Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2013

Since young, I've always wanted to celebrate Halloween. Unfortunately, I grow up in Malaysia, which is a place where majority of people don't give a damn about this spooky yet interesting festival. Come to think of it, throughout my 19 years of life, I only celebrate Halloween ONCE when I was 6. I dressed up like a fairy :p

My passion for Halloween grew greater when I visited the States when I was 12. At that time, it was 2 weeks before Halloween so I saw people selling tonnes of Halloween things at the shops. You can imagine how envious I was at that time.

When I got to Melbourne last year, I made a vow that throughout 4 years of my college+university life here, I must at least celebrate Halloween once. Well, after all, you only live once, and what's more?! You are only have your teen and your youth ONCE! How pathetic -__-

And then I figured out, in the city of Melbourne, we have a Zombie Shuffle event every year!!!! I never know the exact date and time for this event that's why I never attended. Last year I co-incidentally bumped into those ghouls while I was heading home from grocery shopping and they scared me to death!!!!

I thought ghosts are afraid of sunlight @@ That's what I thought at that time :p

Anyway, I SAW THEM! All of them, so even though I didn't attend the event, I had already seen them. So no regrets.

This year's Zombie Shuffle, I MISSED it! I didn't know when it's going to be held and by the time I knew about it, it was already over.

Thankfully my bestie Alanis went there the very last minute and I got these photos from her to share with you all. So that you know what's Zombie Shuffle!!!!

Check em out!!!

I don't own these photos. Photo credits to my bestie Alanis (from her iPhone) :p

If you wanna see MOREEEEEE bloodily terrifying photos from Melbourne's Zombie Shuffle, please click HERE!!! <---- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

ps: Guess what?! I'm blogging from my Uni's computer! First time doing this because I'm soooooo busy with my studies these days, and I thought I MUST blog about this before October ended. So yeah~~ PLEASE appreciate my effort KEKEKE :p
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Room Tour (part 2)

Around a week or 2 ago, I created a group chat on KakaoTalk app with my blogger sweeties: Daphne (#addiction), Xixi (#trebleclef), Vincci (Smiling Eyes), Ivy and Kah Mon. 

Then one day, out of total boredom I started ranting that we haven't been a blog collaboration lately. Ivy came out up with the idea of doing a room tour and I immediately agreed to that :p Daphne is unable to join us this time because she's worried that her hubby might be against it and Xixi is reluctant to clean her no, truth is, she has a roommate and it's not really that convenient. 

Since I'm gonna move out AGAIN this year...I will anyhow do another room tour before leaving this rectangular room! 

I had a square room in the college's dorm last year and this year I rented a studio apartment which is 7 minutes walk to school :3 Finally no more sharing bathroom with other people BUT the downside of it is that I have to cook on my own and do nearly EVERYTHING on my own. Worst part of it is that the electricity is not included in my rent. 

So the collaboration for this time only involves me and Ivy (check out her room here)!

Alright enough blabbering, I'm going into the real deal now, just that I have to pinpoint beforehand, this is not really a ROOM TOUR, like literally~ Cause I'm pretty lazy to clean my room at this moment (preparing for exams....always the BEST-EST excuse!), yet I'm always proud of my room's decoration, which is all done by ME! Single-handedly!

I totally deserve this! *NO SHAME-ING*


This is the back of my door!

Spot the blogger queen Xiaxue on the left corner?

Hebe from the Taiwan girl group S.H.E

Hyuna - hottest chic


Jimmy Lin - my perfect dream guy

Some random post cards and a poster of Brunetti (remember that dessert shop that I blogged about here?!)

My keys are forever hung at the door knob because the door autolocks whenever it's closed, I got locked out 2 or 3 times already because I forgot to bring the keys out. 

If I got locked out *touchwood* on weekdays, I have to walk 10 minutes to get the keys from the housing agent and open up to get my keys and walk back to return her! Waste of energy and time!

Worst thing about getting locked out is during weekends, because the housing agent's office is closed and we have to call the locksmith. My friend got locked out once and she called and was charged 132 DOLLARS!!! *AUSSIE DOLLARS* Just to open that damn door!

