Military Jacket Look Inspired by MICHAEL JACKSON

I love Michael Jackson more than anything else in this world. He means the world to me.

Of course it's undeniable that Michael Jackson has contributed A HELL LOT to this world - his incomparable music, groundbreaking dance moves, humanitarian work, but also he's a fashion icon. Trust me, this man, is just god sent! I've always wondered how can 1 person be so capable of doing EVERYTHING! Which makes HIM THE BEST!

From the sequined Billie Jean glove, black fedora hat, the sparkling white socks, red Thriller & Beat It jackets, the buckles and too many more to be named~

One of the trademarks of the King MJ's fashion will definitely be the MILITARY JACKETS!!!  ♥♥♥♥


Michael loves Military concept, and I love him wearing those military jackets too!!!! ♥♥♥♥

I've always wished to have a military inspired jacket myself because I'm a MJ fan! A proud fan!

However, it's really really hard to find any military-style jacket for ladies. *not fair* Until one day, unexpectedly, I stumbled upon this jacket while I was scrolling through eBay.

I fell in love with this jacket AT FIRST SIGHT xD 

So after asking my friends "Does this give the military style feel?" (many of them thought that the so called 'military' = cameo, I had to clarify by saying THE MJ military style. After they had said YESSS to my question, I bought it right away :p)

In conjunction with MJ's new album release a few days ago, I wore this outfit to school.

I always wear my MJ shirt when there's a MJ-related day! Birthdays, death anniversaries (even though these are devastating gloomy days) and of course, the new album release day!

It was my first time wearing that white MJ shirt.

If I'm not mistaken, I think I bought that shirt around 4 or 5 years ago although I knew it's NOT my size - it's actually a guy's M size to be specific.

I lost my rationality because I just love the photos of MJ on that shirt so I bought it without thinking so much. It's actually the only MJ shirt that I've never worn before because I didn't know how to style such an oversized shirt.

I paired it with a pair of black leggings.

Black leggings will never go wrong when you pair them with an oversized or long shirt.

I paired it with a pair of studded boots which I bought for my performance last year.

The golden studs on my boots match my jacket!

To me, I feel somehow this outfit looks rather simple although it has the eye-catching golden coloured elements as well as the colourful MJ photo collage.

There's the I-will-sum-it-up-for-you-before-coming-to-an-end face of mine!!!

Military jacket from eBay - $12 (link is here)
Michael Jackson tee from a random shop in Bangkok - around 130Baht ($4.5)
Random black leggings that can be bought anywhere
Golden studded boots from Novo, Southern Cross DFO, Melbourne - around $15 (it was on a sale)


Here's the 2nd military jacket of mine. Thanks to El who contributed this piece to my collection. I've always loved El's jacket collection because he has quite a few jackets that look like MJ's jacket. Back then before I bought my own, I used to tell him how much I envy guys to have smarter looking jackets than girls because it just seemed too impossible to find something like this for girls. Then one random day, El messaged me on Kakao telling me that he had sorta outgrown this jacket and he's going to give it to me if I could fit in it. OMG! I actually thought he was kidding you know. I gave him earrings in return :p HAHA xD THANKS EL!!!!!! <3333333

Guess some of you may think that I'm insane already for taking over a guy's clothes. Tell you what....I have quite a few hoodies and tees that are actually guys' in my closet.

Personally, I don't have a rulebook when it comes to dressing up. As long as I can pull off the look, WHY NOT JUST WEAR IT regardless of anything?!

Let me know what you think about this outfit ^^

Most importantly, ANY ONE OF YOU ARE A FAN OF MICHAEL JACKSON? Which MJ outfit do you like the most?

If you are, I shall regard you as FAMILY, and here's the Barney song "WE ARE HAPPY FAMILY~"!!!

 ☮ Quote to share:-
Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation ~Michael Jackson


I Ain't Your 20-cents Chewing Gum

I'm kinda in a rather frustrated mood these days. At first, it was only due to the academic stress that I ALWAYS have, but because exams are near, it gets even severe.

The next thing friends.

How ironic is it as I typed the word "friends". To be honest, I don't even know who my friends are right now.

