My Little Pony Pop! Vinyl Figures

Growing up I have always liked collecting cute things typically for the cartoons that I liked. I have quite a number of collectible items for Doraemon, Pikachu, Molang and Hamtaro! 

I have very low resistance to the things that I really like and I am very guilty for that but what can I do?! 

PS: Also, I am a huge sucker for unicorns! 

I fell in love at first sight when I saw these Pop figurines at Minotaur on Elizabeth Street the other day when I was having a post-exam shopping with my housemate. 

Aren't they cute? ♥♥♥

Vinyls are always cute!!!! How I wish I can have a huge shelf that I can display all my collectible items on! 

Note to self: Work hard to own my very own home soon then I will have a home for my little cuties too :p 

I bought the white Princess Celestia myself and my housemate gave me the blue Trixie Lunamoon as a gift because she couldn't stand me being reluctant to leave the place with only Princess Celestia. I kept on repeating "I feel that Princess Celestia must be with Trixie Lunamoon as a pair, they looked so cute together" and so she said "It sounded like a wrongdoing for separating the 2 of them, so I might as well get it for you"! ♥ Thank you darling!!!!!!!!

I swear if my housemate were a guy, I would've fallen all over for her! HAHAHAH Bitch now you can be ultimately flattered! I don't go around saying this to anybody kay~

My elegant Princess Celestia

♥ Cutiepie Trixie Lunamoon 

Blue little baby with really cute eyes!

AWWWWW my heart is melting seeing them together like this!!!

I put them on my study table so that they can accompany me all the time :3

If you are in Melbourne, Minotaur on Elizabeth Street carries a lot of Pop! vinyl figures, such as Disney characters, Game of Thrones and more. (Check out their website here!). Minotaur is located underground near to Officeworks. I got these babies for $16.99 each. Pricey but they are totally worth it because I can't help smiling when I see them every time!

For Melbourne University students, if you guys didn't know, Co-op bookshops at Bailieu and Alan Gilbert do carry a small range of Pop! vinyl figures too but not much choices available.

Anyway, happy shopping!!!! Also, please feel free to share with me what do YOU like to collect in your lives! Am really interested in knowing ^^

Rushing off to school now! Till next time~

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  1. Wei Princess Celestia is so cute! I like unicorn too! HAHAHA But I see Trixie's hair a bit rough leh



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