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24 Things I Learned at 24

When I was young, I used to imagine how much I would've achieved and learnt at the age of 24 because that's when my mom had me. Little did I know that quarter life crisis would hit me so badly.

I have nothing figured out - not a bunch of savings to buy my own apartment and I see making my bed, having a clean desk and doing my laundry as "milestones" of life...On top of that, the biggest questions are "should I wash my hair today" and "what should I eat for the next meal".

Despite all of these, I feel that I do have some lessons that I learn which are worth sharing.

Recap of 2017

Not going to lie, I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I am turning 24 in 41 days and it is 2018 now.

Here's the time where everyone started to come up with all those Facebook memories and Instagram best photos...I am still keeping it old school by writing it on my blog. Or to play the game more seriously, I may somehow copy this blog post into my diary if I feel like it.

가자 Korea Diary 2: Preparation Tips For Korea

Before I dive into my Korea trip's itinerary, I thought it might be useful to compile a list of tips/lessons that I learnt while I was preparing or on my trip. For those who are heading to Korea whether with friends or alone, I hope this helps :)

가자 Korea Diary 1: Post Kimchiland Thoughts & Reasons Why I Love Korea

I am trying my very best not to begin this entry with a swear word.


Okay, I know I shouldn't. It's just that I can't stomach the fact that my Korea trip has ended. It has been more than a week since I stepped out of the holy land of kimchi. Yes, the kimchi's way better on the other side. Including the rice cakes and everything. Every single thing that you can name, Korea has it in a better version FTW.

1 More Sleep Till D-KimchiDay

I can’t believe the BIG day is just 1 sleep away. Well, 2 sleeps technically. 1 last sleep in my own room and the next sleep in the plane!

Disappointing much, the BIG day has nothing to do with 21st birthday, engagement, wedding or whatsoever...but to me it's BIG because it's the day my dream come true after 7 years! 7 years of obsession, dedication, loyalty, unconditional love~ I'll be breathing the same air, stepping on the same ground, feeling the same sunshine, enjoying the same scenery as my hubby Yong Hwa oppa ♥