Although this question has been bothering me for quite some time, I didn't wanna to spill it out in black and white words especially on my blog as I don't want those "friends" to think that I'm insulting them in public. However, I have reached my limit of being all sweet-and-nice. Hello, I am not your cupcake nor macaron!

I am human. I have a heart. I have feelings. I have flesh - I feel pain, I bleed, alright! Get your facts right. More importantly, I'm NOT the nicest person in the very first place.

This morning I woke up with quite a good mood because I dreamt of Danson Tang, my favourite Taiwanese actor-cum-singer, then I saw a bunch of messages on FB and Whatsapp from those "friends" and my mood crashed right away.

Finally, I have decided to just write out all my frustrations here. Since when do I have to take into account what those "friends" think about me? If I can't release my thoughts on my blog, then why am I even a blogger to begin with. My blog is my very own Unicorn World. Take it or leave it!

I don't wanna care so much anymore from now onwards.

I am that kind of person who trusts people by default. That's why I trust my friends a gazillion percent more than they trust me. And there comes the problem. If I were to lose a friend, I feel like a bullet had just gone through my flesh. But to them, I guess I'm just a piece of their 20 cents chewing gum.

If my friends were to ask me to do something that is within my ability, without a doubt, I would definitely do it for them. However, I just figured out, the more things I do for them, the more they are asking from me, and the more they are taking me for granted. And when I were to ask them for a very tiny favour, they would say no, or they would just ignored my Whatsapp message or they would just come up with some bullshit excuses that can't even fool a 5-year-old kid and shove it in my face. Do you think that I am mentally retarded?

I have been trying so hard to hynoptise myself that I shouldn't be angry over the fact that my friends don't give a shit about me because friendship is not about EXPECTING something in return. However, I will get tired. Why is it always me doing the giving? And IF, you sincerely show me your gratitude, or at least, care about me once in a while, I seriously won't mind ANYTHING I've done for you so far.

To me, I rather not to hear the word "Thank You" because nowadays, everyday, everyone is abusing it so much. Just like "I Love You" and "Sorry". These words should not be treated like LOL! We all now that when you type LOL, most of the time you are NOT laughing at all. Hence, stop throwing words that you don't mean around everywhere if not some idiot like me would take it seriously and would get hurt because I'm willing to dodge the bullet for you, but you are the one who is firing that gunshot.

I care about my friend. And perhaps, it is because this fact, I'm the one who gets hurt very deeply by the things my friends do to me. You know how helpless and hopeless I felt when I realise that whenever I need help. There's nobody there for me.

When I twisted my ankle at home while I was all alone last year (I didn't have a housemate last year), I called the 2 of my so-called-"besties" but you know what they told me? One of them said that "I have a lunch date with my other friend, you take care ya. be safe" and the other told me "I'm with another friend in the library".

And that's the end of the story.

I needed someone to help me get out of the house because I didn't have the energy to even stand up. In the end, I managed to deal with it myself. I managed to limp out my house and got to the school clinic.

Please redefine the word "bestie"! This the most ironic thing in the millenium.

Guess what even though they had done such things to me, I couldn't stop caring about them.

When I was doing an assignment with a friend last year we got stuck at a long essay question that needed us to come up with any relevant scenario and make interpretations for it. I had 1 or 2 ideas in my mind that time but because I saw that my friend was so stressed out as she didn't have any inspiration at all, I told her she could use the topics that I thought of. Then I tried to think about a totally different topic for myself (because I didn't wanna get into plagiarism trouble). Who the hell I think I was that time? Jesus? Mother Teresa? Why the hell would I give the idea to my friend without thinking a new one for myself beforehand, I just let her have it as soon as I thought about it!

I'm the biggest idiot in the world.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not forever remembering all these past histories every single second of my life, is just that these days, those people are asking favours from me AGAIN! Like a whole load bunch of them just came with their requests like a swarming tsunami! Which is why my mood changed so drastically after waking up this morning!

I seriously have had enough. Can they at least see me as a person with feelings?

To them, I'm just a piece of chewing gum that they can spit into the bin after I've lost my flavour. And yeah, the difference between "flavour" and "favour" is just a "L". Not that much difference yea? Is that why I'm a chewing gum to you.

