55 Cafe @ Lorong Stewart, Penang

From my previous blog post, I mentioned about me going to heritage cafes with my friends right? Today is another little cafe that I wanna share with you all.

Seriously...since when do heritage cafes start mushrooming all over Penang? Typically Georgetown! I suppose this is a good thing because at least nowadays youngsters (like me and my friends) wouldn't merely choose to hangout in shopping malls, we would even suggest going to heritage areas to chit chat and gossip over a cup of coffee or a slice of cake.

That day when I went on a "tourist-y" day with my primary school friends. OMG, the word "primary" made me feel so old! HAHA! Time flies! And we changed so much, physically. But I guess when we meet up together we still do crazy shit and talk a lot of random craps, so I would say that we didn't really grow up, mentally wise :p

Anyway, we went to 55 cafe that day to have our lunch and because we wanted to see 3D latte art. For your information, 55 cafe is the only cafe that sells 3D latte art....If you don't know what 3D latte art is, keep reading~ I'll show you photos soon! NYAHAHAHA!

55 Cafe is quite famous in Penang because of the 3D latte art (DUHHH~) and it serves pretty good coffee! To be honest, for someone who doesn't drink coffee in Australia (which is...me...boo!), drinking coffee in Penang is rather ridiculous because the weather is insanely hot and why on earth would I crave for a cup of coffee in Malaysia! Well, the only exception will be Genting I suppose!

Due to the fact that we were very famished, we didn't bother to take any photos of the interior of the cafe, sorry about that, I have to priotize my stomach first :p That's quite a rational argument :p

To be honest, I didn't like the food of 55 Cafe. This salmon toast thing tasted pretty weird and it's quite pricey for such portion. 

Nevermind, since our main reason there was to have the 3D latte art!

 I don't wanna get too dramatic over the food!

The toast was only the size of my palm! Can you see from this photo? Not enough to fill my stomach XD

Chin Yee sharing the other piece of the toast with me!

So here comes the real deal. The barista started to make the latte art behind the bar, and we rushed over to snap photos! HAHA! 

At that point, I thought, wait, aren't we locals, why are we acting like tourists! HAHA

Here it is! I was sharing this with Chin Yee. Our latte!

Too cute to be drank!

Taking selca with it....and it was actually melting into the latte >< RIP my latte cat!

Hui Tee and Qi Yong's hot chocolate!

We all agreed that this piggy was cuter than my latte cat :3

I thought taking photos of food is a duty for girls only....look at this guy!

Introducing my best-est guy friend! Chun Keat! HAHAHA! Chin Yee's facial expression is so funny :p

The 3D lattes weren't really cheap, I think it's around RM14 for each cup. Since 55 Cafe is the one and only cafe selling 3D latte, the price could be considered reasonable ^^

55 Cafe
55 Lorong Stewart, 10300 Penang, Malaysia. 
Opening hours: 
Mon-Sun 8.30am-10.30pm
Contact Number: 
04-262 2611

Okay, I got to go now :p Too much assignments to deal with right now T__T I wanna cry! 900 more words and it's due tomorrow morning DOOMED!

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  1. i went tooo! but i think the food there quite overpriced and didnt know must pay extra for the 3D art, so the person drew a lady on my hot chocolate! http://www.c-a-m-y.com/2014/02/dinner-date-at-55-cafe.html :P



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