Bedazzled *BLING*

Apart for my obsession for my idols and music, I have another super duper extreme obsession...Wanna guess? My friends always go "OMG!" when they see it~ Any clue now??
The answer is SHINY THINGS!
Quite unbearable for my friends because they say most of my possessions are sparkling xD
I LOVE SPARKLING THINGS! Unfortunately it is hard to find everything bedazzled. Like pens and pencils, seldom see bedazzled ones (Alright I am not YET that extreme but you have the rough idea about my passion for shiny things). The other thing is that most of the things which are bedazzled beforehand are expensive and mostly bedazzled in pink. I am not a huge fan of pink btw, no offense though :p Too sweet-girly style for me already. I prefer those cooler type of bedazzling! In other words the so called 有个性! Got own character <---direct translation :p Cause I'm a very my-style person.
Which means, I have no choice but to bedazzled my possessions MYSELF~ Actually is considered as a good-bad thing :p 


My acoustic guitar is the very first thing which I bedazzled with my own hands. I totally suck at DIY things and my craft skills are literally awful but I don't know why I could manage to create such a beautiful Peace logo on my guitar *proud* FYI, this thing took me 4 hours because it's my first time! Not bad isn't it?

My electric guitar which is my second creation. Took me 5 hours because I wanted to make sure the measurements were accurate!

My iPod case. Initially wanted to buy a sparkling one but they were all darn expensive like RM40 something and not my style. So eventually I bought a plain one and designed myself. And it only cost me RM4. The shiny stickers and stuffs were all found in my drawer. I think they had been hidden in there for a long time already~

My old headphones. Didn't want to bedazzle the entire thing because I wanted to preserve the light blue colour part since it's one of my favourite colours. So I made a so-called "stylish" XO. Inspired by "XOXO". I never thought of Tic-Tac-Toe's XO until my friends asked me :p Then the 2 blue and purple diamantes are for me to differentiate the left and right side.

This is the last piece of bling-ing job that I did, which is like half a year ago. It's an iron-on sticker which I bought 5 years ago, so the glue is a bit "rotten" already, so fast many parts had gone missing TT

Anyway, I haven't been doing bedazzling job for a bloody long time already. The other day I watched Xia Xue's room tour on her guide of life then I was stunned by her amazing crystallizing creations, so I went to order some of the fake diamantes from and asked my China friend to bring it back to Melbourne for me. All the troublesome effort, all the way from China is because they are much cheaper ^^ Thank you Sunny xo

Now, show off time!! Tah Dah!!!

This is the original look of the headphones. Sorry Mom, if you happened to read this post, don't scold me cause I bought ANOTHER headphone again. But this is only $10, the whole 3 weeks holiday I only spent $13, another $3 was for the shirt....Can consider thrifty? Cause no headphones I would die in the holidays :S

Woohoo!!! Now my headphone is GORGEOUS <3 <3 Totally one of a kind!

Forgot to take the BEFORE photo of my digital alarm clock. This is the completed first step of my crystallizing effort. Such an old clock already, I had it for around 4 or 5 years already I think~

ps: The green thing you see in the background, it's NOT a chewing gum >< It's my blue tack! Don't get freaked out =='''

Completed xD Mad love my alarm clock now despite the fact that it destroys my sweet dreams every time.

Can't believe I actually managed to transform such old pity alarm clock into such charming thing :3

Next is my Casio calculator. Calculator is one important companion of mine. This precious went through COUNTLESS exams with me. Hence, I need to treat it well xx

Undoubtedly, I have the cutest calculator ever! 100% my own creation. Not over "blinged", simple and NICE!

My handphone, Nokia E72. Nowadays iPhones and Samsungs are taking over the globe, this phone can be considered as outdated :( However, I don't see any reason to ditch this phone after I gave it a makeover, somemore with a Peace keychain!

Bragging session ends here, I still have some diamantes left for my laptop and iPad but the problem is I don't have time. So much work pouring in in just 1 week OMG! I'll crystallise them next term break x)

Peace and love, xo

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  1. omg!!!me love shiny things too!I have alot too <3

    1. really?? HIGH 5!!! hehe!!! mind to share your collection with me?? :3 i wanna see them!!!

  2. You are so cute, you can do all these tiny blinging work. I can't because I'm so clumsy always.. :(

    1. i also can't find an explanation why i could manage to do all these bedazzling work. cause in real, im a rather impatient patient person. when it comes to painting, i always screwed things up because i got frustrated after a while BUT blinging just makes me happy ^^

  3. Visiting your blog back :D! Yeah, besides to ponies, I love shiny things too x3 Following you now x3

    xxx Lara

    1. thank you so much <3 i think every girl likes shiny things hehe ^^

  4. So pretty!

    PS. We’ve a $100 Giveaway to Skinny Bitch Apparel on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!

  5. Hello dear!! Thanks for your visit and kind comment on my blog! If you would like to follow each other just let me know!!



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