[Tutorial] Raw Sugar Lip Scrub

One life changing habit that I have developed after living in Melbourne for 4 years is that I can't leave the house without bringing a lipbalm along with me!!!!!!!!

The cold and dry weather in Melbourne always leave me with dry lips. Sometimes, it is so dry to the extent that even smiling is painful. 

I haven't gotten around to try out those famous lip masks from Korean brands. I heard that they are a bomb nowadays, even Michelle Phan featured them in her videos and blog posts too. However, the sad thing is....these are very hard to find in Melbourne, and even if you could find it, it's very pricey (seeing the fact that it's an one-off product which can't be reused, I can't help being stingy!)

One day, I heard Ryan Higa (yes, you read it right, THE RYAN HIGA on Youtube) said that in one of his behind of the scenes videos that his makeup artist used raw sugar and honey to scrub his dry lips. ANDDDDD, Michelle Phan also did mention this trick in her book too!!!!

I was a bit skeptical at first but it's a very low cost and natural remedy to cure dry lips. I had nothing to lose afterall I have all the ingredients in my kitchen anyway :p 

Can't stand the annoying lines on my lips...Especially when I have to put on lipstick or lip tints on my lips...It gets really hideous! 

Instead of following Ryan Higa's method, I only used Raw Sugar. ONLY RAW SUGAR~

I suppose the effect would have been much better if combined with honey, but I didn't have any bit of confidence that I wouldn't make a big mess in the washroom (especially when I had to hold a camera in my other hand). 

Take a small amount of raw sugar and add a few drops of water to it!

Then just massage the wet raw sugar onto your lips for a short while. 30 seconds - 1 minute should be enough. 

Remember to not do it vigorously to avoid hurting your lips~

This is how you will look in the process :p 

No harm eating the raw sugar if you are a sweet tooth :3

After that just wash it off your lips with water. 

It's THIS simple ^^

The result is instant. Your lips are now much smoother and the lines are less visible. Applying lipsticks are much easier too. 

Photos as evidence!!! In just 1 minute!!

I personally love topping it off with a thin layer of Papaw Ointment.

I highly recommend this product because it has proven effective, the only downside of it is that you need to apply with your hand or a brush. 

Not sure whether you can get this everywhere but any lip balm or Vaseline petroleum jelly will do the trick too! 

All done! Smooth lips in just a 1 minute! 

Since I haven't gotten to try out the lip masks I can't justify how effective they are, but this method works well enough for me. Afterall it's a natural remedy that comes with a super low cost :D

Now just go around with a wide smile! 

Remember, a smile is always the best makeup a girl can put on! 


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