#OOTD for School 100315

My brain had been clouded with super negative and emotional thoughts these days because I keep on facing some problems which I can't solve them as fast as they mushroom...So yeah, had been complaining a lot and ranting a lot and all I wanted to do is to watch happy videos and do nothing. 

However, yesterday my housemate cheered me up by clipping a really sweet note for me on my corkboard and cooking a big bowl of my favourite Shin Ramen for me as dinner while we watched my eye candy Lee Hyunwoo on TV! In addition to that, my guitar teacher Alex also told me that because he wants me to continue having a huge passion for music that's why he's willing to sponsor a super expensive editing software! OMG! So touched! ♥ 

It was at that point I realized that I canNOT sit there and feeling all gloomy because I still have a lot of people who love me! That's why I am finally getting my ass up and having some things done.

Today despite having lots of classes, I decided to do a #ootd blog post since I hadn't been doing much on my blog these days.  

Photo credits to my beloved housemate for taking these photos for me during lunch time and after school.

We took these photos at Melbourne University's System Garden & Lincoln Square. It's kinda insane to be taking photos in the school compound when there were so many people around!

These days the weather is really nice. Unlike the previous summers, this summer is quite windy and without a scorching hot sun which is why I care to dress up for school, even though it's just a simple outfit.

What I am wearing:
Checkered shirt from Melbourne Centre for $5
Blue tank top inside $3
and a pair of flowery shorts that my mom got for me from Bangkok
Bart Simpsons Converse $60
Body Glove backpack that I bought in Malaysia for RM36 (approx $12)

메롱~~~~~ Excuse my bare face but I don't have the energy to put makeup to school at all!

I had a blood test last year and the doctor said I am lacking Vitamin D so now I'm trying to go outdoors more often than usual! And here I am sitting on grass!

Should I do a "What's In My School Bag" blog post? HAHA! Because apparently these aren't the only things I bring to school.

PS: I have way too many blue colour things! :p #blueforever

Ending this blog post with a few shots of my school's system garden! I bought sushi and went there to savour it while sitting on the grass HEHE!

Yeah, I am now back on track. Life still goes on~ And I'll make it better!

Thanks to this song for cheering me up whenever I'm down. I painstakingly edited it to 1 minute long so that I can wake up smiling every morning :3

Quote to share: When something goes wrong in your life, just yell "plot twist" and move on!

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  2. Replies
    1. thank u <3 but the colour fades really badly when i soak it in the water! >M<

  3. cute look, the converse are cool :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  4. Really nice casual look! Love the style of your checkered shirt.
    Hope everything is ok, take care! Have a great week!




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