$15 Juice Blender from Kmart

I had been wanting to get a juice blender for myself ever since I don't even know when ><" However, it has been a general consensus that juice blenders are electronics that are on the expensive side. On the other hand, the kitchen in the apartment that I am living in (in Melbourne) is kinda small and I don't want to add another thing to make it even more cluttered than before.

photo taken from Kmart Australia's Facebook (click here)

Until, one fine day...I spotted this thing on K-mart's Facebook and I went all the way out to the suburb to get it (because there's no Kmart in Melbourne's CBD).

To be really honest, I did some research on this blender on my way to Kmart and I was a tad bit worry about its functionality. I wasn't really convinced that there could be a 15-dollar blender ><"

Yes, you didn't read it wrongly...It's only 15 dollars for a blender!!!

I even Whatsapp-ed my mom before I bought it because it's my very first time buying something for the kitchen (you know what I mean don't ya) and she was like "It's only 15 dollars, no harm giving it a try anyway!"

Here it is in my apartment sitting with the teddies that I display on my dining table :p

Click HERE for the direct link for a green blender like mine xD

It's also available in blue if that's your favourite colour (click here)

 Close-up shots of the box.

I love the design of it to bits and pieces! Instead of being bulky and huge, this thing is just the size of a bottle.

The highlight of this product is that it is a juice blender in a bottle form. It comes with a bottle which you can see in the photo, a lid with the sharp blending parts and a normal water-bottled lid. 

On the side note, you can purchase additional bottles which come in a pack of 2 for only $8.  They come in blue (click here) and green (click here) as well ^^

Enough of the bullshits, let me jump straight into the main point and show you how to use it ;)

Cut some fruits of your personal desire. I chose apples because I had a lot of them when the blender was brought home. HAHA

Chuck them all into the bottle and fill the bottle up with plain water if you want fresh apple juice.

I chose to pour in some fresh milk to turn it into a milkshake instead ;) ignore the pack of flour at the back hahah!

After you are done with putting all your ingredients into the bottle, screw the lid with the blending knives on the top.

Turn the bottle upside down with the lid at the bottom and fastened it into the designed gaps. And hit the one and only white button. You have to hold the button as it blends.

Once the fruits are completely blended, you can choose to drink it from the bottle itself / change the lid to the other lid that doesn't have the blending parts or you can serve it in a cute jar or mug.

I bought this really cute glass mug from a thrift store that was outside of Kmart and this is how I enjoy my drink ;)

If you guys don't know, apart from my obsession with music, I also have a serious obsession with fruits (which according to my housemate is 'scary'). I have the tendency to stock up a lot of fruits in my fridge to the extent that there are more fruits than food in my fridge. It is THAT serious.

Hence, having a juice blender makes me happy :p In addition to my usual honey lemon routine early in the morning, now I can also make any type of juice that I crave for ^^

This is the carrot milkshake that I made for one morning's breakfast ;)

So yeah~ I have been using this 15-dollar blender for approximately 4-5 months now and it hasn't caused me any problem despite for its cheap price, even if it were to have any kind of problem in the future *touchwood* it comes with a 1-year warranty and you can just bring it back to Kmart for an exchange or a refund.

PS: This thing is usually out of stock so I will advise you to check out its availability on Kmart's website before heading to the nearest Kmart outlet xD

That's all for today. Lots of love xoxo

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