Rabbit Hole Cafe @ ABC Chicken on Queen Street

I haven't had a single cup of coffee for a week thanks to this damn sore throat. So, the only thing I can do now in bed is to blog about my last cup of coffee I had from 8 days ago. 

I caught up with Vera and made plans to go to another cafe last Saturday morning before I headed off to work. Initially the plan was to go to a cafe on Little Collins street but unfortunately it wasn't open. The two of us then wandered on the streets for a bit trying to find a decent cafe and it started raining. 

That's when we saw this cafe across the street that looked pretty small and cozy. Anything's better than walking around aimlessly in the rain, right? 

Ways to Get Out of A Rut

V shot me a message a few nights ago, "I know you had a shit day but I love u and always here for u girl". She melted my heart. Big time ♥♥ The next day, she dragged me to a corner and said “talk to me”.I wasn't downplaying nor lying when I told her I was alright. I mean, everything seems to be going OK in my life:
  • I passed my internal interpretation exam with the highest score in my class although I didn't study beforehand.
  • I was really blessed to be given the opportunity to be the branch manager when my manager's away. It's tough and tiring having to juggle both roles at the same time but I survived. 
  • Professional year's wrapping up this Sunday. After this Sunday, I can finally have a day off to myself BUT before that I have to prepare for a presentation which I have not started yet. It's so near yet so far!!! Can't wait to hit the Dior's exhibition with my friend next Sunday, the thought of having a day off is so surreal!! 
  • 6 weeks till my Korea trip 신난당!!!
The list above doesn't seem bad at all right? Despite all these good things, I was dreadfully exhausted - mentally and physically.