For me...I just went to my other friends' houses and rotted there HAHA!

After you enter the room, directly on the left is my closet. (too small for me)

Photos of my blogger queen Cheesie and Qiu Qiu. 

On the left, photo of my mom, my godsis and her mom and me taken at my god sis's 15th birthday party.

Avril Lavigne.

MJ and Orianthi.

Random photos of me and Erica all over.

On the right, I have Rainie Yang's photos which I cut out from some contact lens advertisement!

Inside of my closet! 

Cheesie again and polaroids taken at my friend Daniel's birthday party.

Then you can see my bed!

I NEVER FOLD MY BLANKET! That's the ugly truth! (I was doing my laundry when I took this photo that's why there's no bedsheet!)

I'm dead proud of myself please! THIS THING TOOK ME 2.5 HOURS!!!

From right: Jung Yong Hwa oppa, Jang Keun Suk oppa, then King Of Pop Michael Jackson!

And my vlogs and you will see this in the background!!!

At the head of the bed..

Christina Grimmie! Favourite Youtube celeb!

And a Simpsons paper with Yong Hwa oppa's name (direct translation) that was given by CN Blue's fans club ;)

At the end of my bed. I never used the TV before! Don't really like Aussie TV channels.

Ignore my gigantic luggage bag xD

Kimmi Smiles, Louna and Dave Days! Most of the photos are autographed! I went to their meetups in Melbourne ^^

Directly opposite my bed, is my study table!

I have lots of quotes that I copied from the internet! 

Photos of Korea and Japan!

Dangling from the bookshelves are my selcas with the cutest Youtube celebrity DAVE DAYS and some Voodoo dolls and Macaron keychains given by my talented cousin (she made them herself) :3

On the right of my study table is this wall, full of my guitar goddess Orianthi's photos! Some of them are even autographed!

Jung Yong Hwa and Jang Keun Suk oppa and CN Blue newspaper cut out which my bestie Wei Chern gave it to me when I was 17 :p And a cartoon version of You're Beautiful drama characters!

On the left of my bookshelves, I have Wu Chun!

The 2 teddy bears are sitting on my accessories' boxes (they are actually plastic food containers)!

Anyway, I apologize for not showing my room thoroughly, because I'm seriously too reluctant to tidy up my room!

Perhaps you will notice that most of the decorative items are quite similar to those in my old room. I just added more things :p Kinda a lot more! Typically the wall beside my bed :p

And guess what~~~

Upon reading Ivy's blog post, I realise the accommodation fee in Malaysia is god damn cheap! RM 300 + for A SEMESTER! You gotta be kidding me! This room of mine is 240 DOLLARS PER WEEK~!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAFUQ~!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm going to move in with my bestie next year because her parents bought her an apartment in Melbourne and she wanted me to move in with her. She even gave me complete freedom to decorate the entire house! We are going to make the house something like this or if you are watching the hit Taiwanese drama "就是要你爱上我", the concept will be similar to 程亮亮's room ;D

Believe me! I'm getting better at doing things like that...To be honest...I actually love doing this kind of things! If I'm good at drawing, I would've studied designing - jewellery, interior or fashion :p HAHAHA! Too bad fate had it otherwise, I'm stuck with figures and money. Nevermind, I love money the most :p

I will add more things to my new room, give you a tiny tip on what I'm going to add:
My new idol from the drama I mentioned just now. Puff from Dream Girls!

Ballet photos! 

Figure skating photos!

Off to eat my super early dinner so I can study in the library till night~ Mind to let me know what opinions/comments on my room deco?! :p Any ideas what I should add to my new room next year? :3

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OMG! My procrastination has now reached a higher level!

I totally forgot that I have been owing my darling Kah Mon a tagged post since August. Until....A couple of days ago while I was scrolling through my #trebleclef Xixi's blog then I suddenly remember that!! ><

Life has been SCHOOL - LIBRARY - HOME - LIBRARY - SCHOOL! That pretty much sums things up!

Full of this shit!!! >< 

Hardly have any extra energy to blog or whatsoever. Even my clothes I can't manage to iron all of them in one shot. Nearly fell asleep ironing my clothes the other day ><

Nevermind, since today's Saturday, I decided to clear off my blog-debt!

