Shopping Day

This is actually a postponed blog post. 2 weeks ago, I just finished my exams and my friend, Alanis was telling me that she MUST pull me out for shopping. Even though I didn't feel like buying anything (not that I don't wanna buy, but everything is just darn expensive ><), she was so determined to pull me out of the house because according to her, I am OVER studious already. Seems like that fact gets her on her nerves haha! Because she knew that I would be plunging myself entirely into Korean dramas again.

My exams actually ended 2 days earlier than Alanis's. So we promised each other to meet in the city on that day once her E&D exam had ended.

Selca in the tram while making my way there :p *forgive me*

Basically the whole idea of shopping was wandering around in random shops without any aim. Well, at least for me. Alanis was trying hard to look for a nice pair of boots. So we actually went into a lot of shoe shops. However, she ended up with NONE! There was one which I recommended her very enthusiastically but she couldn't make up her mind and that was the last one left =='' If the price was in RM, I would buy that right away. The navy blue and ruby red coloured boots are so gorgeous and they even have a small belt with studs on it. Cruel reality---> All aussie dollars, x3 and you can faint right away :p

I particularly like this shoe shop, located at Bourke Street but I forgot the name already. It has 3 levels, very cool! Actually photography's not allowed in that shop, but since it's so nice, I decided to snap a few pictures when the staffs weren't looking.

Typically love this part. The 2nd floor wall decorations. Feels so American-ish LOL!

Selca at the mirror that's between the pictures :p (wonder what's that line doing over there, something wrong :/)

I was laughing at this pair of boots. You know why? I nearly made Alanis faint when I told her my statement.

"THIS IS THE MODERN VERSION OF PHUA CHU KANG". The trademark yellow fishmonger boots evolves to fashion rocker boots! LMAO! See what I meant already??? HAHA!!!

Leopard printed chair! Would I feel like a queen when I sit on it?? HEHE! Chanwon sweety will definitely want this in her house :p  

Seriously, I am getting more and more in love with leopard printed things, so much thanks to Jang Keun Suk and Chanwon's influences :3 These bags are cute!! Though I prefer the pink one to be purple or the original leopard colour.

Couldn't stand the boredom because Alanis was trying on her boots, so I decided to selca in the mirror once again.

I had always wanted to go to Forever New to try on their clothes for fun. FINALLY I got to go~ They just released one whole new series of pastel coloured outfits. The whole shop is just like a fashion heaven ^^

Totally love peacocks. When I put this on and opened the curtains in the fitting room, Alanis's jaw dropped. She said couldn't recognize me anymore. Yet, she was demanding for me to buy it because she said I needed a brand new look. *Bang head* Personally, I DO LOVE this dress anyway, just didn't wanna waste my money on it :S

Pastel top! Mad love this but too bad the colour is not really outstanding in the photo. In real, it's quite sweet, felt like a human-sized marshmallow :3
(ps: ignore my stupid looking expression, I didn't know why on earth I pulled that kind of face in the fitting room anyway)

OK so this was how we "celebrated" the end of our exams ^^ Stay tuned for more blog posts :)

Peace and Love, xo

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  1. Lovely blog and posts ^^
    Thanks for visiting me, I've followed you back because your blog is interesting and cool ^^ Will also visit you often!!

    Love from: Emi

  2. @Emi: you are welcome. i love your blog and is following it now :D thank you so much for following :D <3 <3 <3

  3. Shopping is really fun! :) Haha, those boots look cute! ^^
    & I'd buy everything leopard printed if I had the money~~

    1. I won't dare to wear those boots though hahhah
      High 5! We are leopard print lovers :3



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