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Just like any stationery lover out there, throughout my life I had hoarded a hell load bunch of planners/diaries/journals. However, there was never once when I could commit myself entirely to it. It just didn't feel RIGHT. You know the feeling right?

Throughout all these years, I was trying to hard to find D Diary for myself. Buying a diary is just like buying a guitar or choosing a boyfriend - sorry, but that's the best analogies I could come up with LOL! You gotta learn through the painful way via the trial and error method. Before you found your right one, you would go through some that you thought you would like it or be able to accept its flaws (too small, too big, too thick, too thin, bad paper quality, boring template or designs etc). Then eventually you would give up and dump it aside. day, you meet the true love of your life then the magic happens. 

This Molang Diary was the 1st diary that I picked up when I set my feet back into journaling for the umpteenth time (read my story of journaling here). 

I stumbled upon this diary when I was browsing eBay in my bed. I fell in love with it at first sight. However, I knew myself too well - I was hesitant to purchase it because I thought I would eventually abandon it. After days and days of struggling, I gave in to the cuteness of Molang! 

If I'm not mistaken this Molang Diary is the 2014 version but it came with 2015 calendar as well. It comes in 3 colours - tiffany blue, white, watermelon red. Needless to say, I choose my favourite colour! It was priced at approximately $7 USD when I bought it off eBay last year. The newer versions are definitely pricier. 

The very best thing about this diary is that it's UNDATED. I was totally blown away that time when I discovered this fact. I could write in it whenever I wanted and it's not so much of a major commitment. It's no longer a problem if you go about a few months not using it or whatsoever because you are the one in control of the dates. 

Okay, enough of my rambling, let me show you the pages in the diary :D 

Pastel pink as the front page and you have a little plastic slot to put your little miscellaneous paper items or even polaroids.

Then you have the message to yourself / note to self column. 

The spread for the entire year. 

I ignored the 2014 calendar completely when I was using this diary in 2015. Anyway, even if I were to use it this year, it still wouldn't do much harm to me because all the spreads are undated, so why bother? 

Every month before the monthly spread, you will have a little molang illustration waiting for you as you start your new month. Not to mention that they are all different for every month.

A list with check boxes. Good for your list of monthly goals or things that you can't categorise.

An empty monthly spread. It comes without the months and dates. You have the flexibility to start the diary whenever you want. No longer having to start your diary in January anymore. I hated the idea that if you decided to start organising your life some time in the year and you had to leave a bunch of pages blank at the earlier dates of your diary and it seems life's so disorganised again. 

Every month, there's are different illustrations across the pages. You can save up on your stickers because these Molangs are cute enough to stand on their own!

For the weekly spread, you have the freedom to set the dates yourself too. 

Here's how I used mine. 

Molang Diary was my diary from October 2014 - September 2015 before I switched to my Midori Traveler's Notebook. I loved it a lot for it's flexibility in numbering the days and months on my own as well as the size of the diary and the small little illustrations in its pages. I made my change because I wanted something that allows me to have more writing space so I could doodle/ramble and write whatever that pops into my mind. Molang Diary is good for usual to-do list but it you were going to incorporate more things into it then it will be rather tricky unless you have microscopic handwriting to be able to fit hell lots into it. Nonetheless, Molang Diary is a good choice for yourself or as a present to a stationery junkie friend. I highly doubt that there's someone who can say "No" to such a cute notebook right?

Up till this day, I am glad that I actually picked this Molang Diary up because without it, I wouldn't have had returned to my journaling days. Not only that, ever since I bought this diary for myself, I have been obsessing over Molang the character! My bestie bought me a Molang cup for my birthday, a little Molang plushie for Christmas and I got a set of Molang stickers for my Midori Traveler's Notebook too. 

Stay tuned for the next blog post under the category of "Pens and Papers" where I will be sharing more of my journaling stories/tips and tricks/DIY/flip throughs. 

It's 11pm right now and I shall end this super long blog post and finish up this episode of Gossip Girl that I am watching at the moment (Yes, I know I am late for the trend but whatever HAHA)~ Good night xoxo

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