Cozy In The Rocket @ Georgetown, Penang

I was tidying my photo folders on my laptop when I stumbled across these photos from my visit to Cozy In the Rocket from a long time ago. 

In my humble honest opinion, even after living in Melbourne for so long, Cozy In the Rocket serves much better pasta than most Melbourne's pasta places that I had ever tried. 

The cafe's located right next to the famous "Little Children on Bicycle" mural by Ernest Zhacharevic. If you don't know about Penang's Georgetown mural, then you are missing out BIG TIME!

This is the "Little Children on Bicycle" mural. Ask any Penangite, they will be able to point you there! It's our pride :D

The place was rather rustic, cozy and pretty antique-y. Definitely the type of cafe of my liking. I prefer cafes with retro and woody deco rather than those with minimalist while marble ones. Am I the only one here? 

On the side note, although there's air-conditioning, there's no wifi available. 

With my most sincere apologies, because this set of photos were from once upon a time, I really can't recall the names of the dishes anymore. From memory, the carbonara spaghetti with lots of bacon and sausages were AMAZING! 

Just a little reminder that the food portions here weren't really big and the prices weren't exactly cheap. Also, as there were only 2 people managing the cafe (including the chef), the customer service would have been neglected here and there if the cafe's busy.  

Some photos of the outdoor space of the cafe. From here you could most probably hear the chattering sounds from the tourists who were crowding around the mural art. 

Perhaps, head over to that little heritage street after your meal as a light exercise? 

PS: I have learnt my lesson in a painfully hungry way - Do NOT write blog posts regarding to food at night! Now I'm going to get some snacks NOOOOOO!

Cozy in The Rocket 

No. 262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai, 
Georgetown, Penang. 

Contact Number:
+6012 496 7838

Opening Hours: 
10am-5pm (Closed on Mondays)

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