pink. I am not a huge fan of pink btw, no offense though :p Too sweet-girly style for me already. I prefer those cooler type of bedazzling! In other words the so called 有个性! Got own character <---direct translation :p Cause I'm a very my-style person.
Which means, I have no choice but to bedazzled my possessions MYSELF~ Actually is considered as a good-bad thing :p 


My acoustic guitar is the very first thing which I bedazzled with my own hands. I totally suck at DIY things and my craft skills are literally awful but I don't know why I could manage to create such a beautiful Peace logo on my guitar *proud* FYI, this thing took me 4 hours because it's my first time! Not bad isn't it?

My electric guitar which is my second creation. Took me 5 hours because I wanted to make sure the measurements were accurate!

My iPod case. Initially wanted to buy a sparkling one but they were all darn expensive like RM40 something and not my style. So eventually I bought a plain one and designed myself. And it only cost me RM4. The shiny stickers and stuffs were all found in my drawer. I think they had been hidden in there for a long time already~

My old headphones. Didn't want to bedazzle the entire thing because I wanted to preserve the light blue colour part since it's one of my favourite colours. So I made a so-called "stylish" XO. Inspired by "XOXO". I never thought of Tic-Tac-Toe's XO until my friends asked me :p Then the 2 blue and purple diamantes are for me to differentiate the left and right side.

This is the last piece of bling-ing job that I did, which is like half a year ago. It's an iron-on sticker which I bought 5 years ago, so the glue is a bit "rotten" already, so fast many parts had gone missing TT

Anyway, I haven't been doing bedazzling job for a bloody long time already. The other day I watched Xia Xue's room tour on her guide of life then I was stunned by her amazing crystallizing creations, so I went to order some of the fake diamantes from taobao.com and asked my China friend to bring it back to Melbourne for me. All the troublesome effort, all the way from China is because they are much cheaper ^^ Thank you Sunny xo

Now, show off time!! Tah Dah!!!

This is the original look of the headphones. Sorry Mom, if you happened to read this post, don't scold me cause I bought ANOTHER headphone again. But this is only $10, the whole 3 weeks holiday I only spent $13, another $3 was for the shirt....Can consider thrifty? Cause no headphones I would die in the holidays :S

Woohoo!!! Now my headphone is GORGEOUS <3 <3 Totally one of a kind!

Forgot to take the BEFORE photo of my digital alarm clock. This is the completed first step of my crystallizing effort. Such an old clock already, I had it for around 4 or 5 years already I think~

ps: The green thing you see in the background, it's NOT a chewing gum >< It's my blue tack! Don't get freaked out =='''

Completed xD Mad love my alarm clock now despite the fact that it destroys my sweet dreams every time.

Can't believe I actually managed to transform such old pity alarm clock into such charming thing :3

Next is my Casio calculator. Calculator is one important companion of mine. This precious went through COUNTLESS exams with me. Hence, I need to treat it well xx

Undoubtedly, I have the cutest calculator ever! 100% my own creation. Not over "blinged", simple and NICE!

My handphone, Nokia E72. Nowadays iPhones and Samsungs are taking over the globe, this phone can be considered as outdated :( However, I don't see any reason to ditch this phone after I gave it a makeover, somemore with a Peace keychain!

Bragging session ends here, I still have some diamantes left for my laptop and iPad but the problem is I don't have time. So much work pouring in in just 1 week OMG! I'll crystallise them next term break x)

Peace and love, xo

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Friday, July 20, 2012

This is actually a postponed blog post. 2 weeks ago, I just finished my exams and my friend, Alanis was telling me that she MUST pull me out for shopping. Even though I didn't feel like buying anything (not that I don't wanna buy, but everything is just darn expensive ><), she was so determined to pull me out of the house because according to her, I am OVER studious already. Seems like that fact gets her on her nerves haha! Because she knew that I would be plunging myself entirely into Korean dramas again.

My exams actually ended 2 days earlier than Alanis's. So we promised each other to meet in the city on that day once her E&D exam had ended.

Selca in the tram while making my way there :p *forgive me*

Basically the whole idea of shopping was wandering around in random shops without any aim. Well, at least for me. Alanis was trying hard to look for a nice pair of boots. So we actually went into a lot of shoe shops. However, she ended up with NONE! There was one which I recommended her very enthusiastically but she couldn't make up her mind and that was the last one left =='' If the price was in RM, I would buy that right away. The navy blue and ruby red coloured boots are so gorgeous and they even have a small belt with studs on it. Cruel reality---> All aussie dollars, x3 and you can faint right away :p

I particularly like this shoe shop, located at Bourke Street but I forgot the name already. It has 3 levels, very cool! Actually photography's not allowed in that shop, but since it's so nice, I decided to snap a few pictures when the staffs weren't looking.

Typically love this part. The 2nd floor wall decorations. Feels so American-ish LOL!

Selca at the mirror that's between the pictures :p (wonder what's that line doing over there, something wrong :/)

I was laughing at this pair of boots. You know why? I nearly made Alanis faint when I told her my statement.

"THIS IS THE MODERN VERSION OF PHUA CHU KANG". The trademark yellow fishmonger boots evolves to fashion rocker boots! LMAO! See what I meant already??? HAHA!!!

Leopard printed chair! Would I feel like a queen when I sit on it?? HEHE! Chanwon sweety will definitely want this in her house :p  

Seriously, I am getting more and more in love with leopard printed things, so much thanks to Jang Keun Suk and Chanwon's influences :3 These bags are cute!! Though I prefer the pink one to be purple or the original leopard colour.

Couldn't stand the boredom because Alanis was trying on her boots, so I decided to selca in the mirror once again.

I had always wanted to go to Forever New to try on their clothes for fun. FINALLY I got to go~ They just released one whole new series of pastel coloured outfits. The whole shop is just like a fashion heaven ^^

Totally love peacocks. When I put this on and opened the curtains in the fitting room, Alanis's jaw dropped. She said couldn't recognize me anymore. Yet, she was demanding for me to buy it because she said I needed a brand new look. *Bang head* Personally, I DO LOVE this dress anyway, just didn't wanna waste my money on it :S

Pastel top! Mad love this but too bad the colour is not really outstanding in the photo. In real, it's quite sweet, felt like a human-sized marshmallow :3
(ps: ignore my stupid looking expression, I didn't know why on earth I pulled that kind of face in the fitting room anyway)

OK so this was how we "celebrated" the end of our exams ^^ Stay tuned for more blog posts :)

Peace and Love, xo

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


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