Mill and Bakery @ Central Pier of Docklands

Ever since I started working, weekends have become extraordinary precious to me - including the choice of food that I seek to input into my system to cure my craving! 

Chernie found this place on Instagram and suggested to give it a try. So, we headed out with my new camera for our weekend food hunt! 

Never been to Docklands at 9am EVER~ 

Can we please just give a second to those apartments with blue tinted windows? THEY ARE #GOALS! 

Plus, they are waterfront apartments!!! When can I own a waterfront apartment that's under my name?

Mill and Bakery is located pretty close to Alumbra - the place where I clubbed for the very first time in my life (read story HERE)

It's easily accessible with Melbourne's tram. You can take the city circle trams / head over to Bourke Streets to catch trams heading to Docklands - both ways are free! Get off at the Etihad stadium tram stop and walk towards the pier and you will see this terrace on your left. 

Situated on the South side of the pier, Mill and Bakery is a vintage style bakery with an on-site mill that showcases the grounding of flour. 

Such a small and cozy place - perfect atmosphere for a calm weekend breakfast :) I'm in love with the European countryside inspired interior designs. Of course, thumbs up for the knick knacks too! 

Apple Danish

I'm a huge fan of fruits (and also edible flowers) and this danish surprised me with the fruity aroma of the apple slices. They could've made it WAY bigger so I didn't have to finish it so quickly *guilty as charged*

Salted Caramel Donut with Honeycomb

A very special flavour and Chernie was totally indulging it. However, I still remained loyal to my apple danish.

My apologies for forgetting the name of this bread. It's made up of raisins and it's pretty hard on the inside. I should've gotten them to bake it/reheat it for me before eating but adding a little bit of butter on top would help too! 

From my personal experience, I'd say that Mill and Bakery is a very decent bakery. It's small but it does have a variety of pastries and breads with reasonable price tags as well. The only downside of this place was that it's a little far from my place, if not I'd be visiting it really often :p 

On the side note, Mill and Bakery do cater for private functions, high tea and cake orders. How amazing it is to be able to have your event in such a rustic cafe!

Mill and Bakery 

Shed 9, Central Pier
161 Harbour Esplanade
Docklands VIC 3008

Opening hours: 
7am - 5pm everyday 

Contact number: 
+61 (0)3 8623 9693


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  1. So instaworthy, I'm loving that wall T.T . If you don't mind revisiting bring me k xD



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