Made In Penang Interactive Museum 美因槟廊

If you have been to Korea or Japan, you could've heard of something called the trick-eyed 3D art museum.

Ever since I stumbled upon the trick-eye museum of Korea in my favourite Korean drama "Heartstrings" when I was 17 (5 years ago), I had ALWAYS wanted to visit a place like this! [image taken from Google]

It looks so fun and interesting. The artists who created these masterpieces have my respect *bows 90 degrees*

Then one day, it happened out of a sudden. My hometown, Penang (in Malaysia) has its very own 3D trickeye museum called Made In Penang Interactive Museum 美因槟廊. Can you possibly imagine how excited I was!!!

So when I was back from Melbourne last year (another super delayed blogpost), I urged my best friends to bring me there.

I went on a heritage trip with my primary schoolmates who have been really good friends with me since we were 8 or 9 years old. Definitely have to go there with friends who you can act all crazy without taking care of your self-image. Fun comes first~ I didn't even bother to put on my double-eyelid stickers when I went out with them, and of course that means no makeup AND I couldn't be bothered to edit any photos at all xD This is the best thing about going out with friends who you grew up together with <3

In addition to our renown street art, this Interactive Museum of Penang is a new must-go place that you shouldn't have missed ^^ 

The fun begins at the entrance before you even purchase your tickets.

Entrance fees are divided into a few categories:
Tourists without MyCard: RM30
Adult Malaysians: RM15
Malaysian Kids / Students: RM10

Thank goodness we were smart enough to prepare all our student cards before embarking on our Penang heritage trip so we only paid RM10 each!

Trust me it is totally worth the money!

Once we purchased the tickets, we went right in. PS: Don't throw away the tickets, they have their special use which I will disclose later hehe!

Miniatures which reflect the traditional life of Penangites.

The miniature of the waterfront of Georgetown in the olden days. The white building is now the house of this Interactive Museum.

I used to spend 14 years in British Council which was located in this building as well before it moved.

Close-up shots.

This waterfront is now Penang's jetty which is a very busy area with lots of people and cars.

And then we walked up to these TV looking screens which made you into this~~ HAHA

But you need to adjust yourself to get the right angle of your "newly painted face" It's all about the angles and lots of shifting.

And remember that I told you not to lose your tickets?

Bring your ticket buds up to the screen and you will be surprised with these magic that is about to happen in your hand xD Again, it is about the angles~

Now...The real fun begins!! Brace yourself for a bunch of craziness and tonnes of photos!

Thank goodness we went there during the weekdays and it was pretty late in the afternoon. We only had 1.5 hours before the museum closed so we rushed through everything very quickly for the 1st round and then went back to the paintings again to retake our photos after we had gone through the whole place.

There weren't a lot of people. Perhaps another 2 or 3 groups of people and the whole place was pretty much OURS! HAHA! We kept on laughing and running around and screaming as if we were back to our primary school times. The whole place was filled with our noises. We were downright those "uncontrollable kids" or "brats" who you would have cursed if you were there!

Bring the battle on!

I inherited this skill from my grandpa!


Prankster mode ON!

Miley Cyrus actually copied my friend!

(PS: this post is a super delayed one and the rest is self-explanatory)

Perhaps this is what you called "deep in the friendzone"?! HAHA

This is the face that you will definitely NOT see on my Instagram LOL

Running away from the ghosts!

But the truth is...I'm a ghost myself. 

A ghost trying to scare another ghost =="

This is a very amazing piece of artwork. My favourite art among everything in the museum.

This is the BABA NYONYA culture that is only in Malaysia. 

Suddenly I feel proud of my country as I typed the sentence above xP

Get your asses at the right angle and you will be able to have some fun with it. Here we are with our slave named Chin Yee! 

Just kidding, Chin Yee is one of my best girl friends EVER!

Ghost that is in the mirror

I'm coming to get you!

This photo never fails to make me smile! I love the fact that no matter how old we are we are still as childish as ever, and yes crazy!

 A whole cage of angry birds!

Thanks to Chin Yee's awesome and mindblowing photography skill which you can't find in every dynasty...I ended up like this!

FYI, that fan is real. Not an art. Just that I have no idea what this guy is doing.

Literally "chiak hong". It means EAT WIND in the Hokkien literally, but it means going on a vacation.

Do not let go an opportunity to take a selfie when you see a big ass mirror

The last photo before we headed downstairs to leave.

Here we ended our virgin trip to the Penang's Interactive Museum.

I love looking at these fun photos that we took. They make me so happy and grateful to have these friends who have accompanied me throughout these years. Our friendship is still counting although we are all scattered around the world right now.

Love them to bits and pieces xoxo

Made In Penang Interactive Museum 美因槟廊

No.3 Pengkalan Weld,
10300 George Town,

Contact Number:
+604 262 6119

Opening Hours:

Facebook: Made In Penang Interactive Museum 美因槟廊

Email: /

Quote to share: It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can be afford to be stupid with them~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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