가자 Korea Diary 17: Renting a Hanbok & Getting Hair Makeover @ Flowery Hanbok 꽃같은한복

I mentioned in my previous blog post that one of the biggest highlights of my Korea trip was (still is though) wearing a hanbok 한복. This term 'hanbok' literally translates into 'Korean clothing' but in the Korean culture, it refers to the traditional clothing that were originally worn in the Joseon dynasty.
When you walk around the Gyeongbokgung area, you will find many hanbok rental shops. Don't worry so much about the prices because they are more or less the same. 

Initially, I thought hanbok rental shops will have in-house professional photographers to do a proper photoshoot for you but you have to make a booking with them in advance. I didn't know that, so I didn't get to have a photoshoot - my fault. Fret not, I have prepared everything for you in this blog post, so just keep reading because I don't want you to repeat my own mistake. 

That being said though, many of the hanbok rental shops will set up a little corner in their studio with props and backdrops for you to have your own photography session.

I didn't know which one to go for so I just randomly walked into one named Flowery Hanbok 꽃같은한복. I was greeted by a really nice lady and I was sold, on the spot.

I took a screenshot of the directions from Flowery Hanbok's website in case you are wondering how to get there. I'll include the contact information of Flowery Hanbok at the very end of this blog post.

This is the street view.

꽃같은한복 Flowery Hanbok is not too far from this intersection point. In fact, I took this photo as I stood right outside of the shop. 

And it is just opposite of Jeongdok public library. 

You can rent a hanbok up to 2 hours for 10,000 won and 4 hours for 15,000 won. 

PS: You get free entry into the Gyeongbokgung palace when you wear a hanbok! So, why not? 

꽃같은한복 Flowery Hanbok is a big underground studio. You will be greeted by rows and rows of colourful Hanbok-s which are hung according to their sizes and styles. 

Back in the days of the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty, the colours, designs and characteristics of a Hanbok were used to define the wearer's social status - the highest being the Royal family, to the aristocrats, commoners, peasants and slaves. 

Pastel coloured or the ones with more extravagant components tend to be the "fusion" or "modernized" Hanboks that have been modified to suit the current trend and public liking. Some of them are slightly more expensive to rent than the typical traditional ones. 

For me, I went for the typical colours of Hanbok - red and navy blue. There's no way I wasn't going to do Korea in the right traditional way!

Once I picked out my outfit, one of the staff members helped me with the changing process. I had to take off my shirt and pants (undergarments were still on of course), then she put a cage-shaped plastic around my waist before tying the skirt around my waist. That moment was when I learnt that there's no tutu hidden underneath the skirt, it's really a bloody plastic cage! My fantasy bubble just burst a little right there...But the lady who tied the plastic around me said to me, "do you know you have a very small waist? It's one of the smallest I have seen!"

Woohoo~ All those bloody abs workout paid off well.

After I got dressed, next was getting a hairdo which I paid extra for. If my memory serves me right, it's only 5000 won (approximately 5 USD).

I don't remember when was the last time I saw this many types of hair accessories. From my boring black straight hair that has been with me for years, you can tell getting my hair fancily styled isn't really my thing. Like I said though, I gotta get this makeover done because it's a bucket list item - let's go all out!

I just sat there and let the staff play around with my hair.

Was a little worry as to what type of hair style would she do for me. Although I didn't say it out explicitly, I was silently hoping that she wouldn't put my hair into a bun. 

And she did not!! She gave me a braid instead *woohoo* Then she asked me what products I use for my hair because it's smooth and she even got her colleague to come and touch my hair too to prove her point 부끄부끄 

How beautiful is this embroidery. I really appreciate art in various forms. I love how the lady who did my hair picked out everything that suited me well.

At Flowery Hanbok, they have a small corner with a variety of props because obviously you need to take a hell load of photos after wearing your hanbok-s! 

Since I was travelling alone, the staff there was kind enough to help me take some photos. The regret is creeping up again...why didn't I book a professional photographer beforehand *aishhhh*

For some reason, maybe it was the wrong setting of the camera, the photos turned out very yellowish and I had no idea how to edit it. This is the whole look of my hanbok and hairdo. 

I like this makeover a lot despite feeling a tad bit uncomfortable because I've never been a girly girl so dressing up like this felt way too elegant and princess-y for me. However, I was (still am) in love with this whole look. 

Lock away your personal belongings in the lockers and out to Gyeongbokgung palace to play the role of a Josean royalty wannabe. That's seriously one of the best experiences I had ever had in my whole life but it's gonna be in the next blog post.

PS: I'm like big time reminiscing my good solo travel days in South Korea even though I'm writing all these 2 years later. Those memories are still very fresh in my head. OMG~ 

Anyway, to wrap things up, do contact Flowery Hanbok if you need any additional assistance. They do offer professional makeup and hairdo as well as a private professional photographers who can follow you are Gyeongbokgung to capture amazing portrait shots.

This is not a sponsored post. I paid for everything myself and I'm just sharing the great experience that I had with the good service that I received from Flowery Hanbok :) Just thought I'd put it out there. 

Flowery Hanbok 꽃같은한복

서울시 종로구 북촌로 5길 43 지하2층 꽃같은한복 B2 Flowery Hanbok 43, Bukchon-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Opening Hours: 10am-6pm 

Facebook: @floweryhanbok

Instagram: @floweryhanbok

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