Grand Trailer Park Traverna @ Bourke Street

Speaking of burgers, there are tonnes of places to choose from in Melbourne - the conventional fast food chains (team Hungry Jacks here! haha) or the local burger hunting spots which might be hidden in a place where you will least expect them to be.

This is Melbourne that we are talking about, you can always find a hidden gem somewhere in the city. It's a city that brings you surprises and wonders. 

So where does this starry stairway lead you to? 

Stairway to heaven?

Or the astronomy section of a science museum?

A club? 

Welcome to Grand Trailer Park Traverna!

Conveniently located at the corner of Exhibition Street and Bourke Street with free tram access (take it on Bourke Street heading towards the Parliament station), you will find this retro burger joint waiting for you. 

This retro burger joint has caravans, motorhomes and picnic tables underneath a bunch of fairy lights! How cute!

Semi-self service concept as you have to place your own order(s) at the counter. 

Then with a number given, you can then sit back and wait for your food to be served to you. 

Kinder bueno and nutella milkshake

I don't usually fancy such chocolate-y drinks but to my surprise, this isn't really sweet and that's a good thing for a semi-sweet tooth like me. 

Francis Underwood
($A 17.50) with premium Australian beef patty, American cheedar cheese, tomato, butter, mac and cheese croquette, special burger sauce & American mustard on toasted brioche bun.

Honestly speaking, the burger looks tempting on photos but in real, it doesn't have any much difference from the $A 2.45 McDonalds Cheese burger in terms of its taste and flavour, of course you get more stuffing in it. However, to me , it's not worth paying $A 17.50 for just a burger. Most prolly you are basically paying this price for its cute environment and that's all.  

PS: If you opt for CB1 (Cheeseburger 1) on the menu with a mac and cheese croquette as an add-on side, you get the exact same thing for as Francis Underwood for a relatively lower price. 

One mandatory selfie because I was commanded by Erica to feature her in here! :P 

On the side note, I will strongly advice you guys to not visit during the lunch hours on weekdays. We came here at 1pm on a Friday afternoon and it was insanely crowded. It took us 15 minutes of wait in the line before we could place our order :/ 

All in all, to me, this place is undoubtedly cute and the burger's fine too...but I don't think it's worth the price. Sorry, I am still choosing Hungry Jacks over this! 

It's getting pretty cold in Melbourne these days, dress well people! Till next time ~ XOXO

Grand Trailer Park Traverna

Address: 87 Bourke Street, Victoria 3000.
Contact number: (03) 9972 3699

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