Honestly, I have no idea who my real friends are these days. How shameful I was when Ken asked me "Who do you usually have lunch with in school? Who do you hang out with the most?" I DON'T HAVE ANSWERS to those questions.

Guess, my best friend is just my babe Peace....Which is my acoustic guitar.

Rather than my real life friends, I feel my net friends treat me more like a living person. They care for me.

My babe Daphne who invited me to be her bridesmaid even though I hadn't seen her, not even once and even booked me in advance to be her future kid's or kids' godmother. My so-called-BFF doesn't even care to reply my Whatsapp message, not to mention have lunch of dinner.

My babe Chanwon who shared her personal problems with me even though I'm just someone she hardly know and she's always giving me positive motivations regardless of what I'm doing. My real life friends only crash my desires to do things the FION way.

My babe Kharn Yee who shared her ambitions with me and had already made several plans to date me even though I won't be back in Penang till December. My so-called bestie for 12 years didn't even know I was already back in Penang even though I had been there for 2 weeks.

My babe Xixi who never judges me by how I dress be it my badass rocker outfits or my wannabe Korean fashion - she is forever supportive while my real life friends criticize me for being too wild to tame.

Sadly this is the real life truth. The reality is always cruel.

But I'm thankful for this blog, my Unicorn World that I created myself because I know that, whenever I feel that I'm living a Robinson Crusoe's life, it will remind me that I still have a bunch of net friends who are just a FB message or Whatsapp or Wechat message away from me.

Well, now I know that, it's time for me to let go of those people who I used to think that we are fated to be BFFs. I used to [seriously] think that "BFF" is a lifetime promise. How stupid I was. Eventually, those people would find BETTER friends to replace me.

In my opinion, I think the one of the hardest things in life is to NOT TO CARE. 

Caring "used to be" a really wonderful element in life but when someone treats your caring or rather, you, as a person, like a piece of chewing gum. Then it has lost all its meaning. 

As I reflect, letting my mind running down the memory lane until it comes back to this second, I know that I have already done my part. The rest doesn't really matter anymore. 

It's time for me to learn how to not make people happy at the expense of my own happiness and convenience.

I'll end this long ass post with one of my favourite blogger, Naomi Neo's, description about friends.

You rock Naomi! You summed it all up!

So for people out there, if one day, I have decided to stop replying you or I have decided to stop helping you and stop being a loyal 101 dalmatian with a wagging tail behind your back, don't blame me. Because you are the one who treated me like piece of unimportant chewing gum.

 ☮ Quote to share:-
永遠記住不要拿自己的熱臉去貼人家的冷屁股。因為他們不把你當一回事 ~Fion Paris Jackson 

Running Man Shirt

Speaking of South Korea, I'll just keep kimchi and Hanbok and everything that I love about it aside, today it's all about RUNNING MAN!

Running Man is actually a South Korean variety show which started airing in 2010 and has then skyrocketed to fame among Koreans as well as Hallyu fans. Thanks to many dedicated fans who came up with the subtitles in many different languages, people from all over the world can simply sit at home and enjoy the show.

One interesting fact: I have been a K-pop fan since the 2012, but I had never watched a single episode of Running Man till the end of 2013. Whenever I told my friends "I never watch a single episode of Running Man", I would definitely get BOO-ed big time! So last year, having nothing to do at home after my finals, I started watching Running Man. 

The reason why I wanted to try watching it was because my beloved Yong Hwa 오빠 is like one of Running Man's most frequently appeared guests! So I went onto Google and looked for the episodes that he appeared in. I started with episode 7! And I can assure you that this is my number 1 favourite Running Man episode of all time!

Since then, I got hooked, though never got seriously addicted. I love the MCs play, especially the Hide & Seek game! That's my favourite. How much effort did the production crew put into making this show a success! 

Most of the time, I will watch those Running Man episodes that have my favourite celebs in them. I've watched Kim Soo Hyun 오빠 ones too! And they were pretty amazing as well, though my all time love is definitely Yong Hwa 오빠 KEKEKEKE! I even joined the Melbourne Running Man club in my university HAHA :p

I'm getting blown away now, I should switch back to the main topic. 