TILL NOW only I realise my #addiction wrote this at the very bottom of her blog post!!! >< She and Xixi had completed this post since IDONTKNOWWHEN... Guilt is pouring in already!

1. What’s a nickname only your family calls you?

"Yan Xiang". This is the nickname which literally, only my family calls me. Because I used to be an annoying cry baby when I was young (during my baby or toddler era), so my family brought me to the Monkey God, and then they made me his "god daughter" (don't ask me what is this process about, it's a Chinese Buddhist culture thing, I don't know how to explain but I always appreciate my blessings that God has been showering me! I think that's the only thing that matters :3). From that day onwards, I was named "Yan Xiang", which is a name given by the Monkey God. Only my family calls me this. I'm not sure how to write it in Chinese words, cause they never tell me. I OWNSELF ASSUME that it's written like this: 燕香.My real name on my birth cert is not like that.


My mom, on the other hand likes to call me "baby" or "B" or "BB". Although it's kinda embarrassing when she calls me in the public or in front of my friends, I don't think she can ever call me Fion anyway >< 

2. What’s a weird habit of yours?

Lots! Haha! Guess I'm just insanely weird in my own way. I do stupid and illogical things! See me in real life then you shall know!

If you wanna say a weird habit....that will be....When I study, I must use MY VERY OWN STATIONERY! I can't use other people's at all....Especially pens and calculators! Even pens, I have a typical brand that I must use :p

3. Do you have any weird phobias?

Lots of phobias as well! I already said I'm weird! 

Bugs! EWWW! And reptiles and things that you don't know whether to categorize them as insects or reptiles! Like centipedes and things like that cause they have more than 6 legs AND WHATEVER!

Ghosts (that's why I NEVER watch horror movies)

I have this typical saying which I invented in order to answer this question very completely whenever people ask me: 2支脚,4支脚,6支脚,很多脚,还是没有脚的都怕!

I'm afraid of dirty toilets! Also afraid of not being able to shower!

4. What’s a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you’re alone?

I blast songs depending on my mood and my desire to listen to that typical singer's voice. 

5. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

People sitting on my bed. I can't stand people who go onto my bed UNLESS THEY COME TO MY BED AFTER THEY HAVE SHOWERED AND ARE WEARING TOTALLY CLEAN CLOTHES!

6. What’s one of your nervous habits?

I jump up and down saying I'm nervous on repeat! I shall record a vlog before I go into the examination halls then you'll get the idea :p

7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

ANYSIDE! Depends which side I face when I close my eyes =='' 

8. What was your first stuffed animal and it’s name?

I never named my stuffed animals before. I think the very first one was a Tweety Bird. I just called it Tweety. 

9. What’s the drink you always order at Starbucks?

Not a fan of Starbucks. Hardly go to Starbucks.

10. What’s a beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice?

Sleeping early. Even I prepare to go to bed early, I end up sleeping at 1am or so cause I do bullshit things. Like chatting with my friends on Whatsapp, scrolling Instagram and things like that ><

And also, not touching my face. 

I do this A LOT whenever I'm studying :/

11. Which way do you face in the shower? Face the wall?

Turn around 360 degrees LOL!

12. Do you have any ‘weird’ body ‘skills’?

Don't think so. But I can do a full split, IF that can be considered as a weird body 'skills' cause when YiHyun oppa saw me doing that in the studio, he asked me "Is that a Chinese thing?" Then I was like "DAFUQ"!

13. What’s your favorite comfort food that’s ‘bad’ but you love to eat it anyways?

ICE CREAM! I can't resist ice cream AT ALL!

14. What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say?

我会笑你一辈子 (I picked up this exclamation from a Taiwan drama unconsciously)
진짜?! (JINJJA?! = REALLY?! in Korean)

(Same as JINJJA)
ZIKZIN! (I use this more in typing. It means GO STRAIGHT! Something like 勇往直前! It's a Korean word actually 직진) many languages! HAHA! I say different things depending on the situation and also the people I'm with. 

