Essence All About Nude 01 Eyeshadow Palette & Essence Eyeshadow Brush [Review]

I was never a big fan of eyeshadows until I bought this palette a few weeks ago.

I never intended to shop for eyeshadows because I thought eyeliner is more than enough (and because I own 6 different colours of eyeliners, I feel that they are more than enough for me). However, I never forget to visit the Essence corner at Priceline (Bourke Street branch) whenever I go to that side.

Nearly 95% of my makeup products are from Essence, and I sort of just developed a habit of shopping for MORE things to add to my collection whenever I'm there.

ps: I did a review on Essence's lip products a few months ago, click HERE to read it ^^ You'll know how much I love Essence.

With just approximately 6.50 dollars, I realized that this Essence All About Nude 01 Eyeshadow Palette was too gorgeous for me to resist :p

6 colours for 6.50 dollars? It wouldn't hurt for me to try! And so, I bought it without thinking so much.

One thing I love about Essence is that their products are never "made in China". I can't accept anything that is to be put on my face to be made in China. Sorry I'm this biased ><

Aren't they gorgeous?

The dark purple on the bottom right corner is my favourite among all of them!

I also bought an eyeshadow brush to go with this palette.

I bought this Essence Smokey Eye Brush from Essence for 2.4 dollars if I'm not mistaken.

Essence has another brush that is in pink, which does not say "smokey eye", but it's in pink, so as usual, I went for the non-pink one regardless what is its actual purpose :p

I used to think that makeup brushes are really expensive because I kept on seeing/hearing my friends or other bloggers saying they spent a lot on makeup brushes. However, with less than 3 dollars, I bought my first eyeshadow brush and I seriously love its quality so much.

Even after I washed it using ordinary shampoo and leaving it to dry on the table without doing anything more, it still remained in good condition. It doesn't really need much care and it's cheap and it's of good quality!

This is the very mild look that I usually wear to work using only the dark purple colour from the bottom right corner of the palette.

In this video, I also tried doing an exaggerated smokey eye effect using 3 colours from the palette.

Disclaimer: This is not a makeup tutorial by any means, I actually don't know the rules for makeup, I just do things MY own way and that's it. My intention was just to share with my bestie how to make fancy styles using this palette (I bought her one as present).

Words can't describe how much I love Essence's products because they NEVER disappoint me!!!!!

That's all for today, I'm going to sleep soon because I still have some Korean society stuffs to settle in school tomorrow. 안녕~

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  1. Where do they sell Essence in Malaysia?

    1. hi Twinkle,

      i'm not entirely sure whether Essence will be available in Malaysia. I used to see them 2 years ago in Penang's Watsons, but it was gone since last year :(

      Maybe try your luck at other Watsons outlets?



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