So the other day, right before I came back to Melbourne from Malaysia, the entire Running Man crew actually came to Australia (Brisbane AND MELBOURNE) to film their show! Trust me, nearly all my Melbourne Uni friends went insane, typically those K-Pop fans! I was super jealous when I saw them posting photos on Facebook about seeing the Running Man crew on the streets!!!!! I complained big time at home, in Malaysia about WHY WAS MY AIRTICKET 2 DAYS AFTER THEIR MELBOURNE SHOOTING!!! 

In order to compensate my major "LOSS"...and my distress dealing with the sad news, I decided to buy myself a Running Man shirt. 

I stumbled across this website on Facebook: Running Man Global Store. It carries many Running Man merchandises, such as the tees, the caps that the Running Man MCs wore in the show etc. Feel free to drop by their shop for more Running Man related things ^^ 

This is actually my very first time buying something from a Facebook shop. To be honest, I was really worried if it's actually a con job. To my surprise, the owner of Running Man Global Store was super super nice! She told me that (usually) they only accept pre-orders as they don't really have any ready stocks. I told her that I was going to leave for Melbourne in less than a week's time and I really wanted to grab the shirt before leaving. She even went to ask her supplier if there's any ready stock just for my sake!! OMG!!

And guess what, she found a few of those limited ready stock left at the supplier's side, and she went to get them from the supplier and met up with me just to pass them to me because we were both worried that with the process of banking in and mailing, the shirts wouldn't reach me in time. She's so sweet ♥♥♥ In return, I bought 3 shirts in one shot, 2 for my friends in Melbourne HEHE xD

WHEEEE!!! Wearing my Running Man shirt to Uni! HAHA xD

Apart from the casual and comfy style, the quality of the shirt is pretty good too - even its sweat-absorbent level is great!

 I wore it to dance class actually, so you can just imagine how badly I was sweating >< HAHA!

We made a deal to all show up at dance class in our Running Man shirts, and some other people from dance class was like "Why is there Running Man in dance class?!" HAHAHA! Ignore my weird duck face :p I was too exhausted and hot to pose for a photo properly >< It was a deadly 30 celcius summer day!!!


It was actually El (the guy in blue Running Man shirt) who came up with the idea of wearing our Running Man shirts to dance class. He even created a group chat with the title of "Wear Running Man Shirt" on FB x)

Surprisingly the sizes that I chose for them suit them! PHEWW! And they like the shirts too ^^ Can't believe I got El's size right! Elissa's isn't a problem for me because the 2 of us are about the same sizes.

Tempted to get yourself a Running Man shirt?! If yes, don't forget to visit Running Man Global Store to place your orders. Just inbox the owner. She's really nice and helpful ♥♥

Due to the fact that I wanted to receive the shirts in such a short notice (and was so demanding WTF), the downside was that I couldn't buy those with my own name tags on! 

In case you don't know, the reason Running Man Global Store accepts mostly pre-orders is because you get to customize your own name tag, just like how the MCs in Running Man have on their clothes!!
Get a whole bunch of friends to buy together then you guys can start your "homemade" Running Man's hide & seek game and start tearing off each other's name tags! HAHA!!

Running Man Global Store carries pan-coats and a few other designs of Running Man shirts, head over now and choose your own favourite!

I'm so satisfied with my purchase! Being the first Facebook shop that I purchase from, Running Man Global Store really gave me a pleasant experience and I love their service and products! GO TO RUNNING MAN GLOBAL STORE NOW!! ^^ Send them an inbox message if you have any concern, they will get back to you 100%!

ps: I'm NOT PAID/SPONSORED for this post! I bought the shirts with my own money, so my review on the shirt is really really genuine and unbiased! Just thought that I should clarify before people doubt my honesty. Frank is my middle name btw! HAHAH xD

Anyone here is a fan of Running Man?
Mind to share with me which is your favourite episode?
Who is your favourite MC & guest(s)? 

My favourite MC is Yoon Jae Suk because he's really funny! Favourite guest was already mentioned above (scroll back to the top of this post): YONG HWA OPPA! 

Check Running Man out if you don't know what is that! 

I can guarantee, they always bring happiness!
☮ Quote to share:-
Sometimes, the result is better when you are choosing differently from your thinking ~Yoon Jae Suk (Running Man MC)