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Year of 2015 was a crazy year for me which also led me to the start of my handbag obsession. After buying a satchel to add to my collection, I decided that I wanted something like the KATE SPADE CEDAR STREET MAISE handbag. 

To be honest this bag looks kinda normal and it's definitely not something very fancy BUT I fell in love with it at first sight since 2014. I think it has to do with the shape and the size. Not too big and not too small; not too squarish and not too round. 

However, eventually, I didn't end up with Kate Spade because I found something else that's similar and yet nicer! 

The Saime Blair handbag. In Chinese we called this 貝殼包 (seashell bag).  

I was first exposed to Saime when I spotted it during my Taiwan trip in January 2015 at one of the train stations. I was attracted to it at once due to the designs and the colours! The pastel colour bags and wallets are really cute too! Sadly, I didn't buy any that time because my luggage was already overweight T__T

I got it in dark blue because I thought black's too mainstream and I don't have the confidence to be able to maintain those pretty pastel colours in the long run. You can check out the other colours of this Blair Handbag here. They even have this in mini sizes.

After struggling for a few days, I decided to get it delivered to Australia from Taobao - because Saime doesn't ship internationally. 

If you are from Malaysia, then there is one Saime outlet in Sunway Pyramid that's newly established (here's the link).

I don't know is it just me but usually I find it very risky if I were to hold my handbag on the handles with my hand because I think I would have the tendency to misplace it. So, it's better for it to hang on my arm HAHA!

For my outfit, I just throw on a very casual top with a random cropped tee (from Valleygirl - $5) that was lying on the top of my pile of clothes and my military jacket (from eBay). The skirt's my recent favourite piece (from eBay too) because I don't have to put on sunblock on my legs anymore when I wear it and it definitely does a good job hiding my bloated legs. Silver sneakers are from Reebok.  

Of course, it came with a long strap as well...I never took that strap out because as a lazy person, I tend to change the way I hold my handbag depending the sloppiness of mine on that particular day/time :p 

Hand, arm or shoulder, this Saime Blair Handbag looks nice regardless. 

Ever since I got this, I had been neglected my Paul's Boutique Jody Satchel a lot...Feel sorry for my satchel but this could fit more things in it than a satchel :/

So far, the only downside of this handbag that I could come up with is its weight...It has a significant weight on its own even it's empty. If you are someone like me who carries a lot of things around, then it might make your shoulder sore at one point. My mom thought I cut my arm the other day because I had a very visible red mark on my arm after having this handbag hung on my arm for nearly the whole day. 

However, as far as I learnt, good quality handbags usually has its very own weight. My mom's Coach handbags are all very heavy too and so is my friend's Prada. 

Is the quality of a handbag positively related to its weight? Someone tell me please~

Overall, I do NOT regret buying this handbag and despite its weight I will still carry it around! I guess this is why people say girls would do anything for beauty! HAHA And I would definitely recommend this as an alternative for the Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise handbag. 

Although Saime is not an internationally known designer brand like Michael Kors and Coach and that it belongs to the cheaper range of handbags, its quality is not cheap at all. It definitely is worth for its price. On top of that, Saime also has a HUGE range of handbags to choose from. 

I think I am done with handbags for now...Because I really want to get a new camera for myself. The aim of mine for 2016 - Lumix GF 7!!!! I love it to death!!!!

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