MakeSpace, For Your Dream Closet

One of the biggest problems that I face in life is the constant desperation for a bigger and more organised closet. Since I moved to Australia back in 2012, I have been living in small apartments with really small closets. I hate the idea that I have to switch up my closet according to the seasons as I would love to see all my clothes being hung on hangers in a perfect manner T__T

Hope I'd be able to earn enough money to afford to have a walk-in closet myself.

That being said, let's take a peep at my dream closets.

Images taken from Google Images

Looking at these photos of my dream closets, I am literally at the brink of drooling all over my keyboard >< 

So, to be one step closer to my dream closet, a few months ago, I did the Konmari-styled declutter. I threw out so many clothes that were balling, too small for me, don't suit my taste anymore etc. Although I still am struggling with the problem of not having enough storage place, at least I have ensured that closet now has the pieces of clothing that are in good condition to be worn out at anytime. 

According to Konmari, there are only a few steps in her method, take all your belongings out and examine them and ONLY keep those that spark joy in you. Remove those that don't bring happiness out of you and then find storage spaces for those that do. 

But...for someone like me, I have sorted things out with her joy-sparking rule but staying in a shared small apartment means that storage spaces are NEVER enough. Here's where MakeSpace comes to play. 

MakeSpace is an app that helps people with their self storage problems. Like its name, MakeSpace aims to help YOU make more space in your home by storing away your unused items on your behalf. They offer pick up services so you don't have to do the painstaking job of putting things away yourself. Whenever you feel like having your stuff back, MakeSpace will deliver them to you too! 

So perhaps all those decluttering and organising tasks are over, I shall reward myself by inputting some dream pieces of mine into my dream closet. 

WELL, I'm the type of girl who can make up excuses to convince myself that shopping shouldn't be guilty. 

Just like Blair Waldorf said "Whoever that says money can't buy happiness, doesn't know where to shop!". To me, perhaps those people don't know HOW to shop *smirks*

Now it finally dawned on me that to be able to achieve all these, number 1 I shall have a nice house, a perfect closet and a good strong source of income! 

Let's do it for THE DREAM CLOSET! 

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