About Me

Hi, welcome to Fionism.comMy name is Fion. You can call me Fi for short.

In 2012, I started this blog because #1 I was bored and #2 I couldn't afford an external hard drive but I needed somewhere to keep my photos, so I registered a blog and started treating this like an online diary. My blog is a mirror of myself - the way I write is very similar to the way I speak in real life - the tonality, the words, the opinionated side of me and etc.

I hope I could make it into your top 5 favourite F-words (hopefully after: free, Friday, faith, fuck and food).

Now, here's a little about myself:

I was born on the 12th of February - I am a proud Aquarius. Sounds sappy, but if you look up the traits of a typical Aquarius, I think I pretty much tick off all the boxes.  

I'm half Malaysian and half Taiwanese. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Penang (a small island in Malaysia). Started living in Melbourne on my own since 18 years old. That's how my love for coffee started because that's the Aussie life! Mind you, I take my cappuccinos and chai lattes very seriously. 

I graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Commerce - majoring in Accounting and Finance. 

I'm the mother of a demonic sunny doll which I drew on a post-it note:
I launched my own brand Duo Emblem incorporating everything that I love into 1 - doodling, writing, photography, street fashion, designing, and dealing with all things adorably quirky.

I'm a private extrovert and a public introvert that occasionally talks a little bit too much.

Unicorns and cats are my favourite animals. I do consider unicorns a species of animal, whether you like it or not. 

I love music, movies, photography, fashion, fitness, traveling, reading and writing. Of course, money and yummy desserts too! There's no shame in this game. 

I speak 6 languages - Korean being my 6th which I still need to put more effort into perfecting it. When the time comes, maybe I can just move there! Yes, kimchi is way better on that side! I spent a year learning Japanese in university but I just couldn't remember anything anymore, so I have to settle for only 6, if not, it should be 7. 

I get unintentionally funny at times.

I think more in my head than I am supposed to.

Despite not looking like one, I'm a nerd plus a house cat in hiding. Give me a good lo-fi playlist, a cup of coffee and a book, then I'm good.


I'm a mixed bag of nuts - an aspiring entrepreneur, day trader (the stock market type with charts and candles), content creator and most important of all the biggest dreamer ever, at least in my own head. Fionism.com showcases my personal journey that's full of fumbling and learning in many odd (and sometimes stubborn) ways in the quest of moving one baby step closer to my goals and desires.

To find out more, do stay on this blog or visit my socials: Instagram & Facebook. Or, you can email me at fionism@yahoo.com