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가자 Korea Diary Part 7: K-Star Road @ Apgujeongrodeo, JYP & FNC Entertainment @ Cheongdamdong & Kakao Friends Store @ Gangnam

On this day, I got to catch up with Nini who had her day off from school. We used to be in the same college and dorm and also we were both part of the Melbourne University's Korean Students' Society's committee. I passed the baton to her as the instructor of the K-Pop dance class because I preferred to handle paperwork as a Treasurer at that point :P

oNecklace: Personalized Jewelry

I don't own a lot of accessories for my hands. What you are seeing in this photo are basically the things that I own for my hands - a pandora bracelet with only 3 charms to keep it minimal, a white gold diamond ring from my mom for my 21st birthday and a silver friendship ring from Pandora. 

Printcious Gifts

I am the worst when it comes to choosing a gift. Don’t get me wrong, I usually end up getting a very meaningful and irreplaceable gift for someone but the process of picking a gift drives me nuts. 

For my mom’s birthday, every year I’d just ask her straight-up if there’s something that she would like to have just to make sure I get her something practical. For my friends, we made a deal to not get one another gifts just to save up for gift shopping problem and that works best for everyone.

That being said, I still love the joy of giving presents once in a blue moon. In my opinion, there is something about gifting without a specific occasion that brings more surprise and joy. My all time go-to gift choice is definitely a personalized item. I love it when a gift has the ability to remind the receiver of a good memory that we both share or has more meaning than just being a material item. Most importantly, a duplicate is hard to be found. My 21st birthday present was a handmade photo album from my closest friends and I love it a lot. In my opinion, things like that are a thousand times more precious regardless of their price tags. 

가자 Korea Diary Part 6: Ewha Womans University, Yonsei University, Sinchon

For once, I am not taking forever to write a new blog post for this 가자 Korea Diary series. For the previous posts which I have their links down below, I had friends with me. This was the very first day I headed out on my very own - throwback to 29 Octover 2017 (Sunday). I was nervous, anxious and excited. After getting my banana milk (necessity of life) from a grocery shop outside of my Airbnb, I took off.

Meanwhile, here are the previous posts from the series if you haven't caught up!

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가자 Korea Diary Part 5: Traditional Side of Seoul with the Koreans - Ikseondong, Gyeongbukgong, Insadong, Cheonggyecheon

First time taking the subway all by myself and I spotted B1A4's photo. Next up would be to hunt for a CN Blue or Yong Hwa oppa one. Surprisingly, I made it to Ewha Womans University 이화 여자 대학교 (이대) by taking the green line #2 without getting lost.

가자 Korea Diary Part 5: Traditional Side of Seoul with the Koreans - Ikseondong, Gyeongbukgong, Insadong, Cheonggyecheon

Finally, here's my 가자 Korea Diary Part 5! Writing these posts gives me mixed feelings! The photos bring back all the good memories to me but going through the whole chunk of shots and having to pick out the decent ones and then edit them - that's a lot more work than it seems. Although I have to admit, I love the final outcome of every ME-LOVE-KOREA posts. Even if there's nobody reading my blog today, I believe I'd still do it for myself! The Korea tourism organisation should hire me to work for them because I shower so much love on Kimchiland! 

In Part 4, I wrote that I went to the 1st Shop of Coffee Prince @ HongDae because I had a 1-2 hours to kill. When the meeting time was nearing, I headed back to HongDae's subway exit 8 to wait for Eunjee. Guess what I found! 

♥♥♥ HUBBY ♥♥♥ I feel like I am living the excitement from that day as I typed this blog post even this was from 9 months ago!