Queen of Spades [Outfit Post]

I really like the idea of doing outfit posts these days! It is so fun to go to one place and shoot a set of photos and compile them into a blog post!

I got this shirt from eBay last month (link is here and I got a size M for myself). I practically waited impatiently for it to come into my mail every single day since I made my payment HAHA! Since the day I got this shirt, I told myself that I am definitely making an outfit post for it!

It has been quite some time since I last did my gothic/rocker look. I used to be judged very badly by some "friends" for dressing up like a badass (yes, I had a signature streak of blue hair back then). After I got told off a lot by those KIA people, I tried to tame myself down a bit. 

However, once in a while I will have the tendency to dress like a badass bitch for fun because I realized that I should actually do more shit before I am forced to wear the fake social mask after I leave school. 

To add more gothic elements to this outfit, I paired it with my gold studded boots that I got from Novo 2 years ago.

Since the front of the shirt is rather plain, I put over a chain necklace which I found in my collection (but I had never worn it before). Since the necklace has a few layers, I think it really spiced up the outfit.

For the other accessories, I just threw on some studded bangles and a Rolling Stone knuckle ring that I got from eBay a few years ago.

For this look, I drew on a slightly heavier and longer cat eye than usual. I even lined my waterline with black eyeliner.

And there you go....bad Gizibe on the move!

Oh and before I forget...A bold red lip is a must!

One thing I want to say....especially for girls...don't effing go around passing your judgment on other people - be it their accessories, makeup, fashion or whatsoever! Not everyone can dress up like CL and you should be the one who should be ashamed of not being able to rock the gothic look!

AND for those who always feel like trying a new look, don't even hesitate! Just do it - life is too short to not have fun and your youth is even shorter to not do shit stuffs! 

Now the Queen says it all!!

 Quote to share: I want to represent Asian women, I want to break that typical Asian female stereotype. There's this standard where they're all calm. I want to break that. I want to tell the world that there are some badass Asian female girls ~ CL from 2NE1

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  1. Hey rocking your look Fion! We should collaborate for a coordinate photoshooting when you're back!!


    1. sure!!!! ^^ cant wait to see u and kharnyee again!

    2. sure!!!! ^^ cant wait to see u and kharnyee again!

  2. The legssssssss and the make up!!!! Hot outfit! :))))) gorgeoussss

    1. the goddess of legs dont comment on my legs please *shy till can go into hole*
      so long didn't do the gothic style liao :p kinda miss it~



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