About Me

Hi, welcome to Fionism. 

If this is your first time here, my name is Fion. It's a great pleasure to meet you and thank you for dropping :D I hope I could be one of your top 5 F-words (I these words into account as I wrote that: free, Friday, faith and fuck, depending on how you'd want to use the last one). 

Right before I left home to pursue my studies in Melbourne, I started this blog with the purpose of recording my life abroad to share with my friends who were scattered all across the world. It was also because I couldn't afford to buy a hard drive to backup my photos, so I thought I'd find a space online for it and turn it into an e-diary.  

Now, here's a little about myself:

I was born in Hong Kong on the 12th February 1994 (proud Aquarius babe). I am half Taiwanese and half Malaysian. 

I launched my own brand Duo Emblem incorporating everything that I love into one - doodling, writing, photography, designing my own products and dealing with all things adorably quirky.

I grew up in Penang which is a small pretty island in Malaysia. Moved to Melbourne to pursue my studies when I was 18 years old and graduated from the University of Melbourne with a bachelor's degree in Commerce (majoring Accounting & Finance). 

My favourite colours are blue, white, silver, champagne, black and gold.

I'm a crazy unicorn and cat person.

I love music, movies, photography, fashion, and reading and writing. Of course, and all things Korea!  

I speak 6 languages - Korean being my 6th which I still need to put more effort into perfecting it. When the time comes, maybe I can just move there! Yes, kimchi is way better on that side!

Occasionally, I get unintentionally funny and I think more in my head that I am supposed to. And I tend to write and stay home a little too much.

I may be a combination of an angel and a devil but most importantly I'm unapologetically ME!

Do stay connected with me on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube because that's the easiest way to get to know me! :P