Ways to Get Out of A Rut

V shot me a message a few nights ago, "I know you had a shit day but I love u and always here for u girl". She melted my heart. Big time ♥♥ The next day, she dragged me to a corner and said “talk to me”.I wasn't downplaying nor lying when I told her I was alright. I mean, everything seems to be going OK in my life:
  • I passed my internal interpretation exam with the highest score in my class although I didn't study beforehand.
  • I was really blessed to be given the opportunity to be the branch manager when my manager's away. It's tough and tiring having to juggle both roles at the same time but I survived. 
  • Professional year's wrapping up this Sunday. After this Sunday, I can finally have a day off to myself BUT before that I have to prepare for a presentation which I have not started yet. It's so near yet so far!!! Can't wait to hit the Dior's exhibition with my friend next Sunday, the thought of having a day off is so surreal!! 
  • 6 weeks till my Korea trip 신난당!!!
The list above doesn't seem bad at all right? Despite all these good things, I was dreadfully exhausted - mentally and physically. 

Since the end of the last week, I fell into a rut. I would go home after work, eat crap instead of dinner, do no shit apart from scrolling through all the social media apps on my phone in bed. Gym routines were thrown out of the window. To make things worse, I started sleeping really late (what the fuck was I doing in bed scrolling away for hours), waking up late, stopped meal prepping properly as well as neglected my Midori bullet journal. 
That feeling sucks but it's like a mud swamp - once you're in it, you're so deep in it.


Anyway, the good news is that today's the first day that I'm sort of pulling myself together as a functional human being. 

Well, let's just disregard the fact that my diet's still severely damaged by the cookies in the office. Thanks Blacky for putting them in a glass container so I have to go through a mental tennis battle whenever I walk pass it. 

After tomorrow, I'm no longer the delegate branch manager anymore because the real boss is back on Monday. I just have to finalise some paperwork tomorrow and everything's done and dusted on my end. 

From the customers' perspectives, I was probably the least convincing bank manager of all time. A few customers came looking for the branch manager to voice their concerns and about some ridiculous requests and whenever I told them, "Yeah, I'm the manager, how could I help you?"

Immediately, this would be their faces. Without fail. To add more accuracy, imagine those eyes looking 45 degrees downwards because I'm just a dwarf to them. They must be thinking, "WTF is this kid doing and acting like she owns the place". Too bad nobody was there to capture those moments if not I would have owned a good memorable collection of memes by now. 

Tonight's Friday night. Alanis cancelled our dinner plan so I'm sitting at home writing this blog post.

So many years into blogging, I know for a fact that as painstaking as it is to sit my sorry ass down, think, type and edit photo, whenever I hit the "publish" button, it always gives me a sense of satisfaction. If I don't do it, I'd be returning to the mud swamp of doing nothing again. Also, someone challenged me to update my blog before the weekend, so here I am trying overcome my 'writer's block'. I didn't know what to blog about so I ended up doing a self-reflection on how I spent my last couple of  zombie-like days.

Here are some tips that helped drag me out of the ruts of life:

1. Write down the tasks to be completed and give yourself a 'time budget'
I am the biggest procrastinator when I'm in a rut. Instead of sitting there panicking and feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of things that are on your plate, write it down and take a deep breath. Look at the tasks and allocate a certain amount of time for each task. I often use the length of song to tell myself that "it's not going to take that long" so it's much easier to convince myself to stop being lazy like Homer Simpsons.

2. Be realistic
Instead of writing a whole chunk of Sisyphean tasks to accomplish in one day, be realistic about how much you actually get done. It's absolutely alright to get them done in 'installments' because what matters the most is getting them done eventually. Of course, for the tasks with deadlines, you gotta be realistic in meeting the due dates too.

3. Do some mindfulness practice
Take some therapeutic time off for yourself by journaling, meditating or even snuggling in bed with soft music and scented candle burning. The Chinese believe that "taking a rest is to go for a longer path".

4. Workout
It's going to be hard especially when you are already in a rut. No sugarcoating attempts here.

Nevertheless, trust me, when the workout's over, you'd feel like you have conquered the world!

5. Eat healthy

The deeper I am in my rut, the more junk I eat. This is an evil cycle. Regardless of how shitty you are feeling, don't forget to put in good fuel into your body. A good breakfast is bound to kickstart your day in a more positive note ☼

Here's my other Instagram account where I post my occasional Insta-worthy healthy dishes @fionfeeds

6. Sleep early and wake up early

I love the idea of waking up early, getting things done in a world that seems to belong to me and only me, especially the feeling of having a long day than everyone AND not forgetting being able to have the chill time to enjoy my breakfast. This sounds perfect but it's not achievable when I sleep at 1.30am. I still struggle to sleep early so I am in this mission where I set an alarm at 10.30pm for every single night (Cinderella has a later night out than me, wtf). In this case, even when I procrastinate to get ready for bed, it wouldn't be past midnight.

7. Tidy, tidy, tidy
Declutter and clean up your space because your environment affects your mood. It also keeps your headspace clutter-free. Whenever I wash my bedspread, vacuum and sanitize my carpet and wipe everything down. I feel very refreshed and happy and energized! #auntylife

8. Find YOUR motivation
Be it fitness, finance, meal prep...Whatever you strive to do, it is so important to find motivation or people who you look up to/can share your journey with. This will help in bringing you one step closer to your goal. So dig away on Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest and etc! You get the gist.

9. Get small treat for yourself throughout the day

For me, these days I'm incredibly obsess with coffee. Not too sure whether this is a good thing or bad thing but I'm trying to cut down my caffeine intake by alternating between strong cappuccino and chai latte.

Okay so my 10.30pm alarm is going off, I gotta brush my teeth and rewind from my laptop. Gotta drag myself up for a workout in the morning before I head out for a coffee session with my girl friend and then work!

Good night world xx 

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