Vincent The Dog @ Carlton

I discovered a little dog as I walked to Fitzroy on one fine morning - Vincent. 

Vincent The Dog, that's a funny name for a brunch place. I knew I'd love to pay this place a visit thanks to its innovative name. A cafe with such a cute name would be serving interesting dishes, aye? *Fion's logic*

I brought my evil biatch Erica here for a brunch date before I headed to work the other day as Vincent The Dog is situated on Drummond Street, behind Cinema Nova, which thankfully is less than 5 minutes walk to my workplace. 

As we entered the door, we were greeted by a coffee retail display that screams "coffee is our passion"!

Having been to several famous brunch places in Melbourne, never have I encountered such interesting coffee making tools - or maybe I'm just noob and ignorant like that?! 

At Vincent The Dog, you shall be able to satisfy your coffee cravings. Be it single origin coffees, espresso, precisely calculated filtered coffee or a plethora of special teas.

Opt for your seat at the communal table / by the window / at the little backyard :) What can I say about this place? It's so cozy <3 

I prefer uncrowded brunch places like this so you can totally have a comfortable and quiet brunch with your loved ones without having the pressure of finishing your food quickly to avoid keeping others in the line. 

Open concept kitchen 

Quirky wall decor 

If it wasn't for my stupid sore throat, I would've ordered their coffee! I really appreciate baristas putting in extra effort and care into making the perfect coffee - this chart alone makes me wanna come back in the near future just for the sake of its coffee. Perhaps, I shall just come with a book in my hand and stay here for half a day! 

As usual, Erica ordered her hot chocolate. This little girl doesn't know how to appreciate coffee despite being in Melbourne for so many years *girl, I know you are reading this, DO SOMETHING!*

Just a simple dish with a generous amount of salmon and avocado with blood orange slices and 2 poached eggs. 

Right before I wolfed down everything!

Erica's fried chicken burger which looks incredible. My stomach is literally growling right now. You'll find a little surprise for you as you cut through this burger - underneath the fried chicken has hidden layer of fruits which gives this dish a very refreshing touch despite the deep fried chicken! 

I shall order this dish the next time when I come back!

What's brunch with your bestie when you don't have any selfies, especially when you bestie is a crazy selfie person :P

Although there weren't a lot of dishes for us to choose from, both of us were really satisfied with our food. They seem simple but definitely yummy with generous amount of ingredients. You'll get the best value of money from this place.

On the side note, Vincent The Dog also partnered with 5 & Dime, so you can order their famous bagels here as well, if you are in your New Yorker mode hehe

In short, I LOVE this place. It's cute, warm and peaceful! Plus, it's just around my neighbourhood which is a major bonus point! Can't wait to go back for their coffee!

Vincent The Dog 

348 Drummond Street,
Carlton 3053, Melbourne, Victoria.

Contact Number:
+613 9348 2068 

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