Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 - Rilakkuma Version

I am finally back, hopefully with more determination to update my blog more often from now onwards :p Life has been stressful and refreshing for me at the same time for some reasons that I cannot disclose right now. Regardless of the coming exams next week, I am enjoying it right now. 

Anyway, let's just hop straight into the point.

Today I am introducing my polaroid camera which I bought from walkinjapan_com last year. You can contact her to purchase ANYTHING from Japan! I got her to send this all over from Japan because even including the postage fees, it was still much cheaper than the market price :)

 I had always wanted a polaroid camera ever since I saw the Instax Mini 8 because I was so drawn to its pastel blue one. However, little did I know, I would end up buying the Instax Mini 25 rather than the Mini 8 because:

~Mini 8 is much bulkier than the Mini 25 (and I don't like carrying big things in my bag)
~Mini 25 has better functions than Mini 8 (the trade off is definitely the price) 
~Mini 25 comes with a selfie mirror 

You can click here to compare the specs of the mainstream Instax models before getting one for yourself ^^

And this is how it looks like...

I know that the word "cute" doesn't resemble me at all, but rather than purchasing the boring plain blue and pink Instax Mini 25, this looks way cuter! Afterall, polaroid camera is meant to be cute, right? :3 

Originally I thought it was a foolish thing to get a polaroid camera because the films are quite pricey, but after I went to B1A4's concert where they ran around the concert hall taking selfies using polaroid cameras with the fans, I went irrational. At that point, I thought "It would be stupid holding a polaroid camera when I am 30 years old, since I'm only 20, get one and play around when I still have my youth!"

Plus, the best part of a polaroid camera is that the photo taken with it will be the one and only photo in the entire world. It's so special and most importantly it gets developed on the post after 1 or 2 minutes after the shot!

It comes with a close up lens as well which I have never used before so I can't really justify how well it works. Just that I never thought of taking close-up shots with a polaroid camera.

Built in selfie mirror is absolutely a necessity!

L (Lighten) and D (Darken) buttons that allow you to adjust the intensity of colours to make the photo brighter or darker than default.

There is a screen to show you how many films are left in the camera. The most films this camera can carry is only 10 pieces.

I carry my polaroid around in this little pencil case with a marker pen. You really don't have to purchase those marker pens that are specially designed for polaroid films because they are expensive. Just get a permanent marker pen that you can write on CDs and you are good to go!

I like to get my friends to write the dates or leave their signatures and some random drawings/words on the photo because it gives a very personal touch to this one and only photo!

However, in my opinion, this Mini Instax 25 is only good for taking photos of humans but not little objects. I have tried a few times and destroyed a few films *sobs* trying to snap photos of my necklace, the lavender that I got from my boyfriend....They just don't look good at all!

So I would advise you to not waste your films trying to take photos of little things up-close. If any of you have any idea on producing good close-up shots, please tell me those tips and tricks!! PLEASE~~~

I am now determined to collect more photos of my loved ones with my polaroid camera. I don't usually bring around my polaroid camera to take photos with random people or hi-bye friends. So, if I do use my polaroid camera with you that means you are important for me - important enough for me to spend so much on the film for you!! HAHA!

Rushing out to school for my group assignment discussion. Till the next post! Love you all~

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