가자 Korea Diary 16: Tongin Sweet 통인스윗 & Miss Lee Cafe 별다방미스리 @ Gyeongbokgung 경복궁

After a whole day at Myeongdong, it's about time I explore my new neighbourhood - Gyeongbokgung. I was very excited this morning because I was going to do something that I had always wanted to do ever since I got to know the Korean culture - wearing a hanbok!!! YAY!!!

(That'll come in the next blog post)

Although Seoul Lucky Guest House does provide simple complimentary breakfast, I decided to eat out instead. Gotta fully utilize my time in Korea to eat as many things as possible! 

#OOTD of the day: both jacket and top are from my Express Bus Terminal haul.

Off to feed myself~

I saw this really cute and cozy cafe when I was heading out to Myeongdong from my Airbnb the day before but I didn't have the time to check it out. 

Since I had the whole day to myself, I could do whatever I want and go wherever I want at my own pace. So, I paid a visit to this little cafe without knowing what it's in store for me. 

Tongin Sweet - that's the name of the cafe. 

Tongin Sweet is a famous bakery that has been featured in many TV shows. 

I didn't know there's a hidden gem that's so close to my Airbnb and I was lucky to be the first customer of the day because I was there pretty early. If not, according to the Internet, there's usually a long line of people waiting outside of the bakery to get their hands (and mouths of course) on these egg tarts once they come out from the oven. 


Look at the wall of fame! 

The bakery/cafe is really small but it does give you the warm homely vibe. The owner there was really sweet and friendly to me too. 

The air in Tongin Sweet was so perfumed with the aroma of freshly baked egg tarts. I'd love to bottle it up and bring it home. 

At Tongin Sweet, they offer their signature custard egg tarts, chocolate egg tarts and walnut egg tarts - each of them has their own respective prices. They also serve tea and Americano to go with the egg tarts. 

One bite and I went to heaven! 

The egg tart was warm with crunchy with bounce-y creamy custard in the inside.

Hands down, this is by far the best egg tart that I have ever had in my entire life!! As I am writing this, I definitely regret not grabbing one egg tart to go every time I walk pass it from my Airbnb. Damn!
Tongin Sweet 통인스윗

50 Jahamun-ro 7-gil, Tongin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 서울 종로구 통인동 자하문로7길 50

Contact Number: 

** If you are planning on getting these egg tarts yet you want to enjoy dining in a larger spaced cafe with more beverage choices, Tongin Sweets has another new outlet that's not too far away.

Tongin Sweet Cafe 통인스윗카페

Address: 187 Nuha-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

After eating this egg tart, I went back to my Airbnb to change because it was slowly getting colder. I knew I was going to walk around in the open the whole day so it's better to change into something thicker. 

Cutting through an alley to begin my day. 

I was trying to find the area where people go to get their Hanboks (traditional Korean outfits) but I got lost. 

Nevertheless, I always see getting lost in Korea as a beautiful thing. I mean, it's a brisk fall day, the perfect day for an Autumn walk. And look at that, I could let my eyes soak in the beauty of orange-red-golden leaves than I'd ever dare to ask for. 

Autumn has always been my favourite season and enjoying it in South Korea (one of my favourite countries of all time) just makes everything better - in heart, body and soul (and Seoul).

I wasn't wrong about liking the whole idea of being lost in South Korea because I stumbled upon this poster on a small street. 

I saw my hubby's photo from afar!! Ok, needless to say, I went into this place. 

If there's YongHwa, I'm sold! 

Let's head up to Miss Lee Cafe 별다방미스리 to see what's in there!

Is that pink lady Miss Lee? Oh wait, here I am - I am Miss Lee too!!! 

Miss Lee Cafe specializes in Bingsu (shaved ice), traditional tteokbukki (Korean rice cakes) and dosirak (lunch boxes). 

If you drop a postcard or letter in here (please put your own stamps), they will send it out 100 days later. I should've done this while I was there. Nevermind, next time then! 

Little bits and pieces that were available for sale at Miss Lee Cafe. 

Take my heart! <3 <3 <3

I wasn't expecting this at all. The entire cafe has love notes all over it. 

When you're here, do add one too! 

Miss Lee Cafe is pretty small and cozy (I think that's the vibe of most Korean cafes) but with many seats. 

You'll find many retro items in Miss Lee Cafe. Typically things from the 70s - 80s.

Similar to Tongin Sweet, Miss Lee Cafe is also one that has been featured in many TV shows. 

It's not hard to see photos and autographs of celebrities in Miss Lee Cafe. 

If hanging love notes is not for you, then feel free to leave your mark on the walls of Miss Lee Cafe (certain pieces of walls - not exactly anywhere). 

Like FNC Wow! Cafe, it is encouraged that you bring your plates, cups, cutlery to the return corner for the convenience of the staff members. 

"Eat well", the green sign says. 

It's time to order something to eat again~

Tea menu 

Dosirak, Tteok or Bingsu? 

Waiting for my food in a quiet corner. 

Let's take a paranomic view at Miss Lee Cafe. 

I took the window seat because I love people watching from above. Plus, it makes photos better. 

I ordered 모두 떡 "modu tteok" (assorted rice cakes) and it was 4900 won with 9 of them. 

This type of Korean rice cake resembles Japan's mochi. 

I love squishy desserts like that. You name it: marshmallows, s'mores, mochi, Malaysia's muachee. 

It came with a complimentary dish of rice crackers. 

I love it!!! I had never eaten something like that before. Believe it or not, I still miss this dish of assorted tteok (especially the one with dates) till this day. 

Yummy tteok, quaint charming cafe, autumn, people watching from above...I wish I could live my mornings like that for the rest of my life. 

There's something about this street that captures my heart. Maybe it's the quiet of an old neighbourhood yet it seems to pulse with life and excitement.

When I looked at people walking around in their Hanboks from the cafe, I couldn't help but think how amusing it is for Seoul to get the best of both words (when traditional meets the metropolitan city).

I guess that's another beauty of Seoul that I have yet to dive deep into, typically for this Jungno-gu area. 

I believe this is an apartment building. Wouldn't mind living here and enjoy people watching from my window! And occasionally worming my way over to Miss Lee Cafe to have my tteok. Hmm, that sounds like a brilliant idea. 

Miss Lee Cafe has several branches throughout South Korea. The one I visited was their Gyeongbokgung branch. If you are a fan of Korean variety shows and what not, this is the place that you shouldn't miss out on. Despite not ordering any drinks, I saw a lot of online reviews showering compliments on Miss Lee Cafe's tea beverages. 

If you have never tried out a Dosirak in a typical Korean way where you have to shake your lunch box like a polaroid photo, you get to try it out here too. The prices are affordable too. Miss Lee Cafe might be small but its intimate atmosphere will make you feel comfy and at home.  

Miss Lee Cafe 삼첨 동직역점

34-2 (2nd floor), Sogyeok-dong, Jungno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서올 종노구 소격동 34-2 2층

BRB, gonna do some research on 'how to move to Seoul'.

I'll see you in the next blog post.

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