Rabbit Hole Cafe @ ABC Chicken on Queen Street

I haven't had a single cup of coffee for a week thanks to this damn sore throat. So, the only thing I can do now in bed is to blog about my last cup of coffee I had from 8 days ago. 

I caught up with Vera and made plans to go to another cafe last Saturday morning before I headed off to work. Initially the plan was to go to a cafe on Little Collins street but unfortunately it wasn't open. The two of us then wandered on the streets for a bit trying to find a decent cafe and it started raining. 

That's when we saw this cafe across the street that looked pretty small and cozy. Anything's better than walking around aimlessly in the rain, right? 

Once I entered this cafe, I told Vera that this should be a Korean coffee shop. 

I wasn't paying attention that this is actually ABC Chicken, a Korean chicken and beer restaurant. In the morning, the ground level serves as a cafe as the restaurant only opens at night. 

Speaking of which...I am really craving for Korean fried chicken right now ㅠㅠㅠ

If I did not have my breakfast at home that morning, I would've ordered this. I'll bring Chernie here with me next time. 

I ordered a medium size caramel cappuccino and Vera got a cup of chai latte. 

I can never say no to those flavoured coffees that are rare. What can I say, the Koreans do it better. Honestly speaking, Rabbit Hole Cafe serves rather decent coffee. The only downside they don't have cakes and the traditional Korean snacks, unlike my favourite Duri Cafe on Lonsdale Street.

I love coffee shops that go the extra mile to bribe me with a small biscuit. That's the little happiness of life :P 

Just a side note, if you don't have cash on you, this cafe charges a surcharge of 20 cents on both debit and credit cards. 

A quick catchup with a girl friend who I hadn't seen in a really long time's one of the best ways to start my Saturday mornings. I should start doing this more often with my girls x 

OMG 33 days till I head off to Korea!! So stoked!! I'm definitely going for lots of cafe runs in Korea, can't wait to meet up with Soomin 언니 to visit the coffee prince Lee Kangbin's cafe too!! 신난당~

Rabbit Hole Cafe

Opening Hours: 7am - 3pm daily
Address: 361 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Today's post is a relatively short one because I am feeling dead, the throat is really killing me. Wonder would I be able to survive work tomorrow....

Before I go, here's a nice Korean song that's not from the mainstream K-Pop artistes that I stumbled upon on Youtube. I have it on replay as I edit the photos for this blog post. This guy has a really smoothing voice ♥


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