15. Time to sleep, what are you actually wearing?

My old Girl Guides' camp tees or any random tees that I got from camps with shorts that I never wear out of my room. Sometimes my Doraemon pajamas :p 

16. What did you used to wear that you thought was cool but now you realize it wasn’t that hot?
Tank tops. My arms got bigger now *FML* So I look fugly with sleeveles tank tops! I usually just wear tank tops inside my oversize tees nowadays.

YAY! I cleared my debt now!

My nominees for this tagged post are:
Ee Sing

Back to study!

Giving you this trademark duck face of mine before I end this post! Exams will end in less than one month's time! Now I have to just bear with all these studies then I can go back to have fun with my friends! Also preparing to move to a new apartment and my friend gave me 100% freedom to do the interior designs! SO HYPED!

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Random Post Exam Shopping

Apparently I'm busy clearing out photos from my phone...Seriously, I think one of the best ways to clear my phone is to put the photos onto my blog~

I mean like if I post to Facebook, it will be pretty much something
like THE PHOTO there -------->>>>


Cruel truth :p

Well most probably at least there will be someone who cares to scroll down my entire blog post when I post my photos here (AT LEAST...I HOPE...)

Nevermind...Regardless who is going to care and who is not...I'm still posting them here if not I really don't know where to put all these photos. THAT'S THE MAIN PURPOSE OF CREATING A BLOG ANYWAY

I have this habit of "I miss my black black eyeliner" every time after exam. The reason is because whenever I start preparing for my exams, I will look like a nerdy zombie!

Nerd + Zombie = Nerdy Zombie [equation proven applicable]

And plus, this time, it was MJ's death anniversary (another super postponed blog post because it's in June), so I wore my MJ shirt and even let my blue hair come out to breathe. 

Met up with Ee Sing before heading to Docklands. Rebecca went back to Malaysia already at that time and I'm not really used to seeing them one-on-one because they pretty much come in a package these days. 

Writing the previous paragraph makes me feel OLD....Time flies so quickly. I still remember I met Rebecca and Ee Sing during orientation and we pretty much hung around a lot that time...Until I don't know when, we just parted different ways right now. Even though we still go to the same class, we hardly speak much. Suddenly, this post just brings back the memories of the cruise trip that I went with them. Hope we get to catch up soon!

Ee Sing also invited Wenn Yee to join us and we purposely took this photo and sent it through Whatsapp to Wan Fen to make her jealous of our outing HAHA!

Pretty BLACK feel right the entire outfit + makeup >< 

My #ootd:

MJ Shirt from Thailand
Velvet leggings from eBay
Sneakers from Pragin Mall (Penang, Malaysia)
Bag from Rubi (Melbourne)
MJ Jacket from Ponte 16 (Macau)

I think my #trebleclef Xixi is the only one who will support me in this kind of outfit. Ee Sing just looked at me with dropped jaw when I arrived at her house >< 

I took endless selca while Wenn Yee was looking for the right pair of heels. I'm no fan of heels FYI. CONVERSE ROCKS!!! :p

I dragged her over for a shot :p 

Then I continue with my OWN business as Wenn Yee was still indecisive on which pair she should get. 

Candid shot of Ee Sing's side profile. Looks like a photo from a hair advertorial huh!!!

We spent lots of time accompanying Wenn Yee to look for the right pair of heels, that's why I had so much time for SO MANY SELCA! =='' Lifeless much!

After that, they went into a dress shop and Ee Sing just urged me to try this dress on.

Seriously...I really am NOT a dress person. Looks weird on me I FEEL. But, after I posted this photo onto Instagram, my friend Whatsapp-ed me saying that I look like an Asian version of Avril Lavigne with this dress and that black makeup and that blue strand of hair.


Bought this jacket for my mom's birthday :D

Blue leopard tee from T-Bar. One of my favourite brands in AUS! It's only 5 dollars!!!

After shopping, I headed over to my good buddy Terry's house for dinner! HEH! He always invites me over for GOOD dinner! 

Girls...any of you like guys who is really really good at cooking? PLEASE SEND IN YOUR RESUME~ HAHAHA!!

And his housemate cooked fried beef for us too! 

YAY!! Curry!!! Like finally!!!

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