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Grill From The Sea Buffet Dinner @ Taste Cafe, G Hotel Gurney

I was going to buy my mom a buffet dinner at G Hotel sometime during Christmas or NYE after trying out their Christmas buffet menu in mid November. Unfortunately, my mom fell sick during that period of time so we had to postpone the plan. 

The first Saturday of 2019, we finally went to G Hotel Gurney's Taste Cafe for our overdue holiday dinner date. 

My First Canva Strap Watch

Growing up, I wasn't that much of a watch girl though I really envy people who could make a habit of wearing a watch on a regular basis. I remember when I was in high school, I used to pester my neighbouring classmates so much by asking them "what's the time now" nearly every 5 minutes because I couldn't wait for recess time / time to go home! 

Recap of 2018 & Resolutions of 2019

2018...the most confusing, emotional and horrible year of my life but it's the year that made me grow the most.

I know it sounds really cringe-y and cliche but that's really how I would sum up my 2018.

가자 Korea Diary 12: I Stayed In A Traditional Korean House (Hanok) @ Seoul Lucky Guest House

After staying in Hapjeong for a few nights, I finally packed up all of my things and moved to another area that's near to Gyeongbokgung station 경복궁 역 (subway line 3).

The reason behind this move was because I wanted to experience living in a different area during my days in Seoul. I thought I would move to Myeongdong/Gangnam at first but once I saw this Airbnb (by chance), I knew that Gyeongbokgung was the right decision. Because, I got to stay in a traditional Korean house (hanok). 


Exactly a year ago (on 18 Dec 2017), as I was about to go to sleep, a message came through my phone.

"Jonghyun...", the message was sent by Melanie from Canada.

The next thing that I remember is bawling my eyes out throughout the whole night till the break of dawn.

Althea Korea X The Butterfly Project Christmas Party @ Chubbee Cloud

Last Saturday, I attended the Butterfly Project and Althea Korea's Christmas party at Chubbee Cloud

I believe that the stars aligned themselves specially for me because I had always wanted to collaborate with the Butterfly Project and Althea Korea because they do a lot of Korean products collaboration with bloggers and my Korean obsession by now ain't something new anymore. On top of that, Chubbee Cloud had always been on my to-go-cafe list ever since I stumbled upon it on Instagram. 

가자 Korea Diary 11: Shopping Spree @ Express Bus Terminal + Eating Sulbing @ CN BLUE Lee JongHyun's Sulbing Shop in Sillim

South Korea is a place where you'll find yourself falling into an uncontrollable shopping spree without knowing because everything's so cute and rather cheap! 

However, I was quite surprised that after going to all those hit places like Gangnam, HongDae, Insadong and IkseondongEwha and Sinchon, I hadn't done much damage, yet!