My Top 5 Girl Crushes

Today, let's just sit back and be drop dead honest to ourselves shall we?! Typically the girls!

This blog post has been inspired by Jenna Marble's "GIRL CRUSHES" video!

Admit it, we as girls, all have girl crushes. Every single one of us. Regardless whether you are straight or homosexual (I don't discriminate FYI), we all have a certain level of girl crushes.

Don't go shaking your heads and be in absolute denial! That's too fake! BOO YOU! :p

Disclaimer: I'm not a lesbian by any means, even though I don't wear skirts/dresses, I don't like flowers and ribbons, I don't like pink colours, I love electric guitars, I came from a girls' school....I AIN'T A LESBIAN. However, I am NOT shameful to admit that I have a serious problem with girl crushes! And I am drop dead proud of that, period.

My personal girl crushes cover a really wide range - from celebrities to Internet sensations, famous bloggers and even to random people who I find are hot on the streets! Tell me who don't like looking at pretty girls (in this case GIRLS) to pamper their eyes?!

Without further ado, let me proudly and generously share my TOP 5 GIRL CRUSHES with you all ♥

Girl crush #1 guitar goddess Orianthi

Fell in love with her ever since I was 15 (because of the video above)! And she's the main reason why I'm all gaga over guitars since then!

I wouldn't mind being a lesbian if I were to spend the rest of my life with Orianthi! It ain't a joke!

Girl Crush #2 Hebe Tien 

I literally grew up listening to her music for more than half of my life (it has been approximately 12 years since I first picked up my first S.H.E album!)

She may not be as revealing, sexy or hot as Hyuna, but in my opinion, Hebe is the prettiest Asian girl I've ever seen in my 20 years of life. K-Pop girls may be all glamourous and flawless but their beauty can't beat Hebe's. 

She has a very unique personality - she looks quiet and cool when she doesn't talk but when she shows her true self, she's really down to earth, natural, honest with her thoughts, cute and most of all, she has an amazing voice!

Girl Crush #3 Hyuna

She has everything a girl wants!

I would die for her legs, her waist, her arms, her toned butt and her flat stomach!!  

Had a crush on her when I first spotted her from PSY's Gangnam Style music video.

The official crush took off when I watched her solo Ice Cream music video. 

I don't care what people say about her, but she's just too HOT!

Girl Crush #4 Christina Grimmie

Not sure whether this girl crush is even appropriate because Christina Grimmie is of the same age as me, haha, strictly speaking she's exactly 1 month younger than me :p

I discovered her from Tiffany Alvord's channel - it was a collab on "Break Your Heart". At that point, I thought "That girl with puffy hair looks kinda cute and I love her style!"

So I went onto her channel and watched her cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It".

That's the moment when I got hooked forever!

Before I knew it, I'm now waiting for her to emerge as the next rising star! Kick effing Bieber out of the scene! 

Girl Crush #5 

I can't manage to narrow down my crushes to only 5, so the 4 above are my all time favourites, the others belong to this category! I feel that I can't possibly just leave them out of the list so I'll just put their names into a pool with the title "Girl Crush #5".

Here we go:

Chaelin (CL) from 2NE1 - love her style because she's swag and dope
Hyorin from SISTAR - love her voice and her body
Avril Lavigne - love her pop-punk style
Jenna Marbles - because she's too funny and honest
Lily Singh - her videos always make me happy
Chrissy Costanza - she's pretty and has a beautiful voice
Madilyn Bailey - her voice is so unique and it gives me goosebumps (in a good way)
Xiaxue & Cheesie - they are both my blogger Queens
Rachell & Peishi - most gorgeous young bloggers I've seen these days's the end of the list (I THINK?). Not quite sure whether I've left out anyone from the list at this moment because I'm actually doing my Finance homework. Some crushes might have slipped my mind. If I can eventually remember them, I will update the list but for now, this is how it is!

A random blog post without any useful content, but I just thought it's fun to be "honest" once in a while. Hence, the last thing I want to do before I end this blog post is to TAG some of my blogger friends to make a list of their girl crushes so I get to discover the unknown side of them! :p Xixi and Camy- I'm waiting!! Tag me when you are done ya! KEKE

Quote to share:-
Love has no boundaries, it never discriminates


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