Moomba Festival 2016, Melbourne [With Vlog]

Moomba Festival's a very Melbourne thing! Organised by the City of Melbourne, Moomba Festival's a community festival with a huge variety of fun activities and events running for several days in March annually at Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Gardens on the banks of Melbourne's iconic Yarra River.

This year, Moomba Festival started on the 11th of March and ended on the 14th.

I accompanied my homie there because we had nothing major to do on that Saturday night. And since I missed out on Melbourne's New Year's eve fireworks display, I wanted to "have it replace back for free". HAHA


If you are too lazy to read, feel free to scroll all the way down :P

Since I am really bad with games, I decided to not waste my money to try winning a big fat plush home (plus, where should I put it in my small bedroom HAHA)

This stall had my favourites - My Little Pony & Simpsons *SCREAMS*

Haunted house - prolly something that attracted me to but I was too chicken to go in. 

The last time I was in a haunted house was when I was 10 at the Universal Studios in LA and I literally had my eyes closed all the way...

Also too chickened out to get on rides...

The main reason I came here was for the sake of free fireworks ^^ 

It's all worth it xD

Well...Because I didn't have any main thing to do at the Moomba Festival, I decided to take some shots and some video snippets instead of wandering around blindly. 


PS: I'm starting to love the idea of Vlogging as I find it quite a convenient and cute way to store my memories. Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel for more upcoming vlogs :) 

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