Mulan Tank Top from Hot Topic

I have never done a blog post introducing a single outfit EVER~ I've seen many of my favourite bloggers doing that very frequently and I just love their photos and outfits so much, but because I'm not as fashionable as them and most of the time I just can't be bothered to dress up so well, I don't think this idea is practical FOR ME~

However, today, I'm doing it!! I seriously had no idea HOW should I do it but because I wanted to SHOW OFF my new tank top so badly! HAHAHA!!!! Sorry for the choice of word 'SHOW OFF' but that's the downright truth! Thanks to my housemate Wei Chern for taking these photos for me :3 Love u beb!

You have no idea how desperate I wanted this tank top, and you have no idea how much trouble I went to get it LIKE OMGGGGG 


Mulan has always been my favourite Disney character (2nd one is Tinkerbell, under my mom's influence). I swear to god I've watched the Mulan movie for at least 30 times throughout my entire life! And it's still counting! Once in a while when I'm bored, I will turn it on and watch HAHA xD I'm quite a child at heart!

Unfortunately, unlike many other Disney characters out there, Mulan doesn't have many merchandise available in the market. Be it authentic Disney product or pirated ones which you can find literally everywhere like Mickey.

That's why I dreaded so much to get something related to Mulan.

So one day I saw DisneyLifeStylers on Instagram posted a photo of a Mulan tank top, which is the one that I wore in the photo above. It's from Hot Topic, one of my favourite clothing brands from USA. (Screw Australia for not having Hot Topic)

I asked my friend to find for me in Canada but she said the Hot Topic there doesn't carry this Mulan tank top. Thankfully, when Delyn went to LA, she happened to come across that shop and she got me this tank top at half of its original price because she bought Hunger Games' and Batman's stuffs (it was on a buy 1 and get 2nd for 50% off promotion). So it's only 10 USD!



Honestly, I'm not really a poser, I don't know how to pose having nothing in my hands, so I took my babe Peace HAHA xD 

Similar to any tank tops that I've collected throughout the years, this tank top is quite thin and pretty delicate, to the extent I don't have the heart to see it being thrown into the washing machine, so I handwash it myself and let it dry in the wind. But, it's just 10 dollars and it's MULAN and it's from Hot Topic, so it's definitely worth it (biased me)!

Because it's a little oversize for me, I wore a cropped singlet that my #trebleclef Xixi got for me last year.

I'm all about casual and comfy. So denim jeans are my best friends. I love pairing my tank tops with denim jeans and then with a pair of sneakers, and sometimes with a hoody or a cardigan and I'm ready to go ^^ 

Oh btw, this is also the outfit that I wore while I shot my latest vlog, watch it if you haven't HAHA xD

Mind to share with me your favourite Disney character(s)? 
And do you wear cartoon graphic tees/tanks? (my friends judge me for that because they think I'm childish but I don't care LOL!)

Don't forget to check out Hot Topic! It's a really nice brand - my favourite Youtuber Christina Grimmie got many of her shirts there, that's why I got to know about this brand. They ship worldwide too. Here are the links to Hot Topic's Facebook and Website. Hot Topic is more appealing to me than LV or PRADA for me!

Going to do my assignment now. Reality sucks!

Doing my "quote to share" in photo form for today!

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  1. nice niceee! i love tank top too but i dont own them, cause i think my hand are too fat for it :O

    1. my hands are fat too then u know what! i ALWAYS wear cardigan outside hahah xD no matter how hot i oso wear cardigan!!! haha

  2. wheeee first time see you post single outfit post!!! LIKEYYYY! HAhahahhaa!

    1. is single outfit post better?? should i continue doing?

  3. ohh I love the single outfit post as well as the ones where you show off a weeks worth of outfits! I think you should continue to do a mix of them! You look so cute!!
    Your mulan tank is sooooo adorable and I love mulan a lot too! I've seen both Mulan and Mulan 2 from disney hehe!
    I am also a fan of Jasmine and Ariel!! well I actually love all the disney princesses!!




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