Surprise From High School Juniors

Apart from bank statements and rental invoices (and occasionally some things that I order from ebay), I rarely receive letters here. Not that I received loads of letters in Malaysia >< #justsaying LOL!

Received a mail from Malaysia a couple of days ago but didn't have the time to blog. Used a chicken head to cover up my address hehe *credits to PicToon app*

Sorta like a goodie bag according to the sender - JW! HAHA! Thanks much :3

Come to think of it, seems like I am quite a good senior for some reasons *smirks* At least even though I'm in Melbourne, I still get to receive the girl guides' souvenirs and stuffs x) Despite being a quite useless senior in teaching you guys stuffs, I THINK I was that kind of senior who could fool around with you all without caring so much about the senior-junior boundary >< Am I right?!?! Hehe! That's why I don't like hearing what people say "juniors must respect seniors, must not be too close to seniors" and whatsoever BLAH junk!  The word senior is just a term. That's it. 

Girl guides campfire song book ^^ I love my juniors for their amazing creativity! This year's theme was Age Of The Olympians~

My invitation card <3 Definitely ends up being my precious book mark ^^

Badge! Throughout the years I had collected quite a number of them. So thankful I can still have something to add to my collection after graduation :p

MUCH LOVE xxxx SUPER LOVE ALL THESE!!! Quite a good payback for me huh??!! At least I didn't waste my effort doing the supporting video in conjunction with your campfire xD

Still remember the video?? It's still on my Facebook, but god damn, I don't dare to watch back already! I sound so ridiculous and stupid >< Anyway, random enough, as a memory! Until now I still didn't know why at that time I would do such thing for you all, embarrassed myself like an idiot ;p So, now I am a really special senior *self-praising* WTH 

This is one thing which I seriously don't understand! What the hell is this?

Since when PKK group had gone into such bad situation?!?!?! SOMEONE MIND TO EXPLAIN PUH-LEASE!?!?!?!?! This thing is ruining our reputation OMG! Who did this one? WHERE IS PKK's PRIDE?! >:(

Got a panda keychain and a super duper long letter in the envelope. So blessed~ BUT, give me some time to reply ok? Through Facebook haha...nowadays too many things to settle already! Still feel the need to upload this blog post to show how grateful I am :p (like I said, I am one GOOD senior)

Thanks much :3

Oh and before I forget, DOUBLE CONGRATULATIONS to 2012 Guides committees who retired honourably and also to the 2013 new Guides committees~ All the best in guiding and in exams too ^^ Miss you guys lots, so long not involving in super insane and random things. Looking forward to going shopping and eating with you all when I go back xD

Peace and love, xo

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  1. Omg!!You look cute in the video!hahahahaha

    I think when we can 38 38 alot!!

    I look forward on it!XD

    1. the video is sooooo dumb >< hahahah!!!

      yes, im looking forward to meet u!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous~~ that means u r special to the juniors... WTH happened to PKK?? I dont know anything at all... I am such a failure!! Aiyoh, the video is perfect, no need to worry if u hv to rewatch it;p Finally i commented, satisfied?? Haha

    1. look at the "advertising paper" of PKK...i think it's so mempersiasueykan...made us sound like so freaking despo for ppl to join >< WTH!!!



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