May 2016 Favourites

I never had the idea of doing a monthly favourites blog post because I never think that I have anything good to share with you guys as I thought that my life's plain and boring and it's not worth to painstakingly write a blog post about it. However, as I started to be more grateful for the small little things in life, I figured out "Hey, I do have good things to share!" Be it a piece of clothing, a quote, a book or a Youtube video :) Anything that I would recommend to my best friends personally, I will share it here!

1) Music:

CN Blue's "You Are So Fine"

What can I say - it's Yong Hwa oppa for crying out loud!

AOA's "Good Luck" 

It's very catchy as usual and this doesn't disappoint me after "Heart Attack". Plus, Choa's gorgeous as ever and I love love love her powerful and unique voice. 

I found this playlist (link) by random and I love it so much. It's not the typical K-Pop music that everyone's familiar with. Rather it's very smoothing and comes from small artistes with really great talent.

2) Working out. 

I've never been a huge fan of working out and sweating but recently I LOVE hitting the gym with my bestie-cum-workout-buddy Erica. Every time when I finished my workout, I would feel deadly exhausted (duh) but also amazingly productive, healthy and confident. I guess the thing about working out is that you KNOW that you are actually working and striving and putting a great amount of effort and sweat into achieving something great and it brings you one step closer to your goal. 

In conjunction with that, I finally bought an Adidas sports bra! YAY! It's so hard to get one that I really like with reasonable price (never did I know that Adidas sports bra are so expensive). Plus, the sizes here are usually too big for me - even XS would be huge for me. After several days of hunting, luckily, I found one that suits me at the South Wharf DFO for only $24.50!  

4) TV Shows:
Don't judge me. I know I'm insanely late for the trend but I've just started watching Gossip Girl. I don't know why but I'm not a huge fan of Serena Van der Woodsen but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jenny Humphrey! She's so cool with her style and hair and everything (that's after the part when she was trying too hard to climb the social ladder). Also, I find Eric Van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald CUTE! 

5) Stationery:

I finally bought the Muji 0.38mm black pen specially for my Midori and Bullet Journal. I love it. Although its grip is rather tiny as I personally love pens with rubber grips, I think that the fact it produces such fine and neat writing offsets my personal issue with its grip! For $1.50 AUD, that's really a good buy.

6) Youtube: 

I discovered a new Youtuber called Aileen and her channel Lavendaire. Her videos are about personal growth and lifestyle designs which are the categories that I personally love watching. On top of that, her voice is so smoothing and nice (okay, I know I'm sort of creepy here) and it seems as if you can always feel her sincerity in reaching out to her viewers in order to convey her positive messages and life lessons. PS: After watching her desk tour video, I was inspired to clean up my constantly messy study table! Aileen also has her own podcasts on iTunes called the Lavendaire Lifestyle which I truly enjoyed and have shared it with my bestie too - look her up online and you will definitely enjoy her work, I promise :) 

That's all for my May favourites! I did not anticipate it to be THIS long but I guess I just have a lot to share. Honestly speaking, being grateful and appreciative in life could even lead me to cherish a pen, who knows I might be writing about a piece of toilet roll in my June 2016 favourites! HAHA 

Do you have anything that you particularly like from the month of May? Do feel free to share it with me because I'm nosy like that! HEHE 



  1. Korean indie playlist is also my favourite! Its so good for any mood you have!

  2. the sport bra look nice on you! wish to see u on instagram with the working out with a sport bra! like a pro!

  3. nice entry.. done follow. follow me back ;)



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